Adding Houseplants After Christmas

One thing I greatly miss after removing Christmas decorations is the greenery of the garlands and trees. So it’s no surprise I focus on adding houseplants this time of year.

Styling a Console Table with Plants and Pictures


Houseplants not only add softness and greenery to rooms throughout the house, but they help filter the air. Those of us who live in colder climes can benefit with extra air filtration at a time when we have our doors and windows closed.

Decorating with Houseplants


Plants help add architectural height in spaces where you need to fill a hole or make a visual impact.

Eclectic Living Room with Fiddle Leaf Fig


Fiddle leaf figs can be finicky but if you place them in a sunny spot without any drafts, you can be successful with them (just don’t forget to water it).

Reading Corner with Fiddle Leaf Fig


Houseplants make a welcoming statement in an entryway.

Beautiful Victorian Entryway with Stained Glass


Fiddle Leaf Fig in the Entryway


In order to grow healthy indoor plants, make sure you place them according to their light requirements. A cactus thrives in direct sunlight, while a pothos is a perfect choice for darker corners.

Cactus in a Living Room


Use topiary plants to frame a kitchen window.

Topiary Plants Frame a Kitchen WindowPhoto by Fiorella Design


Lavender is a great choice when you want to add a slight fragrance to a room. Lightly brush your hands over the plant to release the sweet lavender scent. I have some of this hanging in my kitchen.

Lavender in a Dining RoomPhoto by Stephanie Dunning Interior Design


Palmy fronds take the eye upward in this light and airy living room – that way you don’t miss the pretty chandelier!

Matching Purple Couches in Living RoomPhoto by My Bespoke Room


It’s so important to add some fresh greenery to your bedrooms. You spend a lot of time in the bedroom and it’s important to filter the air.

Green and White Traditional Bedroom with HouseplantsPhoto by Burnham Design


Don’t forget the bathroom! Most plants thrive here due to higher levels of humidity.

White Contemporary Bathroom with HouseplantsPhoto by Claudia Vallentin Fotografie


Vintage Bathroom with Book Page WallpaperPhoto by Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books


If you like drama, you might want to try your hand at a plant chandelier!

Dining Room with Houseplants ChandelierPhoto by Studio ATARA

Adding houseplants is my “fix it” for replacing the organic appeal of Christmas greens. Often you can find good quality plants in greenhouses that carried poinsettias. Even your local grocery store is a great source!


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  1. Beautiful and inspirational pictures of green leafy plants. And I love that little white dog, the westie! Thank you for sharing. Great ideas for when we take our faux Christmas greenery down. Love your blog and emails!

  2. I’ve been looking at my tree all morning, knowing that it has to come down soon. Adding some green plants is an excellent idea, something different to focus on. These midwestern gray skies certainly aren’t as inspiring as house plants would be! Thanks for the great idea!