Mini Christmas Box Ornaments: Make Your Own!

This month I’m joining 30 talented bloggers to bring you a handmade Christmas ornament every day. We’ve each chosen a day to feature our ornament, and today it’s my turn. I made a few Mini Christmas Box Ornaments that are super easy and don’t take a lot of time. And when you’re done checking out my ornament, you’ll find the list of all the ornament bloggers at the end so you can check out their holiday craft on their day to post. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Mini Christmas Box Ornaments - see the tutorial

I made a few different varieties and you can customize the Mini Christmas Box Ornaments any way you want.

Mini Christmas Box Ornaments - see the tutorial


You need just a few supplies.

Small Paper Mache Boxes  |  Christmas Scrapbook Paper  |  Glitter

Christmas Ribbon  |  Christmas Stickers

Supplies needed to make Mini Christmas Box Ornaments


Measure the sides of your box with the lid removed and cut a strip of decorative scrapbook paper to fit. Allow enough length for the ends to slightly overlap. Brush Mod Podge or other type of glue onto the sides of the box and apply the decorative paper, smoothing out air bubbles as needed.

How to Make Mini Christmas Box Ornaments


Trace the shape of the lid onto a coordinating paper, cut it out, and apply it to the top of the box lid after brushing glue on the lid. I like to add ribbon around the outside edge of the lid. You can also choose to glue glitter onto the box lid if you want a little bling. Just brush a very thin coat of glue over the top of the paper or along the outer edges of the box top. Sprinkle with glitter and then shake off the excess.

How to Make Mini Christmas Box Ornaments


Use baker’s twine or decorative ribbon to create a loop for hanging your Mini Christmas Box Ornaments. I used a hot glue gun to attach the loop to the paper mache box.

How to Make Mini Christmas Box Ornaments


I also tied a small bow and hot-glued it to the side of the box. Finally, I applied a decorative sticker to the top of some of the boxes. If you glitter the lid of the box, you’ll probably need to adhere your holiday 3-D sticker with hot glue because the sticker itself won’t stick to the glitter.

Mini Christmas Box Ornaments


I found these glittery poinsettias at our local craft store. The hardest part of making these glittery ornaments is choosing the paper! There are so many pretty papers available at craft stores; it takes me forever to decide. It’s  good thing hubby wasn’t with me.

DIY Mini Christmas Box Ornaments


They also had these festive little reindeer stick-ons.  I painted the lids of some of the Mini Christmas Box Ornaments, and then glued glitter on top after the paint dried. I used a white chalk-style paint but you could use acrylic paint, too.

DIY Mini Christmas Box Ornaments


Making Christmas ornaments is always fun and puts me in the holiday spirit. In my opinion, it’s best to make them now (or even earlier in the year), so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute when you’re busy decorating the house or out shopping for Christmas gifts.

How to Make Mini Christmas Box Ornaments


If you have small children and decide to make Mini Christmas Ornament Boxes, you might want to put small surprises inside the boxes. The kids will have so much fun opening them up to find a small treasure. I think I’m going to make more of them for an advent calendar … stay tuned!

Make Your Own Mini Christmas Box Ornaments

Below you’ll find the links to the rest of the handmade ornaments, along with the dates those posts will be ready for you.

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  1. Jen, you outdid yourself with this darling Christmas ornament. Making an advent calendar with these little boxes is a fabulous idea, too. Can’t wait to see what you create. 😉 Thanks so much for joining in the 31 days fun!

  2. OH my goodness!!!!! I’m so in love with your project… It’s absolutely beautiful and i wish I had come up with that idea first LOL. I LOVE IT!!!!! I’ll try to make some for our christmas tree…. What an inspiration!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!
    Hugs Cami

  3. These ornaments are so very pretty! When your Christmas tree lights twinkle around them this December you are going to really enjoy them.