10 Painted Ladies to Love

Ever since I developed a keen interest in architecture and old houses, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with painted ladies … of the Victorian sort, that is. I love all the details they possess like gingerbread, fish scales, and bulls eye trim. Victorian houses are works of art and when they’re painted to show off all their fancy filigrees, they’re simply stunning! So it’s with great pleasure that I share 10 painted ladies to love!

Spring Lake Design-Build Firms Degnan Design Group + Degnan Design Build

When a house is this big, you can brush a lot of color on it. The first and second stories wear 2 different colors. Did you notice the outdoor staircase that leads to the roof? I hope this home faces the sea or some other spectacular view to enjoy from the rooftop! I think this is the back of the house.


Exterior by Savannah Architects & Building Designers Hansen Architects, P.C.

There are different styles of Victorian architecture, and this one looks like a mix (an expert might correct me on this though). The circular trim on the porch appears to be Queen Anne style, while the straight vertical lines of the siding call to mind the Stick style. Regardless, I love the green color!


Victorian Exterior by Wilmington Photographers Jay Greene Photography

This Second Empire style Victorian should be on a Christmas postcard.

Normally I’m not a fan of mansard roofs but this one isn’t overbearing.


Victorian Exterior by New York Photographers Rikki Snyder

I love turrets and wrap around porches!! I once dated a guy whose parents’ home had a 3-story turret. I should take a picture of the house sometime and share it on my blog. It was once on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Such a beautiful house and I was thrilled to see the inside and explore every inch of it.


Exterior by Surrey Paint & Wall Coverings Warline Painting Ltd.

Victorian houses don’t have to be monster sized. This one’s colorful and cozy!


Victorian Exterior by Milwaukee Architects & Building Designers Van Cleave Architecture + Design

This beautiful cranberry house is a prime example of Folk style Victorian architecture. Not as elaborate on the gingerbread, but still plenty of beautiful details like the arched windows and porch railing.


Exterior by New York Paint & Wall Coverings Oasis Painting & Wallcovering Co.

What I love about painted ladies is the fun colors used to accentuate their details. Normally I wouldn’t paint a house lavender but this one is beautiful. I love that the fish scales are painted different colors.


Victorian Exterior by Ridgefield Architects & Building Designers Doyle Coffin Architecture LLC

The owner of this house has paired the landscaping perfectly with the exterior colors. Notice the blue hydrangeas under the bay window mimic the bits of lavender-blue trim … there’s not a lot of it, but it’s there.


Victorian Exterior by Surrey Paint & Wall Coverings Warline Painting Ltd.

Love the dark green color on this house! Do you see the third floor balcony? They just don’t make houses like this anymore … but I sure wish they did!


Victorian Spaces by South San Francisco General Contractors Dijeau Poage Construction

San Francisco has a beautiful display of painted ladies. Have you ever been there?

One of these days I’ll get out and take photos of Victorian homes in our area. Right now I can think of several that are brightly painted that I’d love to share with you!  So tell me … are you a fan of these painted ladies? Which one do you like best?

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  1. What a collection! The third is my favorite by far. And it does belong on a postcard.

  2. I LOVE them all. I live in Ontario and I honestly can’t say I have ever seen one here. Just beautiful. Would love to see inside
    of them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like Victorian houses too and my favorite is the green one with the pink trim that has the flowers around it. I love pink and green together and love a porch. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Hi, I love the size of these houses, I am not a fan of victorian furniture but I can still enjoy the size of their rooms, big square rooms so nice. I have two favorites the Second Empire with mansard roof, love the porch and those first floor windows. The third floor looks like it must be so cozy, ( hot as hell in summer, though ). My second choice would be the green ( love dark paint) with a third floor balcony. We have a lovely painted lady for sale in my neighborhood! I always feel like a small child in one , big rooms and little corners everywhere to hide.

  5. I agree with you that I wish they still made these grand old ladies AND I wish I lived in one! My nearby City has an area with some beautiful ones I like to drive around the area and …dream! In the meantime I am adding on a wrap around porch and some Fish Scale accent to my blah farm bungalow so I can pretend – sigh!

  6. Loove them all. They are all so special and pretty.

  7. Pretty ladies. They remind me of the Victorians in Cape May NJ. We used to go every spring and during Christmas time


  8. Oh my goodness! Absolutely stunning homes! Love the Cranberry house as well as the home with the matching flowers! So charming! The craftsmanship back in the day was sooo very special! How tragic to watch the absolute SLOP! That’s going up all over the country with these track houses! What a disaster! Thanks for the eye candy! Those homes are truly special! Cindy

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