Decorating with Pink Flowers

When I was in junior high school I babysat for the family across the street. On Saturday mornings, the Mrs. would do her grocery shopping and run errands while her hubby was at work … he was the local undertaker (and yes, we used to wonder what he kept in the locked hallway closet). She would always bring home a fresh, beautiful bouquet of flowers each Saturday and I wondered if she purchased them or if she brought them home from the funeral parlor. At the time, I vowed to be just like her and have fresh flowers in my home on a regular basis when I grew up. I have to say, for the most part I’ve kept that vow and over the years I’ve learned I prefer decorating with pink flowers more than any other color. I thought I’d share some of my favorite pink floral arrangements …

Decorating with Pink Flowers in a Blue Mason Jar… Like this simple bouquet of pink carnations and white baby’s breath.

Pink flowers always look good in a blue Ball mason jar.  Always.


Endless Summer Pink HydrangeasEndless Summer Pink Hydrangeas from the garden provide a cheap way to brighten things up.

Simple bottle vases allow the flowers to take center stage.


Pink Hydrangeas in a Farmhouse Kitchen I’m still waiting to see if my hydrangeas survived our harsh winter.


Single stem pink roses in vintage aqua bottlesSingle stem pink roses look elegant in vintage aqua bottles.


How to arrange fresh flowersI love arranging my own flowers, whereas the lady I used to babysit for always brought home professionally arranged bouquets. She also chose flowers in warmer colors like oranges and yellows.


Decorating with Pink FlowersWhile I prefer decorating with pink flowers and cooler colors like lavender.


Pink Tulips in a vintage aqua vaseThis vintage aqua vase is a recent flea market find and looks sweet with pink tulips.


Pink Cyclamens in an Aged Clay PotI love the little heart-shaped leaves on this pink cyclamen.


Pink Gerbera Daisies in a vintage flea market vaseHere’s that flea market vase again … this time with gorgeous, pink Gerbera daisies.

Aren’t they beautiful? They’d look great no matter what they’re in. Love these!


Trio of single stem roses in vintage bottlesAnd finally, another trio of roses in vintage bottles, with a bit of pink baker’s twine wrapped around them. I think pink flowers are fun and whimsical … after all, the saying is “tickled pink” and not some other color.

What’s your favorite color flower?

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  1. I love pink too,but i also love my miniature roses they are a creamy white with a hint of pink on their edges and i am always happy when i arrange them in my grandmas blue willow coffee cups. I havent ever seen pink hydrangeas…but now i want one 🙂

  2. I love pink. My powder room is the color of the pink tulips and green leaves that you have pictured. I love all of the vases that you’ve “teamed” with them.

  3. Just BEAUTIFUL! All of your flowers are so lovely. You have both my favorites, Hydreangas & Tulips.

    Have a very BLESSED week…