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My blog is dedicated to both Town and Country living, but it dawned on me I haven’t posted anything country as of late … other than country decorating. So this post is dedicated to country scenes not too far from my house. I love my old home in the center of town, but I’d love to live on a farmette, too.

Like this “little” farmette. I could easily live here with that big, front sun porch.
It even has a wrap around balcony on the second level. Yep, I could live here.

This farmette comes complete with furry friends. What more could a girl want?

A girl could want a big red barn to house a couple of horses for ridin’.

We have lots of red barns in the area. Some have little white trimmed windows.

And some have cute tractors sitting out front.

I would gladly ride this tractor if I lived on a farmette.
Why a farmette? Because a full-fledged farm is a lot of hard work!

You know what else would be a lot of hard work? Cleaning this monstrous country home!
Do they really need that many garages? ย I can answer that question.

Yes they do! Because at Christmas they have the most spectacular light show any house has ever had.
And so they need all those garages to store the Christmas lights. We’re talkin’ laser lights, marquis lights.
An entire light show timed to music. Cars are lined up waiting for a chance to see the show. It’s amazing.
This is the view directly across from the Christmas Extravaganza House.ย 
Beautiful view, whether you’re lookin’ at the house or the country field.
I run down this road frequently and always enjoy the view.
Right next door to that rolling field is this gem of a home. Look at the transom over the double door.
Honestly, I would choose this house over the Christmas Extravaganza House any day!
Call me crazy, but I just can’t resist a shabby white farmhouse.
Here’s another white farmhouse that I find adorable. Almost a smaller version of the first home in this post.
I have a soft spot for white houses with green rooftops. And the window details … LOVE!
It just needs some new landscaping and she’d be charming as ever.
If you’re a fan of white structures, we’ve got white barns in the area, too.
White barns and dead white trees.ย 
Add a touch of golden flowers and pale blue sky.
Can’t wait to come back in October to take fall photos.
And thus ends our little country tour at the outskirts of town.
(I wanna take this stop sign home with me!)
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  1. Gorgeous photos!

  2. Loved the tour!! Great photos again Jennifer. You definitely have the ” eye”,

  3. Thanks for the tour of the beautiful homes!

  4. Oh my gosh! These are beautiful pictures of lovely country.

  5. all the pics are great, but have to say i love the stop sign the best !!

  6. I think I could manage a few of these great country homes.

  7. Oh, please let me live in one of these houses! I am swooning with envy!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  8. Another wonderful countryside tour of homes! And you even got a fabulous shot of Bessie the cow. I thought the Christmas house was a group of townhouses! I agree with you, fun to look at, but the farmhouses are so much more homey. Beautiful photos!

  9. I love them!
    I picked the same one as you, with the transom over the front door! I would just be fine there with a white barn down yonder!!!
    Thank you for the tour
    Happy Autumn.

  10. I would love a farmette too! What a great word. We’re so lucky to live near both the country life and towns as well. Your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  11. very different to the homes we have here in Qld, Australia. All so full of character. what a great little trip you took us on.
    Bec x

  12. Just love your tours. I really need to get out to your area – check it out for myself. Beautiful, inspirational images as always. I’m definitely a white farmhouse, red barn, farmette kind of girl! Thanks for sharing, liz

  13. Farmette. Love it. I think our ranch qualifies as a farmette so I might have to steal that word from time to time.


  14. Lovely pictures, Jennifer! That huge house is just gorgeous. I’ll bet it looks stunning with all those lights.

  15. Great pictures and you are right, some good tractors.

    That huge house is just stunning.


  16. Although I would love to see a picture of the Christmas house all lit up -it is the old farmhouse that appeals to me also.


  17. How I love all these photos. I would love a country house with a big red barn! x

  18. Oh my gosh, I recognized that big house from the light show. We went last year and were stuck in a line forever. By the time we got up to the house we were so disgusted that we didn’t really stay to watch it. It didn’t seem Christmasy, just kinda crazy lights! Love the country pictures.

  19. I love the rambling old white house that you love. I could be very happy there, the rest of my days.


  20. I like this Jenny! I am always amazed by the American architecture. In Serbia houses are made of blocks and usually in a simple cube form. There are no porches, but you can see a terrace, here and there. Gardens can be very beautiful, though, and the countryside! We can be so ‘green’ sometimes that one would think it’s Ireland. Cities are different story. Old buildings and houses are made in Baroque style and they can be very beautiful… I keep ranting… ๐Ÿ™‚ I love everything you’ve shown!

  21. Oh to live in the country. A dream of mine forever.

  22. I was just thinking I love that stop sign! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the red barns and furry animals. I think you should live in the first house. Where is that mansion of a country house? I want to see the xmas light show

  23. Oh I loved looking at all the beautiful old white houses and red barns outside your town. That ginormous stone thing is really out of place don’t you think? Must be multiple families living there. I’d take a simple white house with a porch any time. Pamela

  24. Awesome photos ! I especially love the first house and the red barns ! That’s what I want a red barn or two a big Victorian farm house and horses ! My grown up dream ! I had it as a kid on my parents hobby farm . Have a good day !

  25. Thanks for taking me on the tour:)


  26. Beautiful pictures, thank you for taking us on a tour.

  27. Oh Jennifer….I love those old white farmhouses — especially the ones with the huuuuge sunrooms in them! Can you imagine all the sunlight streaming in there year round….? Beautiful!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a gorgeous running views you have, girlie!

    xoxo laurie

  28. Wow! So much great stuff!

  29. what amazing photos and great homes to dream about!!! I love the country! Just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing at happy hour!!!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  30. I grew up in an old white farmhouse on a farmette, so these photos really bring back the memories! love them all! thanks so much for linking up with the party!

  31. What a lovely tour that did my soul good! I’m with you, I love the old simple farm houses with barns instead of multiple garages. In fact, I’d go back to horse and buggy days, if I could! I just love your blog! Thank you!

  32. My favorites are the white farmhouses!

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