Impressive Rustic Cabin in Big Sky, Montana

This is the time of year when I like to feature warm and cozy home tours. I get warm fuzzies when romanticizing about spending time in a rustic cabin surrounded by towering evergreens. Today’s home by Dan Joseph Architects is especially impressive with its vanishing edge waterfall out front, that I’m assuming is man-made but gorgeous, nevertheless.

Rustic Cabin in Montana with Waterfall in Front YardPhoto by Dan Joseph Architects, LLC


Decking leads right to the edge of the pond which finds its way to the refreshing waterfall. This is the perfect spot to dangle your feet into the pond and enjoy the great beauty around you. I think I’d set up a cot out here and sleep under the stars. If you read my blog regularly, you know how much I love water features, including my own little garden pond.

Deck and Front Porch of a Rustic Montana CabinPhoto by Dan Joseph Architects, LLC


Warm and welcoming interiors await when you step inside the Montana homefront. Tree trunk beams combine with rich stone and soft furnishings to create a comfortable and impressive living space. 

Rustic Living Room with Stone Walls and Wooden Tree BeamsPhoto by Dan Joseph Architects, LLC


A lot of wood in a room can sometimes feel dark and overbearing, but today’s cabin has enough windows and a good traffic pattern to keep the eye flowing. The color red, as seen in the dining chairs, always adds energy to a room, too.

Open Concept Dining and Kitchen in a Rustic Mountain CabinPhoto by Dan Joseph Architects, LLC


I love the shade of green brushed onto some of the kitchen cabinetry. It adds an unexpected element and a bit of whimsy. And look at that view out the window. I’ll bet they have deer and maybe even a bear or two that wanders by.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinetry Stained with GreenPhoto by Dan Joseph Architects, LLC


A gorgeous wooden sink that looks like a converted antique dough bowl takes center stage in one of the bathrooms. Note the sliding door barn you see reflected in the mirror.

Rustic Cabin Bathroom in Big Sky, MontanaPhoto by Dan Joseph Architects, LLC


An impressive, wood beamed vaulted ceiling in the bedroom creates an air of spaciousness and coziness all at the same time. Windows allow your eye to wander outside into the forest of evergreens.

Cabin bedroom with wood vaulted ceiling and views of the evergreens outsidePhoto by Dan Joseph Architects, LLC


Color is added by way of the upholstered headboard and area rug in southwestern patterns and hues.

Rustic Armoire in Montana Cabin BedroomPhoto by Dan Joseph Architects, LLC

You can see more of this truly amazing rustic cabin by Dan Joseph Architects over at Houzz. I think it’d make a great Airbnb (I say that mainly because it looks like a place I’d book if it was in my budget!).

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cabin mansion. It is so welcoming and cozy. I would love to spend a week there in the snow. Great tour. Thank you, Jennifer.

  2. Wow! I guess this qualifies as a “cabin.” It doesn’t look like the one-room uninsulated structure my Dad built in 1939 out of materials he salvaged from the old schoolhouse in Eldora, Colorado, that I lived in for two years, including winters, after I retired in 2010, but it’s a beauty and I see it even has an indoor toilet and running water, something I did without during the time I lived in ours!

  3. I don’t know how long you would have to dangle your feet before that water got cold. It is a beautiful spot to enjoy and a great place to stay.

  4. I do believe that water would be cold but I was more about the bear that might just come sit beside me while I dangle. I’d love to get away and stay awhile in the peace and quiet. This cabin would be just the spot. Of course, if money were no option. I think my favorite room was the bedroom.

  5. Wow! That is an interesting “cabin.” I’m afraid I’d have to actually see how well those massive logs are held in place before I coukd sleep there though.