Homemade Pasta Tossed with Love

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Living here affords me the best of both worlds … Town … and Country.
Lucky for me, my daughter and her new hubby don’t live too far and invited us for lunch.
I was truly hoping Bridget would make homemade pasta. She did!

I’ve made homemade pasta without a pasta machine.
Trust me, you need the machine!
Sometimes it’s a 2-man job. One person to crank, the other to watch.
And sometimes a third person is needed to take photos.
Isn’t this a thing of beauty?
Look how long the pasta gets! I know this looks like a lot of work, but it is SO worth it!
It’s a great bicep and forearm workout, by the way.
The next step is cutting the strips of linguine. Or you can make ravioli.
Whatever your little heart desires.
You make yummy little piles of pasta … waiting to get tossed into a boiling pot o’ water.
Let’s toss up a salad while we wait for the linguine and sauce to cook.
The Scarpetta’s Tomato Sauce is made from scratch. The recipe is on my daughter’s blog.
Check it out at Flour N Friends.
Time to set the table … they’re newlyweds in case you couldn’t tell.
And now for the piece de resistance!
Yum, Yum. Eat It Up!!
Let me tell ya … this was, hands down, the best pasta dish that’s ever crossed my lips!
And I’ve eaten at plenty of great Italian restaurants. The recipe for the Scarpetta’s Tomato Sauce
can be found at Flour N Friends. You can serve it over store bought pasta, too.
Don’t Forget! Coming in February my daughter and I are featuring Veggie Valentines.
Heart Healthy recipes for you during the month of February. Grab the button to remind you!

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  1. Wow! That looks like the best lunch ever! I have always wanted to try making pasta, but never have. Guess I need one of those rollers first. Great photos of Pouley Road too!

  2. Oh! My mouth is watering! I’ve never used a pasta machine but I’ve thought about getting one since I love pasta and I make just about everything else from scratch.
    Congrats to the newlyweds! I’ll have to try her sauce recipe too. I cold barely boil water when I was a newlywed..of course we didn’t have the Food Network back then either! LOL!

  3. How sweet that they made you fresh pasta. When I saw the pictures I thought your post was going to be about some gourmet restaurant you went to…I can’t believe it’s your daughter. The photos are beautifil. Maybe I’ll make my hubby take me out for yummy Italian food tonight. Fun post.