My Cozy Sitting Room Decorated for Christmas

Despite my somewhat minimalist approach to holiday decorating this year, my cozy sitting room still looks festive with pretty poinsettias and my Christmas mantel. My Christmas tree is in the entryway/dining room, which is located right next to the sitting room. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Christmas Tree Leading Into Sitting Room


If you saw my post about my tree, you know that my original plan was to include the color burgundy. Unfortunately I couldn’t find enough ornaments in that hue to fill the tree. But fortunately, I found a few burgundy poinsettias at Shady Hill Gardens. They have the most beautiful display and varieties of the beloved Christmas flower and I always enjoy visiting their greenhouse this time of year.

Cozy Sitting Room Decorated for the Holiday


Today is the first Saturday of December and that means it’s Cozy Living Saturday. A few friends and I share what we find cozy and comforting this month. Their inspiration is at the end of this post. For me, it’s an inviting living space that has a bit of Christmas cheer. My sitting room is the smallest room in the house (other than the bathrooms) so it feels the coziest to me.

Burgundy Christmas Poinsettia


In addition to a smaller burgundy poinsettia on this dresser, I have a sprig of faux juniper tucked inside a bronze vase, which I completely forgot I had until I stumbled upon it while digging holiday decorations out of the attic. I need to keep it on display year-round.

Juniper Evergreen in a Brass Vase at Christmas


My vintage mantel is located directly across the room from the window in my cozy sitting room. The large round mirror reflects the natural light streaming in, helping to keep this room brighter during daytime hours. You can see how much lighter the kitchen is on the other side, and it’s on the north side of the house.

Christmas Mantel in a Cozy Sitting Room


My favorite, oversized metallic ornaments are cradled in a rectangular wooden bowl and softened with garland. Bronze booker taper candlesticks are at the far end.

Christmas Mantel with Garland and Mercury Glass Ornaments


The mantel is painted Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore. It has a touch of blue in the paint color. I like the way it looks against the Lace Handkerchief walls, also by Benjamin Moore.

Christmas Mantel with Garland and Mercury Glass Ornaments


Christmas Mantel with Garland and Mercury Glass Ornaments


In the mirror you can see that I still have my large cow painting in my cozy sitting room. He’ll probably be in here for quite awhile.

Christmas Mantel in a Cozy Sitting Room


Like last Christmas, I kept the “birch logs” in a basket under the mantel – mainly because I don’t know what else to do with this spot. Since birch logs are ridiculously expensive for a few branches, I dry-brushed white paint on branches that had fallen in the yard.

Christmas Mantel in a Cozy Sitting Room


I’m happy I was able to add burgundy in a small way to my Christmas decor. Lucky for me I visited the greenhouse when I did. There were less than 10 burgundy poinsettias left! It must be a popular color this year.

Burgundy Christmas Poinsettia


From the sitting room, you can see the Christmas tree. Notice I added a burgundy pillow to the chair.

My Modern Country Christmas Tree with Orange Slices


Next week I’ll share my Christmas tablescape and hopefully a bit of the kitchen, too.

Be sure to visit my cozy living friends below. They always have something wonderful going on!


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  1. Your tree is gorgeous! LOVE the addition of burgundy! I have to agree – it’s so hard to find anything this year! I actually bought some ornaments on Halloween…

  2. It’s just what you aimed for, cozy and beautiful. It’s been fun to see the transformation of your spaces over the years. Lots of work for you but lots of pleasure and inspiration for us!

  3. Your tree is so pretty and I love that you added the dried oranges. That just makes it more special to me. Your home looks so pretty for the Holidays. Merry Christmas

  4. Im really surprised you couldn’t find burgundy ornaments, heck I thought you could find them in all colors these days but maybe with the supply chain problem they are all still on boats in the ocean. I think my favorite part is the oversized ornaments on the mantel. Its just the perfect touch and not overdone. Beautiful!

  5. You never disappoint your decoration are always so lovely and inspiring. thanks and hope you’re having a good time with daughter and granddaughter.

  6. Spray paint some ornaments burgundy for next year? I need a color of red that goes well with light blues and golds for my sitting area off the kitchen and burgundy really works well. I found some velvet ribbon in burgundy off Etsy to string in with my mauve ribbon I had and to hang some wreaths on my cabinets but it’s not arrived yet. Soon I hope.

    Your decor looks so inviting and ready to enjoy the season ..at least some Hallmark movies!
    The Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon is always so funny. The brothers fighting at his families Christmas is so awful but just so funny…who does that?! Ha!