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Whitewashed Farmhouse Cabinet

Over the years I find that I’m getting pickier when it comes to scouring our local flea market. I’m not really sure why that is, but our monthly jaunt to the market is resulting in me spending less money … which is a good thing. But during a recent treasure hunting episode, a dark farmhouse cabinet caught my eye that I knew I could transform a bit.

Whitewashed Farmhouse Cabinet

This little farmhouse cabinet used to be a very dark gray until I gave it a coat of whitewash. Technically it wasn’t whitewash … it was a mixture of white chalk paint and water.


Vintage Farmhouse CabinetHere’s the cabinet before its transformation. I actually like the dark gray, but it doesn’t really go with the rest of my decor. So out came the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which is my go-to paint for furniture.


Whitewashed Farmhouse CabinetI didn’t want my new farmhouse cabinet to look too white, which is why I opted for a wash effect. I created a mix of half water, half paint and brushed it on. It goes on quickly and dries fast. Just check for drips while you’re working.


Grouping of Vintage BooksOnce the paint dried, I worked on stylizing the shelves, which was fun to do. I started with the little plant and then added vintage books. I chose green books to enhance the color of the houseplant.


Vintage BooksI love when the spine of a book has decorative details. Pearl S. Buck is one of my favorite authors, so I always pick up her books when I see them.


Whitewashed Farmhouse CabinetThe cabinet has a little hook and eye on the side to keep the door from opening. When I found the farmhouse cabinet at the flea market, a couple panes of glass were missing so I had hubby remove the remaining glass.


Vintage VignetteOn the bottom shelf, I used another vintage book but opened this one up to a pretty picture to add some color to the whitewashed farmhouse cabinet.


Vintage Vignette with Rusty Iron BirdI was having trouble keeping the pages of the book open, so I propped my rusty little iron bird in front so his tail would rest against the pages. Problem solved!


Bouquet of Zinnias in Vintage Aqua VaseNext to my new whitewashed farmhouse cabinet is a colorful bouquet of zinnias from my garden. I decided to start a cutting garden for flowers this year and the zinnias are my favorite.


Deep Pink ZinniasI think I need to expand the cutting garden next year.

I love having fresh flowers in the house all the time.


Vintage Vignette with Aqua BottlesThe final corner of the shelf contains a couple of my vintage aqua bottles, with an ironstone platter tucked behind them.  A trio of vintage books are stacked in front.


Stack of Vintage BooksI bought this little vintage book primarily for its pretty cover.


Whitewashed Farmhouse CabinetI love styling shelves and I’m happy with the way this little farmhouse cabinet turned out. It’s fun letting your creative juices flow and I encourage everyone to use your editing eye when decorating your home. Don’t worry what others think … trust your gut and go with what you like!  After all, individuality is a good thing.


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  1. I love how you used an open book. Did you wax the cabinet after painting? I was at a garage sale last week and thought of you as I spied some crusty blue bottles? and, I know what you mean about being more picky at sales. My realty is that I really just don’t need, or have any room for more items, even though I love them.

  2. Love your sweet little white cabinet! I just finished doing something similar to my farmhouse table which is pine and had too “red” a tint for me. I mixed Annie Sloan chalk paint (Paris Grey) with water and brushed it on my table and immediately took a wet white cloth and rubbed which gave it a beautiful true “whitewashed” look. Then I applied the Annie Sloan wax which gave it a nice glossy finish.

    I can also relate to your comment about becoming more “picky” at sales. Something really has to speak to me and I really have to know I have a place to use it.

  3. Your little cabinet is a great find. I love how you styled it. Thank you on the tip on how to paint it…