Love at First Sight: My New Buffet

I wasn’t expecting it. Really, I wasn’t. A recent trip to Carter’s Cottage for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint resulted in taking home more than a simple can of paint. You can’t just go into Carter’s, grab some paint and go. No, you have to look around and admire all the new eye candy that the ladies put together. That’s when I saw this little number.

I did a double-take. Now mind you, there is oodles of gorgeous furniture like this in the store.
But for awhile I’ve kept my eye open for a dreamy white buffet with a mirror on top.
I couldn’t look away. My hand nervously stretched out for the price tag. It was reasonable.
My heart skipped a beat. Then I saw a separate price tag for the mirror. Gulp. Still reasonable.
“Christie, I want that buffet and mirror!” She called her hubby to come over to the shop to help move it.
He just barely stuffed it into the back of my tiny Yaris (you wouldn’t believe what we’ve hauled in that car).
In the midst of the excitement, I almost forgot the can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
The dry sink that used to be in this spot is now in another corner of the dining room.
I love the heavy distressing on this buffet. It looks like Louis Blue is peeking from under the Old White.
Perfect color combo for my dining room. And I love the hardware on it, too.
I was delighted to see the drawers had dividers in them for my silver plate that I scored at local sales.
I bought a couple sets recently from the flea market and a church sale.
Both sets together make 12+ place settings. I love the look of mismatched silverware.
The unattached mirror is the perfect size for the buffet. I don’t know if it was originally a set.
But I don’t really care. I love the mirror with its beautifully carved and distressed details.
A close-up view of the lovely detailing on the mirror.
After getting this lovely piece into its new spot in the dining room, I got busy setting it up for fall.
I prefer a more neutral fall setting. It just fits better with my decor.
Little white pumpkins and creamy colored gourds are a must.
Big white pumpkins are a good thing, too. Who doesn’t love white pumpkins?
Fall scented candles help set a cozy mood on chilly evenings. This one is Harvest by Yankee Candle.
The color matches the little striped gourd perfectly.
Several ladies sell their beautiful pieces at Carter’s Cottage. Be sure to visit their blogs for lots of eye candy!
Sherrie at Ruffled Nest shares her adorable home and furniture pieces.
Laura at Whimsical Perspective creates gorgeous pieces and just moved into her “new” home.
And then there’s Christie of Carter’s Cottage, the quaint shop that tugs at my heart strings every visit.

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  1. Jennifer,
    These are both real beauties!!! The mirror looks so perfect for the buffet. It’s always so much fun finding pieces that make us happy.


  2. So beautiful–you’ve placed those gorgeous pieces perfectly in your room setting. Me, too, love neutrals for fall–peaceful and lovely! Have a great week.

  3. I love that buffet table! and you decorated it very nicely πŸ™‚

    Great job!


  4. You must just get giddy every time you walk past it. It is so gorgeous and perfect. I think you will have lots of fun changing it up. Enjoy, Deb

  5. fabulous and loving the reflective mirror!

    hope you’ll visit soon.


  6. Oh wow, that looks great….what a find!!! And you’ve decorated it just right for Fall!! Makes the whole room look brand new and makes ya smile!!!

  7. What a score Jennifer!!!
    Now I am going to peek at their web page…. drooling already.
    Cheers, Gee

  8. Oh…I love this….all creamy white but what really makes it special is the mirror sitting on top.

  9. oh, I love it and all the wonderful Pumpkin decor!

  10. What a pretty buffet and mirror. You did a great job decorating it with all those soft colors of fall. I’m lovin’ that look! Thanks for following me back.

  11. I love the buffet and the mirror and I love how you decorated it for fall too.


  12. Oh, beautiful. And it certainly looks like it was meant to be. Isn’t it funny, its aways when you least expect it. I just got a new hutch for my dining room too – on a whim. Love it. Hope Saturday was fun. Thanks for sharing, liz

  13. The buffet fits right in at it’s new home, now you need to add something else to your eye to keep a look out for.


  14. Great piece, Jennifer! It looks like it was made for that spot! Love that you have all that storage and the top to decorate. Your chairs on either side go with it perfectly, too.

  15. I just love finding items I have been searching for when I least expect it~ Your New pieces are simply Charming!! My package arrived, Thank~you so much!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  16. Love this buffet it is so beautiful and nice and worn. That mirror and the detailing are gorgeous. Love all your fall touches too.


  17. This is a beautiful piece Jennifer. I love the old mirror leaning against the wall on top. And, it’s all beautifully decorated for fall.

  18. LOVE! What a gorgeous piece and that mirror is fabulous. Great find!

  19. Cute! I like the little orange/white pumpkin πŸ™‚ I can’t believe this fit in your car

  20. You lucky girl, I love that piece.
    And you have it decorated just perfectly. What a great score and a piece that can be used for years.

  21. Oh, my word!!! That thing is gorgeous! Congratulations!

  22. Oh it is beautiful! Don’t you love a piece of furniture like that? It makes decorating for every season wonderful! I just love it. Yay….and just wait till Christmas!
    You have a lovely blog too.

