Global Bohemian: Home Decor Book Giveaway!

A couple weeks ago I featured the charming Florida home of author and stylist, Fifi O’Neill and today I’m happy to announce that I’m giving away a copy of her book, Global Bohemian – how to satisfy your wanderlust at home. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Global Bohemian - Book by Fifi O'Neill


Global Bohemian seems like the perfect book to give away to one of my readers right now. At a time when travel is restricted, you can enjoy the vibe of other cultures as shown in the gorgeous pages of this eclectic home decorating book, some of which you’re seeing here.

Eclectic and Modern City Living Room in Bohemian Style


All you need to do to enter to win is leave a comment at the end of this post. A winner will be chosen and announced next Saturday, which just so happens to be the 4th of July!

Eclectic Bohemian Living Room Filled with Plants


Fifi has gathered a range of global bohemian looks throughout the pages of this inspiring book. Those of you who love color will enjoy the wide range of color schemes used to create a boho look.

Colorful and Eclectic Living Room


There are room photos of more subdued looks, too. Really – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Boho Chic Living Room


I love the use of a bold rug in this beach style living room. It reminds me of some of the Airbnb rentals in Greece that we were looking at last year. I don’t think we’ll be going to Santorini anytime soon but I can still dream.

Surf Style Living Room in Turquoise and White


Do you have plants in your bedroom like this color-infused space? Plants filter the air and make it easier to breathe while sleeping.

Eclectic and Colorful Bohemian Style Bedroom


Boho Chic decorating reminds me of a carefree lifestyle. Unencumbered and happy.

Floor Mirror - Global Bohemian Style


Is anyone else ready to run away somewhere? My family and I are headed to the beach in Michigan next month and I can’t wait. The house we’re renting has a bit of a bohemian style to it and I can’t wait to see it.

Accordian Style Coat Rack in Entryway


Special thanks to Fifi for sharing photos of her beautiful book, Global Bohemian: How to satisfy your wanderlust at home. I love this picture of her – it captures her warm and carefree spirit.

Fifi O'Neill - International Author and Stylist

If you’d like to enter to win a copy of Global Bohemian, just leave a comment below. The winner will be announced here on my blog next Saturday, July 4th. And if you can’t wait that long – you can always purchase a copy of the book online!



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  1. I feel I am bohemian in my personality and decorating. I am relaxed, comfortable, happy and I don’t tend to like things that are a fad, thank goodness. I would enjoy Fife’s book very much. Oh and that pink/red couch is to die for!!

  2. I really like to mix in a little boho vibe in my,transitional decor especially finally for summer. Just seems to be a good fit. Would love to read her book

  3. I guess boho is my style after all. I’ve never been able to put a name to the little nooks and corners in my home that I’ve always called eclectic. Thanks for all the inspiration! I’d love that book!

  4. Please submit my name for the contest. That large mirror on the floor in the bedroom is gorgeous. I would love that for my house. Thanks for offering the book to one of us.

  5. I love the use of plants and color. Everything looks so relaxed, clean and welcoming… a happy place.

  6. I love the bohemian style! I love to travel & I think this book would help me to incorporate Into my home the many treasures I’ve collected over the years!

    1. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I have wanted this book sooooo much!! I litteraly have been eyeing it for our new coffee table.
      We just finished our main living area with major Bohemian vibes ( think leather moroccan pouf, wood beaded draped chandelier, dreamy blue velvet daybed, and the Indra coffee table from Mobilia!!
      We have yet to wallpaper our ceiling in grasscloth (which we now have and then I tore my MCL so as soon as it heals it’s going up!!! ).

  7. Yes! That post was so great that I saved it. I love to keep going back to look at her house. Thanks!

  8. I love the room done with turquoise…’s been a favorite color of mine since childhood…this year, I did my deck in that color…the book is offering lots of ideas for not only Bohemian design, but touches of tropical or beach touches. Thanks for the book offer…I would love it!

  9. What a lovely book, really gives such inspiring decorating idea! Thank you for a chance to win a copy of the book!

  10. What terrific inspiration from global boho. I love mixing in French boho with the farmhouse style in our home on the coast. It just makes you feel good to be surrounded by different textures and colors. Thank you for a chance to win a copy of this fabulous book.

  11. Draga mea,
    Mai intai de toate, cartea este o incantare, acest stil este preferatul meu! Adorabile fotografii!
    Imi place prezentarea facuta de tine si ca lectura dar si ca exemple foto.
    Cele mai bune ganduri,

  12. All these photos are so lovely. Fifi is one of my favorite publishers. Oh how I miss her magazines. I would love to win her new book. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Your decor blog is now one of the only ones I look at everyday. Thanks for your fine selections. This boho decor book is eclectic; love the smattering of boho color and style against a neutral palette.

  14. Dear Jennifer, how lovely of you to feature Global Bohemian. Since travel far and wide is pretty well off the table right now I hope the book will give people a chance to go on a virtual trip as well as gather some ideas and add happy little touches to their spaces. No need to go all out Bohemian! A plant, a cushy floor pillow or a whimsical print will do the trick! Thanks Jennifer. Namaste, xoxo fifi

  15. I’m in. I love the color and creativity of the Boho style. Would like to read Ms. O’Neill’s book.

  16. At this time it is nice to see the wonderful environments of others. To get ideas and to show happy.

  17. Bohemian style is such a vibe of things we love and are meaningful to provide pleasure to our everyday living. With the right mixture it brings a renewal day in and day out. The would a lovely way of continuing the journey.

