10 Ideas for Decorating with Painted Furniture

People typically fall into one of 2 categories when it comes to wooden furniture … painted or unpainted. I think it’s safe to say that I fall  into the painted category. I love the look of old, worn wooden furniture but I still tend to migrate toward painted pieces. To share my passion with you, I went to Houzz to find ideas for decorating with painted furniture.

1. Pull Out Color from a Patterned Piece

A small, dark blue dresser pulls the blue out of the comforter on the nearby bed.

The dark blue paint tones down the pink and helps to add drama to the room.

Rustic Bedroom by Bozeman Architects & Building Designers Pearson Design Group


2. Create a Monochromatic Scheme

White is a popular color for furniture these days – it goes with everything.

Here, a white painted armoire contributes to an all-white, restful bedroom.

Eclectic Bedroom by Other Metro Media & Bloggers Dreamy Whites


3. Create a Focal Point with a Bright Color

Rocking chairs painted a bright aqua create a focal point on a plain porch.

Your eye is naturally drawn to the aqua … you can accomplish this technique in any living space.

Farmhouse Porch by Norwich Architects & Building Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC


4. Use Neutral Tones to Create a Soft Palette

Gray furniture pairs well with green in this entryway since both hues are soft and don’t fight each other.

Photo by Elizabeth Home Decor & Design, Inc.


5. Treat Furniture Like a Canvas for Artwork

Give furniture a custom look by painting a mural of sorts on it. Here, the pattern on the table matches the headboard of the bed.

Photo by Linda McCalla Interiors


6. Pair Bright Color with White

If you’re afraid to use strong colors, pair one small piece with white walls.

The look is crisp, clean, and has cottage charm.

Traditional Bedroom by St. John’s General Contractors CapeRace Cultural Adventures


7. Paint Furniture Red to Energize a Room

The color red adds instant energy to any room!

White dishes look classic in a big, country red hutch.

Traditional Dining Room by Annapolis Furniture & Accessories Maine Cottage


8. Paint One Small Piece of Furniture in Your Favorite Color

Afraid to paint an entire room in your favorite color?

Consider painting a single chair so you can enjoy your favorite shade without being overwhelmed.

Traditional Spaces by Annapolis Furniture & Accessories Maine Cottage


9. Pair Two Painted Pieces Together

Blue and green are analogous, meaning they’re next to each other on the color wheel.

The dresser and mirror are a perfect example of using this approach with painted furniture.

Traditional Hall by Greenfield Media & Bloggers Thrifty Decor Chick


10. Use More than One Color on Painted Furniture

Be brave and use more than one color on a piece of furniture! Use the natural lines of the piece to determine where to place colors. If you don’t like it, you can always repaint it!

Eclectic Living Room by Ames Furniture & Accessories American Country

I hope these 10 tips have inspired you to try something new or different with painted furniture in your home.

You might be amazed what you can do with a worn-out piece. See how I transformed the game table below.

Before a roadside rescue game table gets a makeover

What’s a favorite painted trash-to-treasure piece in your home?

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  1. Beautiful pieces – I adore that first bedroom!!

  2. I love painted furniture! I think pretty much every piece in my house has been painted at least once. 🙂
    Lovely inspiration photos.
    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Lovely inspirations Jennifer. I love that first bedroom. So pretty with the reds and blues. Of course I adore the white armoire too. So pretty.

  4. So pretty and fresh. There are so many options these days for those of us who are not into DIY and you show a few i.e. Maine Cottage and I found a great resource at paintedfurniturebarn.com. Love the painted mural idea!

  5. My favorite is the yellow accents and the aqua washstand. But I really like them all!

  6. I, too, love that first bedroom but they’re all good 😉 I’m with you, Jen…I love both painted and unpainted furniture, but I definitely fall into the painted category more often than not. Great tips for experimenting and trying your hand at color if you’re a little hesitant to commit. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. i love wood, but the older i get the more i think it would be fun to have some painted wood to a room to enjoy the color.
    d on the prairie

  8. I love painted furniture! I have painted several pieces in our home that I love! One was an ugly brown little cabinet that my sweet youngest son bought me at a yard sale for $4.00 out of his own money! I used Emperor’s Silk by Annie Sloan and made that ugly cabinet into a darling one!

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