How to Have Fresh Smelling Laundry

When I was a kid I remember watching my grandmother set up her clotheslines and hang the laundry out to dry. Weather permitting, she always hung the bedding out on the line and it was fun walking between the clotheslines with the sheets flapping in the wind. I’d pretend the sheets were the walls of my little fairy house out in the woods, with my grandmother’s towering pine trees overhead. And now as a grown-up, I find myself wanting to have fresh smelling laundry just like my grandma’s!

How to have fresh smelling laundryTo get fresh smelling laundry like grandma’s, I decided to set up my own clothesline out back by the garden shed. I found a clothespin bag similar to the one she had, and hung my vintage pillow cases on the line to dry.


How to have fresh smelling laundry with method laundry detergentBut before doing that, I first started by washing my sheets and cases with method 4x concentrated laundry detergent. I have a very sensitive nose when it comes to fragrances (which is why I don’t wear perfume). There are some detergents I simply can’t use because their fragrance is too strong or worse yet … it simply doesn’t smell good. But I love all the method fragrances. I chose “spring garden” for washing my sheets.


Vintage Pillow CasesWhen I spent the night at my grandma’s as a kid, I remember she always had the freshest smelling pillow cases. I know the fresh clean scent helped lull me to a peaceful sleep. I wanted to recreate that feeling!


Method_Detergent_031315_Fresh_Clover_128xFresh clover is another fragrance from method laundry detergent that I love. There’s a fragrance for everyone: fruity (ginger mango), floral (spring garden), herbaceous-woody (beach sage and fresh clover), and free + clear (no fragrance).

We just bought a new washing machine and I’m supposed to use high efficiency detergent, like method. You can tell which detergents are high efficiency because they’re marked with the letters h-e. I also love the design of the bottle. It’s much easier to handle than most laundry detergents because it has a narrow middle with ridges.


How to have fresh smelling laundryDo you see the hook on the side of the shed for the clothesline? The hooks were there when we moved in so I know someone before me also enjoyed fresh smelling laundry that’s been dried outside. I’ve decided I’m going to continue hanging my bedding out on the line throughout the summer!


Spending time with Grandma back in the dayHere’s a photo of my grandmother who inspired me to hang my laundry outside. I’m the youngest in the front at my grandma’s house. Her laundry clothesline was in the backyard.

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Love the memories … growing up, we did not have a dryer and always had laundry on the line. I guess everyone remembers playing in the blowing sheets on the line. Now, I like to dry our mattress pad out in the sun.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. I remember as a kid we always hung our laundry out to dry on one of those umbrella style clotheslines and another place we lived had the old pulley clothesline system that as kids we always had fun fooling around with. I remember having to pick up items that blew off on windy days or due to clothes pins that popped off. I am sensitive to all fragrances too but there is nothing like sleeping in sheets dried in the fresh air that no bottled fragrance, softener, dryer shts or anything can even touch! It is like the next best thing to sleeping under the stars, breathing in fresh air and sunshine all at the same time and makes for a great sleep! An old pulley laundry line is on my to do list for this summer too!

  3. Love lov love your pillow cases Jennifer! I would try the Method out but I have to use the little pods in our washing machine. Hope you have a great weekend!:)