How to Decorate with Clocks: Large and Small

An important piece of décor missing from my bedroom makeover is a clock. Yes, I can look at my phone when I need to know what time it is, but there’s something about having an analog clock in a room. My family room has a large wall clock and I enjoy hearing the quiet ticking of it when the television is off and the house is silent. I think it’s important to decorate with clocks in the home and found some inspirational ideas to share with you. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Powder blue wall clock on mantel

I’m in love with the vintage style blue clock above. The color, combined with roman numerals, creates a shabby chic look.

A pair of clocks hangs above a headboard in a contemporary bedroom. Who says you can’t have more than one clock, especially when one of them resembles a quaint pocket watch.

Modern green and brown bedroom


A retro, gold metal clock takes up residence on a night table in a Scandinavian style bedroom.

Teal Scandinavian Bedroom - decorating with clocks


Large wall clocks are always appealing and can be used in lieu of artwork. Here, a metal clock pairs with mid-century modern furniture.

Mid-century modern living room with large wall clock


Here’s another metal clock on a pedestal. You could put your jewelry in the little metal dish it sits on.

Golden alarm clock with books


Who doesn’t love a colorful retro alarm clock? This is another way to decorate with clocks. Add them to vignettes in your home.

Alarm clock and decor on ladder


In the kitchen, a black vintage clock joins pink and white dishes on the shelf.

Pink and white kitchen shelves

Here’s a whimsical grouping of retro wall clocks in a kitchen. 

black retro kitchen clockPhoto by Rejuvenation

And don’t forget the outside of the house. You can keep track of time while outdoors.

Large outdoor wall clockPhoto by Bonesteel Trout Hall


I hope you enjoyed the different ways to decorate with clocks. There’s such a great variety from which to choose! It’s like looking for art work.







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  1. Like the post! I love the different clocks. I have an old schoolhouse clock hanging in my kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Cute! I like clocks, being an older person, we have them in every room around here. I even bought a very nice cuckoo clock for the front room on Ebay. I have always wanted one of the tall swedish clocks for the hall.

  3. I have numerous analog clocks as well…eleven if I just counted correctly…in a one-bedroom apartment! One is a two-sided Grand Central Station clock that hangs from a decorative arm that I have mounted high on a living room wall. Another is a small bronze and green seasonal desk clock adorned with rabbits and carrots that I bring out at Easter. A third is a pendulum striker that remains dormant because I fear it will annoy my neighbors. All are battery powered and one reason I wish we would just jettison Daylight Savings Time since I must get on a ladder to change the batteries in three.

    1. I adore clocks and have one on the wall in nearly every room of my house, as well as some table top ones. I even have some that don’t work but I still like them in vignettes and will set them for significant times like our wedding/when our kids were born. They are just so charming! Of course time change weekends are a little busy!

  4. I love a clock in my rooms and of course I’m terrible about having my phone with me. They make some so attractive and perfect in a vignette.