How to Create Christmas Vignettes to Cozy Up Your Home

What type of holiday decorator are you? Do you love lavishing your home with festive trinkets and arrangements? Or are you more the “bah humbug” type who grudgingly puts up your tree? Maybe like most people, you fall somewhere in between. Today I’ve got a collection of Christmas vignettes to help you create a cozy holiday home.

Give bottle brush trees a festive flair with miniature Santa hats you can find at your local craft store. Easy and inexpensive!

Bottle brush tree with Santa hat


Hang a pair of ice skates behind a holiday wreath. Add a couple of whimsical ornaments in front for added interest.

White ice skates with Christmas wreath


Using a piece of twine, elevate the look of candles by tying faux evergreen stems to the outside and placing atop a rustic wood slice.

White candle with evergreens - how to create Christmas vignettes


Here’s two Christmas vignettes in one. Cut shapes from unused cardboard boxes and punch a hole toward the top of the shapes. String a length of Christmas ribbon through the holes and you have a cute and inexpensive holiday banner. Then, loop a length of olive branches or garland to form a simple, free-form wreath. Hang the wreath from the banner using twine.

Christmas banner and simple wreath


One of the easiest Christmas vignettes is to corral unused ornaments in baskets or wooden bowls. Set them anywhere you want to add a bit of holiday cheer. I use this idea frequently when decorating for the holidays. The boxes of ornaments are already out, and whatever isn’t used it put on display in a pretty bowl.

Christmas vignettes - basket of gold and white ornaments


Here’s one of my favorite Christmas vignettes. Tuck an evergreen branch in a vintage bottle and place it on dark green books.

Simple Christmas vignettes - evergreen in vintage bottle


On one of my walks through the forest preserve, I found a large fallen branch and brought it home to place inside a Pottery Barn vase. I put a mason jar filled with water inside the vase and place the branch inside of the jar. Not all vases are made for holding water. I found this out once with a vintage white ironstone vessel. It started turning brown from the water.

Neutral Christmas decorations in a small den


Here’s another easy wreath embellishment. Add a deer head to the inside of the wreath. Instead of an animal, you could use a small gingerbread house, bottle brush trees – anything Christmas related. Hot glue berries and ribbon for the final touch.

Reindeer wreath


When it comes to creating Christmas vignettes, think outside the box. Decorate your dining chairs with greenery or hang simple ornaments to the backs of them. Guests can remove the ornament after dinner and take it home with them.

Dining chairs decorated for a Scandinavian Christmas


I love the simplicity of Scandinavian decorating at Christmas time. A simple wreath enjoys a few embellishments, and the red and white color scheme is cheery and fun. Note how red ribbons are wrapped around white candles for sweet and simple embellishment.

Scandinavian style Christmas dining


I saved my favorite Christmas vignette for last. I love this holiday mantel. It’s a little more elaborate than some of the other ideas, and it’s beautiful. The bells still have price tags on them, which leads me to believe this is a store display. The large gold hoop is a clever way to hang ornaments with pretty ribbons.

Vintage Christmas mantel


There are so many more decorating ideas available. Hopefully these gave you some inspiration to do something new this year.


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