  23. Love that piece and thanks for the “shout out”! Sherrie always does such beautiful work.

  24. What a gorgeous find! The mirror really makes the buffet. So cute together! Enjoy!

  25. Wow the distressing on that is just beautiful! Love how it looks in the dining room. I’m also really loving your white pumpkins and the more neutral take on fall!!


  26. They sure are beautiful! I also love your Fall decor!

  27. Such a great piece for your dining room. The mirror is just gorgeous. I love how you kept things kind of neutral with the white pumpkins and pale colored gourds ~ it all looks wonderful!

  28. Absolutely gorgeous. Very much your beautiful style.

  29. Your new Buffet looks perfect surrounded by all of your beautiful mirrors and dressed for fall!

  30. jennifer, it’s beautiful! and i love the mirror, and fall decorations, too!

  31. I am so glad you like your new buffet and mirror. Chridtie told me you were the one who had bought it. I am so glad it went to a good home πŸ™‚ It looks beautiful in your home.


  32. Fabulous! I think the mirror makes the buffet so interesting and beautiful.

  33. Jennifer, what a find! Your new buffet is a real masterpiece… it is so you! And it looks wonderful in your dinning room!
    I am doing the happy dance with you!

  34. Hi Jennifer!

    It was meant to be! Sometimes you can find the best things when you least expect it. It looks great in your room with all the Fall accessories.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  35. Looks awesome!
    What a find!

    I think you were meant to have it. Love shopping at Carter’s Cottage.
    Never know what awesome thing you will find…. like THIS!

    Thanks for posting and sharing.
    Alison πŸ™‚

  36. Your buffet is gorgeous! What a fun find! And your fall decor so pretty, too!

  37. Oh I just love your buffet, now if I could just get up the nerve to detress mine.:) How lucky you are to have such a great shop to go to in your area.
    Thanks for sharing

  38. Gorgeous!!! Congrats…it’s going to be happy in your home, I can tell! πŸ™‚

  39. Love your buffet and the pumpkins and gourds for decor.

  40. Hey Jen! It was amazing it fit into your cute little Yaris! BUT it did! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the sweet words about my little shop! The girls and I work hard to keep things super cute and affordable! So glad it’s right at home with you!

  41. So beautiful! LOVE the mirror!

  42. Very pretty! I hope you will stop by and link up at my All Things Fall Party!

  43. Esse armΓ‘rio Γ© um sonho. Muito lindo e esse espelho, perfeito.
    Seu blog e lindo, cheio de inspiraçáes maravilhosa.
    Tenha uma Γ³tima semana.

  44. Just a perfect fit in your gorgeous room! Love all of the fall touches, too.

  45. Sometimes you find the perfect piece when you least expect to find it! Your new buffet and mirror are perfect and I love the simple elegant touches you’ve added!!

  46. I am loooooving your buffet and mirror! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday on my blog.

  47. Jennifer you’re whole setup is so beautiful! love the new piece!

  48. How beautiful….but it must be dangerous to go into that shop–my hubby would kill me if I brought home another piece of furniture

  49. Gosh Jenn, I just love this so much….thank you so much for joining us again, it really is great to see you …xo
    ps. I’m pinning…xo

  50. Visiting for the first time today. I love this buffet and mirror! You are right, it is so eye catching and it was worth all of your searching. It lookds great in your room.

  51. That is so pretty! Very eye catching. Lucky you!

  52. I love the distressing on your buffet. It seems to work perfectly with your decor. Great job on a great find.

    Peggy @

  53. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love every bit of it. The white creamy goodness with the colors of fall is a feast for the eyes.

  54. so so sooo beautiful! I could just look at your pictures all day! Thank you SO much for linking up at happy hour link party!!! :o)
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  55. Absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Kindest regards,

  56. Jennifer – I love your new buffet and mirror! Looks like the perfect spot in your home too πŸ™‚ Love the fall decor!!

    I am visiting from Craftberry Bush Happy Hour.

    Blessings – Sara

  57. Oh wow, your new buffet is so beautiful!! I love it and you’ve decorated it for the season perfectly.
    Debbie πŸ™‚

  58. Congrats on your feature at Mod Vintage Life. I don’t know how I missed seeing your post before. Your buffet is wonderful and I love your styling!

  59. This is absolutely beautiful! Love the way it works with your Fall decor! I would be thrilled if you shared this at my Fall Decor Party πŸ™‚

  60. WOW WOW WOW! You lucky girl, it is gorgeous!

  61. Love it and how you’ve decorated it.

    I host a weekly linky party – Seasonal Sundays – and would love to have you link next Sunday.

    – The Tablescaper

  62. Hello Jennifer! Your buffet and your mirror are fantastic and your fall vignette is lovely!
    Besos, Silvina

  63. Oooooooh! Lovely I don’t blame you for grabbing this piece! Your dining room is lovely! Love the soft colors. Won’t you stop by my party Totally Transformed Tuesday and share. I know my readers would love to see. Hope to see you there. πŸ™‚ Peggy

  64. Don’t ya’ just love it when you “happen” upon something. So gorgeous, and I love your fall decor, too!

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