My Love Affair with Swedish Interiors

It all began with 2 lithograph prints by Swedish painter, Carl Larsson. I purchased them shortly after moving into the first home I ever bought … it was a Sears kit bungalow home and the prints fit beautifully in my dining room. Ever since, I’ve been drawn to Swedish interiors and have brought a bit of its influence into my current home. I thought I’d search for photos of Swedish interiors on Houzz and share my passion for this light and elegant style with all of you.

Rustic Living Room

This style of decorating is known as Gustavian and was introduced to Sweden by King Gustav III after he visited the Palace of Versailles in France.  He wanted to create his own “Paris of the North.”


Traditional Living Room by London Interior Designers & Decorators Swedish Interior Design

Here’s a beautiful Moira clock cabinet. So many great details in both the furniture and the room itself.


Traditional Dining Room

A beautiful Swedish style dining room with light-c0lored floors, plenty of white, and an ample supply of elegance.  I think what draws me to Swedish interiors is their skillful mix of simplicity with elegance.


Traditional Kitchen by London Interior Designers & Decorators Adrienne Chinn

Another Swedish style dining room, this one is more casual and has a wonderful pop of blue on the built-in cabinet.  A hint of elegance is still apparent in the chandelier and curvy chairs.


Traditional Kitchen by Arrington Cabinets & Cabinetry Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry

As long as we’re on a blue theme, this Swedish inspired kitchen sports beautiful cabinetry. Gorgeous!


Rustic Living Room

Swedish interiors aren’t always elegant. They can be equally charming when they’re a bit more rustic.


Eclectic Dining Room by Amsterdam Media & Bloggers Holly Marder

It’s not uncommon to see white painted floors in Swedish homes. Lighter colors are often used to help bounce light around the room during the very short winter days.


Eclectic Living Room by Other Metro Photographers Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly

You’ll see this type of fireplace frequently in Swedish homes. Called a kakelugn, it’s a tile stove that warms up a room with radiant heating.


Traditional Living Room by Los Angeles Furniture & Accessories

Speaking of warmth, Swedish interiors aren’t just white … you’ll find plenty of warm colors, with red, green, and blue.

Most of Carl Larsson’s paintings had plenty of color … like the 2 lithographs I purchased years ago.


Evening Meal Painting by Carl Larsson

This one is Evening Meal. Larsson frequently painted his family doing everyday activities.


A Late Riser's Miserable Breakfast by Carl LarssonAnd this one is A Late Riser’s Miserable Breakfast. I can only imagine the story behind this painting!

These Carl Larsson paintings aren’t the only Swedish influence on me.  I grew up in a Swedish town outside of Chicago that still celebrates “Swedish Days” every 3rd week in June. It’s a huge festival that I’ve been enjoying ever since I was a small child! I guess it’s no wonder that I love Swedish interiors.


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  1. Lovely post! I, too, love the mix of elegant and simple – the contrast is exciting!

  2. Lovely! Thanks for sharing some Swedish inspiration!

  3. The late riser print is adorable and I enjoyed your collection of beautiful photos!

  4. LindaSonia says:

    Love this style too – thanks for sharing. Especially love those round top clocks!!!

  5. I often dream of living in either Sweden, Norway or Finland. Several years ago, my eldest son’s GF was a nanny in Finland…she said it was amazing and their quality of life is very high. Until then, I’ll just live vicariously through the Nordic blogs:)

  6. Such wonderful inspiration pics Jennifer! Oh those Mora clocks!

  7. Sweedish decor looks so fresh and clean to me. Great images!

  8. Lovely post Jennifer. I love this style too.

  9. I think it looks fresh and clean too. LOVE the clocks! So pretty. Fun post Jennifer! I love learning about different kinds of decor.

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