Shabby Chic Reading Corner

One of my favorite summer activities is reading. Summer can be busy and winding down with a good book is a great way to relax. Since we’ve had a ridiculous amount of rain this season, the mosquito population is definitely up. Unfortunately, this means reading out on the porch isn’t always ideal so I made a shabby chic reading corner to enjoy when I don’t want to deal with the bugs on the porch.

Shabby Chic Reading Corner

The double window on the east side of the living room makes for plenty of natural light … perfect for reading! I used a light of white with accents of blue to create a seaside cottage feel.


Shabby Chic Reading CornerI fell in love with this bicycle pillow that features the artwork of my friend and fellow blogger, Jennifer Rizzo. You can purchase one for yourself at her Society 6 shop. The striped, quilted throw is from Home Goods.


Shabby Chic SecretaryI found this shabby chic secretary at our local flea market last year.


Summer VignetteI pulled in blue items to keep the seaside cottage feel in my “new” shabby chic reading corner. I have 3 of these pretty blue and white vases that I ordered from Antique Farmhouse.


Summer VignetteThe blue glass jar and wooden star fish emphasize a coastal theme.


Shabby Chic Reading CornerSince I was doing a white and blue theme, I had to bring in my stoneware crocks.


Shabby Chic End TableMy newest crock acquisition sits under the end table I repainted a few years ago. I plan to sell the pair of these tables at a yard sale later this month (if hubby lets me).


Stoneware CrockI don’t know much about the pattern of this particular crock, so if you have any info on it, I would love if you could tell me about it. I found it at our local flea market earlier this year, and paid $15 which I thought was a bargain!


Vintage Books VignetteI created a simple vignette on top of the end table with a few vintage books and a hydrangea in an enamelware bowl. When you’re stumped for a vignette idea, vintage books are always a good choice.


Wooden Fish DecorOn the window ledge behind the little table is the wooden fish I found this summer. He was on clearance for $6 and I couldn’t resist. Although I have to say, I’ve cut back on spending money on home decor. I have stuff in storage I forget that I even have so why buy even more stuff?  I need to cut back on the clutter … which is why we’re having a yard sale.


Potted SucculentOn the window ledge next to the wooden fish is this charming potted succulent. I love succulents for their low-maintenance appeal. Plus there are so many varieties to choose from.


Shabby Chic Reading CornerNow I need to get to the library to stock up on a couple of books to enjoy here in my shabby chic reading corner. I think an Anne Rivers Siddon’s book would be a good choice!  What authors do you enjoy?


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  1. Looks so cozy…will be great as the cool fall days arrive! I could just curl up there with a cup of tea and a good cozy mystery book! Enjoy your new bug free oasis!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Happy Monday. Hope your week is starting out to be a good one. Love that pillow that Jen Rizzo came up with. Too cute. Your reading corner is so sweet and comfy.

  3. How pretty that bike pillow is just darling 🙂 We have the same mosquito issuer here this year too. I can hardly pull weeds in the garden even during the day

  4. Love, love, love this comfy, cozy corner you’ve created. I think you’d find me there any excuse I could find!!
    Mary Alice

  5. I’m an avid reader so really love your little reading nook. Wish I had one. I love everything you’ve included with the exception of two of the crocks. With all 3 of them sitting around at various locations, it looks like they’re there to catch leaks in the ceiling. I’m not being judgmental and if you like them, they should stay. I’m only telling you my first impression when I take in the room. I realize that photos online are only 2 dimensional and that in person the 3 crocks may look just fine. I hope you don’t mind my honest opinion. I follow your blog daily and love what you do.

    • Hi Pat!

      Thanks for the honest feedback. I have to confess … I completely agree with you!! After I took the photos and posted them to my blog I thought the crocks didn’t look right spaced out the way they are. I thought, “I should’ve grouped them together instead.” But at that point, the photos were done, my blog post was written, it was late at night … and so I just let it go.

      Don’t ever hesitate to give your input. The first time I posted photos of my dining room, a couple people mentioned that the end chairs looked ginormous. I didn’t notice it until after they said that … and I agreed with them. Lucky for me, I found 2 dining chairs at a church sale that I refinished and I like them much better.

      And sometimes I don’t always agree. 🙂 But I realize everyone has their own taste and I can always appreciate that. Thanks for reading my blog and taking time to comment!

  6. love!

  7. Love, love, love it Jennifer! Now, don’t mind me while I sit and read a little :))))
    hugs from here…

  8. I am a HUGE reader – but it can be summertime or ANYTIME! I would like to make myself the perfect cozy corner for reading. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Michelle from

  9. Love your little get away for reading. I though I would pass on a few of my favorite authors. I am reading Jane Green. Start with J emma J and you will be hooked. I also enjoy Greg Isles. Punch Bowl is my favorite. Harlan Co ben, James Patterson. The list could go on. Enjoy your reading.

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