  18. What a fun book! Would love to win! I just purchased her Romantic Prairie Style book, and am really enjoying it!

  19. That deep pink sofa-SWOON!! I love this type of décor. I used to be a traditional type gal but I’m slowly evolving into boho colors, furniture and decorating in my home. I have a ways to go, this post has given me some new ideas, thank you!

  20. Seems to be a touch of mid century mod infused with a ton of fun color and organic shapes and fluff. Classy and comfy boho that gives you the feel of ” happy and in a good place’. Well done.

  21. “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
    Maya Angelou
    We change constantly and bohemian style reflects that and that’s a lovely thing.

  22. I love the boho style even though my home is more on the traditional style. My husband is not into bold colors lol. I like this style in the way that it brings warmth and color into your home without looking garish.

  23. It’s Bohemian for me!!! I am in love with color, flowers and bold!!! It’s refreshing, a little bit eclectic with a modern flair. It gives a comfy feel when in my home. This coffee table book would be enjoyed immensely and I would love to see the other pages from our Bohemian world. It’s needed right now as we go through this pandemic❤️❤️❤️

  24. I never realized boho could look so good. After this post I think I’ll be trying some boho chic in my home. Thanks for the article.

  25. The pictures shown from the Global Bohemian, give me so many ideas. I think I might have to buy it, if I don’t win it!

  26. This book would be perfect for my daughter-in-law who is truly and really from Bohemia (Czech Republic). She’s working on the style of her new apartment and could use some help. This book would really lend a hand to someone who’s not familiar with design. If I win it, I will give it to her.

  27. I love the freshness and unpretentiousness of her style. I call it ‘eclecticity.’ I can tell color is very important to her as it is to me, and it was fun to view her ideas. Gave me a few new ideas of my own. 🙂

  28. OH how I need this book! I have just begun revamping my small home in a traveled bohemian style with carefully edited acqusitions from my “junking” forays. The photography and style is just beautiful eye candy!
    Thank yor this opportunity

  29. This book would be perfect for my very best friend who loves the Bohemian style. The color, the culture, how each piece reflects a part of her inner self! Thank you for making this book known.

  30. Oh, this is really different for her and would provide me with some guidance on how to incorporate this look into my own style. Thanks for counting me in!

  31. Love how unconventional the boho look is, the colors, textures, patterns all mix together in an eclectic way. The DIY part of it with the macrame, the fringe, and plants,lots of plants make it feel like a real comfy home.

  32. Love perusing this genre of design, as well as incorporating ideas of this with others. Always interested to see what the blog has!

  33. Love all the pictures and ideas and would love to win this book! Always look forward to reading and seeing all the wonderful pictures you post on Town and Country Living!

  34. We should all make our homes our castle as well as our escape place. Boho decorating is such a happy style.

  35. What a wonderful and inspiring book- so many lovely pictures of decor and styling ideas. I’d love to have this book in my home.

  36. I love this look. It reminds me of the 60’s when I was coming of age and moving out. We were happy, curious and open to new people and experiences. It was a look unlike our parents’ houses, and we felt unfettered and free to change the world, one step at a time.

  37. I’ve got some boho in me! I love to decorate and am ever changing my decor. I’m a maximalist with a English/French/Bohemian flare. I would enjoy reading the book and getting more inspiration.


  38. GORGEOUS!! I would love any one of these looks. I’m definitely pinning this to my interior decor board!

  39. The 4th of July is MY BIRTHDAY and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do on my 64th birthday than while away the day drooling over all the beautiful pictures and ideas in Fifi’s lovely book. I’m bohemian in style and color is my best friend. My favorite photos you share with us, Jennifer, are always the ones with the most bright colors. I love the fireplace above that has the unusual screen. It kind of reminds me of the very old window I use as a fireplace screen. It is of a similar shape with triangular and long vertical panes, all painted black, with old, dimpled glass. I love it! Your blog is the first thing I look for every day in my email. Such a great way to start my day. Thanks for being a highlight to so many of our days!!!

  40. Finally a book that shows colour! I am so tired of grey in decor magazines. Using white as a backdrop, all colours sing! My home is yellow and deep gold and emerald and teal with plants and throws and cool lighting. My bathroom is salmon pink walls with a turquoise ceiling grounded with a Persian runner and antique sideboard for towels and toiletries. Bring on the Boho vibe!

  41. This would be a wonderful book to help me with decorating ideas for my home renovation that we’re doing in lock down whilst we all live through it!

  42. Today is Saturday? I’m so confused. I thought today was Friday. Where does the time go. I love Bohemian style. the paint I’m putting on my cabinets in my RV is Bohemian White!!!

  43. I’m new to the boho theme. I just love the look. I have started changing parts of my house in a bohemian style. Your picture shared is an inspiration to me.