9 Metal Beds to Dream In

When my sister married and her new hubby carried her off to Michigan, I remember the white metal bed that graced their master bedroom. I wanted that bed. Badly. The desire stuck with me for many years and prompted me to purchase a white wrought iron daybed for my daughter Bridget when she graduated from her crib. Bridget has since grown up and moved out on her own, but my love for a beautiful metal bed remains. Today I’m sharing a collection of 9 metal beds to dream in!

9 Metal Beds. Ideas to Dream In.Farmhouse Bedroom by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators M. Barnes & Co

The rustic antique bed pairs beautifully with the plush bedding in this farmhouse bedroom. The floral pillows and bird print above the bed lends a slight hint of femininity to the space. The metal bed is clearly the star of the room.

9 Metal Beds. Ideas to Dream In.Shabby-chic Style Bedroom by London Furniture & Accessories rigby & mac

Ahhh … here’s a white wrought iron bed reminiscent of the one my sister slept in. Once again, floral pillows add softness and color.

Farmhouse Bedroom with Metal BedShabby-chic Style Bedroom by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Historical Concepts

Even in a rustic farmhouse, a metal bed adds a bit of elegance. A brightly patterned pillow adds interest to the cushy bed.

Farmhouse Bedroom with Metal BedTraditional Bedroom

A simple metal bed is the perfect touch to a farmhouse bedroom. Patterned quilts and rugs underfoot add texture and warmth. The simplicity of the decor is enhanced by the bed with its straight, no-nonsense lines.

Farmhouse Style Bedroom with Metal BedSpaces by Sacramento Interior Designers & Decorators ComfyDwelling.com

I love this farmhouse bedroom with its homespun appeal. Note the use of more floral pillows on the bed. Are you noticing the theme throughout this post?  Floral patterns … which I’m going to blog about in the very near future.

Farmhouse Style Bedroom with Metal BedSpaces by Sacramento Interior Designers & Decorators ComfyDwelling.com

Metal beds add casual appeal to any bedroom, like this beachy style room in red and gray.

9 Metal Beds to Dream InFarmhouse Bedroom by Knoxville Interior Designers & Decorators Todd Richesin Interiors

What do you think of the mix of red patterns in this room? Whether or not you like the mix of patterns, I think you’ll agree that the twin metal beds make a great pairing!

Victorian Metal Bed - Perfect for a Dog Nap!Victorian Bedroom by Austin Photographers Sarah Natsumi Moore

The cute dog isn’t the only reason I chose this picture. I love the iron bed with its rustic appeal!

Shabby Chic Style BedroomBedroom by Shelter Island Architects & Building Designers SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

And finally, I just adore these rusty, chippy white metal beds with charming shabby chic style. Nine metal beds, perfect for you to dream in!

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. That is easy, my favorite is the Beach one and the house that goes with it. Usually you look at a photo and think ” I would change that or this ” but not a thing would I change. Love the gray with the little bit of red! Happy Holidays.

  2. My favorite one is the first one…no doubts about it!
    I love it!
    Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!
    Gods blessings and peace to you and your family!!

  3. Wow, it’s hard to pick a favorite! But, I think if I had to, I would choose #3, with #2 as a close second. They are all beautiful. Thank you so much for your posts- I look forward to them every day!

  4. I love all of them, but my favorite is the Victorian because the frame has space to add a painting (on canvas attached with hook and loop).
    Great post. Thank you

  5. My wife likes the bed that you describe a having “straight, no-nonsense lines.” Where could that bed be purchased?

  6. Glad that you reposted this! Can’t you just see that patterned room with white linen draperies??!
    Love ALL the beds. And rooms.

  7. I bought a Charles P. Rogers iron bed right before I retired and I love it, It is my forever bed, I have always loved them but couldn’t find a used or otherwise. Thank you for showing all these beauties.

  8. I love the looks of metal beds although I have never owned one. Think my favorite is the one with the blue and white quilt at the end of the bed. The window open with the black trim showing from the outside trim makes that room look so relaxing.

  9. The more ornate the better! Loved them all though. I can’t believe when my father’s parents gave up their farm and moved to town, they just left their wrought iron bedstead and a lot of other antiques with the house unlocked so trusting were people in rural Missouri in the late 50s. Of course, everything disappeared little by little. Would love to have that head- and footboard now.

  10. I was lucky enough to score a black iron bed at a Ladies Night Out Sale in our town a few years ago. After picking a discount out of a hat, I ended up paying only $80.00 for a beautiful twin size, very heavy, and sturdy beauty! I still love it in my spare room, and think all I need to refresh is a new floral pillow. Thanks for this post. I love all of them and the floral room with the red gingham is a definite thumbs up!

  11. I love the look of iron beds and have one myself. The only thing that I don’t like is trying to make the bed and have the bottom at the foot of the bed look good. It is hard to get all the blankets and sheets looking nice and tidy.