May Flea Market Finds

Last month I shared my finds from the Kane County Flea Market, which is held the first weekend of every month. I decided I would continue to share my treasures each month from the flea market revealing what I paid for each item. I always try to find a bargain but I’m sure there will be times when I overpay for something. This month I found a few things, but not as impressive as April’s flea market finds, in my opinion. It seemed like prices were higher this time around.

Vintage EnamelwareThe first treasures I scooped up was this pair of vintage enamelware. The vendor had several of these pieces and I would’ve liked to get a few more, but I really don’t have the space for them in the kitchen so I settled for these two. I paid $10 for the piece on the left. I’m not sure why there are holes in the top … if you have any idea, please let me know in the comments below.


Flea Market Find EnamelwareThe larger pot was $18 and as you can see, is gently worn. My sister used to collect vintage green handled kitchen utensils and this enamelware made me think of her.


Vintage Aged MirrorJust like last month’s flea market, I found another vintage mirror. I love the scroll work on this beauty and the price was right at just $25. It’s a little heavy so I know it’s good quality.


Flea Market MirrorI do have plans for all these mirrors I’ve been collecting. I’m going to hang them on the stairway wall after it gets painted. The upstairs hall tends to be a little dark so I think the addition of mirrors will help bounce the light around up there.


Vintage Napkins and Dinner WareNext up is this set of of 8 cloth napkins with blue trim. I don’t think these napkins are old but I liked the fabric and they’re in pristine condition.


Vintage Napkin Flea Market FindsI think they were a steal at just $8 for the set, and won’t they look good with my white dinner ware?


Bluebells in a Bee BottleOkay, so this little bee bottle with bluebells wasn’t a flea market find but it was just sitting on the ledge above the next flea market find so I had to capture its beauty.  The bottle was found in a junk pile. I liked its size and shape so sponge painted it in white and then transferred the bee graphic onto it using the Mod Podge transfer method.


White Ironstone Pitcher GroupingI saved the best for last! When I had about given up on finding any white ironstone at the May flea market I spied this tall, cool beauty. She was just sitting there on a table surrounded by far lesser pieces of china and various knickknacks. The elderly gentlemen running the booth was sitting in a simple folding chair, eyes closed and chin to chest. There was no price on the piece so I coughed a little to stir him awake.  I asked how much and he replied, “Well I was gonna mark it for $35 but I’ll offer it for $28.”

SOLD!!  Are you kidding me??


White ironstone pitcher flea market findIn near perfect condition, this flea market find is marked Knowles Taylor and Knowles … one of the oldest names on American pottery. I’ve seen pitchers in this size and style in antique stores and on Ebay selling for $90 or more. Even if this manufacturer’s pitcher isn’t worth $90, I still think it was a bargain and my best flea market find of the day!

Total dollars spent on this month’s flea market finds is $89. Not bad for an afternoon of vintage shopping!

Stay tuned for next month’s flea market finds.

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  1. I was at Kane county flea market on Sunday. I too felt like certain prices were high and decided to hold off on a few purchases. A certain vendor had lots of dough bowls left late Sunday but still wanted $100 plus so I thought I would wait until later in the season to see if he still had them. I still walked away with a few things that I loved and have plans for…… I really love the mirror that you bought and look forwardi to see your grouping all put together. I wasn’t looking for linens but after seeing your napkins I might just have to… 😉

  2. Love the tall white ironstone pitcher…yes, it was a great find at a great price! Looking forward to seeing what treasures you find next month.


  3. I am starting to see a lot of enamelware, but not this color. I remember my grandmother had one that was white with a blue rim. She used it all the time, but I remember it resting on her lap and de-stringing green beans, or peeling apples.

  4. I LOVE all your finds. Thanks for sharing your cost too. I just started this whole love of vintage, so I don’t really know what prices are good or not. I hate to think about all the items we gave away when my grandmother passed away many years ago because I didn’t like her style back then! I did save a few things just to remember her by though. Love your blog!!

  5. Awesome finds! I bet you smiled all day long 🙂 Love the enamel ware, I’m ashamed to say that I don’t own any enamel ware but that’s gonna change! I love it. The ironstone picture is beautiful! And I love the glass bottle with the bee too.

  6. Love the large pitcher and you can never go wrong with a mirror like that. I have mirrors piled up in my closet. Just in case I need one. Wink.

  7. Great finds I love them all, that pitcher is perfect! I like what you did with transfer on the bottle. Thanks for sharing these finds!


  8. Great finds!! I collect white ironstone pitchers too. Love the pitcher you got…it is so pretty!! You got it at a great price.

  9. Really neat finds Jennifer … and a great price on the ironstone pitcher. Beautiful photos.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. I love the enamelware. I have two old pieces of enamelware I brought back from our years of living in Jamaica. I have always wished that I had thought to buy more pieces before we left.

    enjoy all your sweet finds.

  11. I would love to go to your market! Love your new pitcher. I wonder if the enamelware with the holes was for veggies in the fridge? With a lid, it might have been for controlling moisture. So fun to see your finds!

  12. I love seeing your finds and knowing what you paid for them in your neck of the woods. I’m glad to hear you’ll be sharing this more in the future. Thanks!

  13. Woo hoo! GREAT find and great deals, Jennifer! It’s so rewarding when you come home with treasures that all look so pretty together. 🙂 That pitcher is amazingly beautiful and oh so feminine, too! Don’tcha just love flea market season…???? 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  14. Love the things you found! The enamel ware is a great colour choice and the ironstone pitcher is a real beauty. I imagine prices are up a bit because it’s almost summer and more people are out shopping. Enjoy the day! Pamela