My Quirky Little Window Treatment

My house is old. Circa 1875. Which means it has a little bit of charm coupled with quirks and oddities. It makes weird noises. Door frames and floors aren’t always straight. The layout doesn’t flow like today’s homes. But I have wide baseboards, divided windows, claw foot tubs, and solid wood doors. You gotta take the bad with the good, I guess. And so, my quirky home has a window oddly nestled at the bottom of the stairway, with a newel post that likes to grab at loose clothing and purses.

I’ve left the window unadorned for years, but finally decided to add a bit of softness.
All I knew was … I didn’t want a standard drape.
I added this little heart that I made to the window.
It’s hard to see on the larger photos with the sun streaming through.

Some white shutters would be cute, but I don’t have shutters anywhere else.
I like rooms to flow one to the next so try to keep window treatments similar.
This little burlap sack from Carter’s Cottage graces the newel post.
I’m going to try and make some of these with leftover burlap from my daughter’s wedding.
Back to the window treatment … 
a branch from the yard was cut to size, and then dry-brushed with white paint.
Hubby hung the branch on the wall and I looped some tulle up and over it.
The tulle was leftover from my family room curtains that  you can see here.
To add a little color, I tied on fabric ribbon stamped with birds that I bought at Na-Da Farm Sale in May.
I love the way tulle catches the sunlight.
The best part? I used a white pipe cleaner to hold the tulle in place under the ribbon.
Another white pipe cleaner holds the tulle in place on the branch.
The fabric bird ribbon was $4 and the tulle was maybe $2 for this piece.
The little heart wreath was made from florist wire and book pages I already had.
The branch was free, so total window treatment cost was under $7.

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  1. Very clever and looks lovely on that window. I am an old house lover — current house is circa 1920 but lived in a 1870’s farmhouse for years. You are right that there are quirks but there are also those BIG wonderful windows — even if they are placed a little oddly 🙂


  2. Hi Jennifer,
    It looks great just the right amount of softness. I am crazy about that little sack, sooo cute! You could put some sweet annie or lavender in it!

  3. I love the big window lighting up your stairway landing. Your creative window treatment is perfect since it doesn’t block the light. I know what you mean about creaks and rattles. Nobody could ever sneak into our house!

  4. I’m so jealous of your old house! And the window treatment is fabulous. Frankly, window treatments have always scared me, not sure why. Too many to choose from, I guess! Yours is divine looking, and just the right price!

  5. Hello Jennifer!
    You are very welcome to my blog 🙂
    My newest follower…:) I´m so happy about all my followers. But I´m so sorry that I can´t visit them all, I haven´t got the time. But mostly I try to visit those who leaves a comment, and You did, so here I am.
    You´re house looks wonderful, and all the noises comes with old houses, that´s the charm about them.


  6. My house turns 100 this year so I know exactly what you mean but I wouldn’t trade all that character for anything. Love the little wire heart so much! I think I’ll put that on my ‘things to make’ list~

  7. This is Melissa @ Love the cute heart ornament hanging from the window and the great bird burlap ribbon! I am your newest linky follower!

  8. Jennifer, This area looks so dreamy and light! I think your window treatment is perfect for summer! What a pretty wall color!!!!
    Please join me for TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS, my new linky party! This post would be perfect!

  9. Too sweet! And all you little details really brought it together! Who knew pipe cleaners could be so handy and they come in different colors so you can match whatever….great idea! I love the heart, the bag, and the ribbon…and all for $7? That’s an amazing look for an amazing price!

  10. The white curtains add a blissful touch to your windows. It looks heavenly when touched by sunlight. And that little heart is so adorable. Nothing beats a self-made décor, especially since you get a sense of fulfillment every time you see how beautiful it looks! 😉

    Sandra Ludwig

  11. Am I imagining clouds here? No, it’s just your window treatment. Haha! But I do like your idea because it does makes you feel as if you are living in a quiet paradise. I like how the curtains brighten up immensely when hit by light. It gives off a kind of strong glow.

    Roxie Tenner

  12. I love the position of your window; it’s right beside your stairways. But I think it’s kind of plain. Have you considered replacing it with a modern window? It can enhance the beauty of your home’s interior. By the way, I like your DIY curtain!

    Lida Swisher