Laundry Room, Century-Old Home, and Fragrant Roses: Friday Finds

Before I get into this week’s treasures, I did a thing that I want to share. I joined a traditional yoga studio and I love it. A few weeks ago I joined a chain yoga place and found it’s not quite what I’m looking for – it’s not true yoga. So I’m quitting that membership and moving forward with Prana Yoga Center which has a wonderful salt room! I enjoy yoga practice (I’m definitely a beginner) because it relaxes me while also strengthening my body. To be honest, I didn’t know if I’d get into the breathing techniques but I find them helpful. Hopefully my sense of balance will improve too. I’ll keep you posted. And now, let’s turn to this week’s Friday Finds!

English style laundry room with pet showerPhoto by Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Want to add roses to your garden this year? Look no further than this collection of fragrant roses. The descriptions remind me of how wine is described. It has all the information you need for planting and enjoying any of the 22 roses listed.

Speaking of gardening, this year I’m determined to make appropriate garden markers that don’t get blown over and carried away by the wind. The Idea Room has over 25 garden marker ideas. Check them out – there’s something for everyone.

Is this the most gorgeous laundry room you’ve ever seen? It combines old English style with today’s functionality for the ultimate place to wash, dry, and fold clothes. Love it!

I normally don’t share products in my list of Friday Finds, but these inexpensive hanging wall vegetable and fruit baskets have captured my heart. I’ve already placed my order!

If you plan on dyeing eggs for Easter, consider these beautiful blue eggs made from a natural blueberry dye. Speckles are added with a cornstarch mix. These are perhaps the prettiest Easter eggs I’ve seen.

I love finding homes decorated in unique ways, like this upstate New York home. It’s over a century old and is dressed in old world luxury style. I’m swooning over the kitchen sink, along with all the other details throughout the house. It’s a must-see!

And finally, here’s 7 spring recipes from Williams Sonoma. Dessert, sides, and main dishes are included. Which one(s) will you make?

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