No-Sew Landscape Burlap Swag Curtains

Do you like to sew? No? Then you’re in the right place because this is a no-sew blog hop with projects from fellow bloggers that require absolutely no sewing!  I get lots of questions about the landscape burlap swag curtains in my family room so I’ve decided to show you the tutorial on how to make them … and no sewing involved!

Landscape Burlap Curtain Swags in Farmhouse Family RoomHere’s a shot of the burlap swags in my family room. I’ve paired them with white Roman shades I found at IKEA. I don’t like fussy, ornate curtains so these simple swags work perfectly to add a little style.


No-Sew Landscape Burlap Curtain Swags in Farmhouse Dining Room. See how easy it is to make them!And here’s the new one I created in the dining room so I could show you the tutorial.

I’ve wanted to change the window treatment in this room for a while now.


Lace Curtain Swag Draped over BranchHere’s what the window looked like before. I found this stretch of lace at a sale for just $1. I decided to hang it over a branch from the yard. I’m keeping the lace for a future project.


Use landscape burlap from the garden center to create beautiful curtain swags.To get started, be sure to use landscape burlap and not regular burlap! Landscape burlap is much softer and will drape beautifully. I got mine at Lowe’s but you can also find it on Amazon or at your local garden center.


Tree branch used as curtain rod, mounted with simple hooks.I kept the branch to use as the curtain rod. To mount branches to your wall, simply use hooks you screw in. Make sure the hook is large enough to hold the branch. You can find them at home decor or hardware stores in a variety of sizes.


How to hang landscape burlap swagsOnce your branch or other curtain rod is mounted, you’ll drape the burlap over the branch. I don’t measure the fabric before hanging it. The roll of burlap is 3′ x 24′ and I don’t cut any fabric off the width. Note that on the ends of the rod, the fabric is behind the branch. It’s looped over the front of the branch, and then looped once over the center of the branch. Once you have your loops in place, you can cut the ends of the fabric. Be sure to leave excess because the ends get knotted and will take up some of the length.  Rather than use a ladder, I put 2 chairs side-by-side so I wouldn’t have to keep climbing up and down the ladder to move from one end of the window to the other.


How to make a knotted burlap curtain swagTo make your knot, simply loop the end of the fabric around, at the height where you want the knot to hang. This is much like tying a knot in a scarf.


How to make a knotted burlap curtain swagFeed the end of the fabric through your loop and pull through, but not too tightly.


How to make a knotted burlap curtain swagYou can play with the way the fabric lays above and below your knot, blousing up the top section similar to a bishop’s sleeve. In fact, most of my time was spent playing with the fabric, poufing it and flattening it until it looked right.


How to knot the end of landscape burlap curtain swagsAfter your knot is completed and you’re happy with the way the landscape burlap swag looks, it’s time to cut off the excess material. After cutting, I take a little time to fray the ends because I like my landscape burlap swag curtains to look a little messy. As you pouf your fabric here and there, remember that they don’t have to look perfect.


How to make no-sew landscape burlap curtain swagsI like to have the ends of my landscape burlap swag curtains a little uneven. I probably used about half the roll of the landscape burlap, which means my new dining room window treatment cost less than $10 … and no sewing! I can use the rest of the landscape burlap for another home decor project or I can actually use it for its intended use … out in the garden!


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  1. Jennifer, what’s not fabulous about this amazing No-Sew Burlap curtain… or should I say swag? Burlap, poof, twigs, frayed ends… perfection in my book! And so so easy! Great, easy to follow directions too! Thanks for the inspiration!!! Welcome to the no-sew group!!! xo

  2. I am not sure what I like most – the No Sew Burlap Swag or the cute twig rod. Not many could pull this off but in your fabulous Farmhouse it could not be more perfect! I am so happy you are now part of our No Sew Group. xxoo, Barb

  3. Does the landscape burlap also smell like the burlap I find at joanns? I bought some from joanns to make curtains but not sure I can get past the smell. How do you deal with the smell? Thanks!

  4. I absolutely love this look! I have just put up some new window blinds, but it looks a little too modern for my taste, this will really give it the rustic touch i need! I cannot wait to try it.