My Modern Country Christmas Tree

Welcome to my holiday home and the reveal of this year’s modern country Christmas tree. Note that I used the singular version of “tree.” In the past I’ve had at least two trees, sometimes three. This year, it’s just one. I’m committed to keeping my decorations minimal and simple in order to reduce some of the pressure and stress that this time of year can bring. So far my strategy is working.

Neutral style modern country Christmas tree


I always start to plan my Christmas tree a few months in advance. Sometimes I choose a color scheme, and sometimes it’s a style like Scandinavian. This year, my inspiration was orange slices. Originally I wanted a burgundy color scheme but couldn’t find enough ornaments in that shade. But I’ve always wanted to do something with dried orange slices, so this is the year.

Dried Christmas orange slices


In addition to orange slices, I used some old ornaments I had along with new ones. Once I hung the orange slices on the tree, I decided it needed a little more orange or copper, which I didn’t have.

Christmas Tree in Bronze and Copper


So I did splurge on one box of beautiful ornaments from King of Christmas, which were thankfully on sale! The burnt orange was exactly the color my tree needed.

Boxed Ornament Set from King of Christmas
Photo Courtesy of King of Christmas


Normally I wouldn’t choose a shade of orange for Christmas, but I think these are so pretty. I added some sparkly ribbons for added interest.

Burnt Orange Christmas Ornament



Burnt Orange Christmas Ornament by King of Christmas


This shade of dark green ornament from King of Christmas is so rich and looks good with the burnt oranges, golds, and browns on the tree. This is a color scheme I’ve never used before for Christmas decorating. I wasn’t sure I’d like it. After all, I was pining over not being able to do a burgundy theme. But I think this is my favorite tree so far.

Dark Green Globe Ornament on a Modern Country Christmas Tree


Older ornaments that I used this year include my favorite glass pine cones with animal heads. I found these a few years ago at The Little Traveler, a boutique-style shop in a large historic home in Geneva.

Pine Cone Reindeer Ornament


I wanted something special for the top of my modern country Christmas tree and found this felted partridge.

Felted Partridge Christmas Tree Topper


Maybe next year I’ll get my burgundy-themed tree but I’m pretty happy with the way this one turned out. And to think it all started with a humble orange slice!

My Modern Country Christmas Tree with Orange Slices


I’ll share more of my modern country Christmas decorations over the next week or two. This year I’ve decided not to do a holiday tour all in one post. It’s a LOT of work and since I’m simplifying this year, it’s easier and less stressful to spread it out. I’ll miss being on Jennifer Rizzo‘s holiday housewalk, which starts today, but I feel I’ve made the right decision for my mental well-being.


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  1. Best tree ever!!! It’s got a natural but moody, elegant vibe to it.
    I think that you are making awfully wise choices and applaud you for it.
    Might be time to focus on family and those sweet little grands! And always…the Lord. Good for you. 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks Deb! The decision to simplify has been a game-changer this year. I thought the year my mom no longer wanted a Christmas tree was devastating, but now I totally understand her rationale!


  2. Your tree is so beautiful! I had been thinking of doing something similar and now will move forward with the concept. This will be the first live tree I’ve had in years and I’m going to enjoy every moment of decorating it😊🌲

    1. Hi Jane! Real trees always smell so good in the home. Now I settle for candles that smell like evergreens – but the real thing is better. Have fun with your tree!

  3. The colors are wonderful! A great mix of the woodsy shades from nature, I love it! I’ve never used fruit outside of a bowl on the counter for decor and I know you can dry slices and your tree makes me want to give it a try.
    Orange for Christmas? Who knew it’d be gorgeous! Those bulbs in warm colors, especially that green work so well together.
    I’m a fan:0)
    Nobody will see our decorations but I put my best efforts forward as my husband enjoys do I after it’s all done. A win for the spirit!:0)

  4. I’m in love with your tree, it is beautiful. I also love that you are paring back and making time to actually enjoy the season without all the stress of doing too much. I jumped on that train this year too. It’s liberating! Cheers to a lovely Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Kathy! “Liberating” is a good word for how it feels to pare back. I feel like our home is still festive without every nook and cranny being decorated for the holiday.


  5. Perfect! Thank you for sending a simple view.It is nice to just enjoy the tree. I like the colors, very calm and soft. I love the natural look of the dried oranges. The dark green and blush are a nice compliment too.

  6. Very nice tree, Jennifer! We actually used dried citrus slices in our Orangery holiday display this year at work! Also, thank you for the heads up about Jennifer Rizzo’s holiday house walk. I look forward to that every year and since I’m home today, I’ll get a start on it. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas season!

  7. I love your tree and I am also simplifying my decorating this year. I just don’t feel the need to put out everything anymore. It will still look pretty and festive.

  8. Love your tree! Your blog is wonderful way for me to keep in touch with all my old haunts, Naperville was home before Florida retirement. Little Traveler every December 26th for lunch and fabulous sales! Those were great memories as all your posts are! Thank you😘

  9. Your tree is gorgeous! Love the colors, and I see some of your original burgundy peeking through. I too am in favor of scaling back this year. I even listed some no longer needed items on Marketplace, and now “Santa” will be able to put a few more things in his sleigh. Your mention of Little Traveler, is so coincidental! I just spent a fun filled day with a friend, shopping and lunching at their awesome little cafe, all decorated for the Christmas season. Have you ever walked around the back corner of LT and checked out the St. Vincent DePaul thrift shop? It’s a three-story house full of treasures! Enjoy your less stress holiday with your family.

  10. Jennifer, your tree is absolutely rich and gorgeous. I’m usually a fan of an old fashioned tree, but this one is truly beautiful. And calmimg. I’m keeping my decorations more on a simpler and natural theme this year too. You also reminded me I need to check and see if Little Travelers is open. I’m looking forward to see more of your Christmas trimmings.

  11. Jen, you knocked it out of the park, as usual! I love the tree topper and the tree is just gorgeous. Nice work, sis <3

  12. Your tree is gorgeous and elegant. I have used the bronze ornaments and they work well I am not a red and green fan. The partridge topper is clever. : – )

  13. I was just looking through Christmas trees and saw your beautiful tree! I am changing my way of decorating, down sizing. Just wanted to ask did you use one box of ornaments for your tree plus other ornaments you all ready owned. Approximately how many total on your tree and tree size? I have a problem knowing if I have enough ornaments on the tree. Thank you