Summer Bedroom with Silk Pillowcases

When it’s warm outside, I like to sleep with a cool pillowcase against my cheek. I tend to flip my pillow so my face always has the cool side of the casing. To help myself sleep like a baby during my favorite season of the year, I added silk pillowcases from OOSILK to my summer bedroom.

Summer Bedroom with Silk Pillowcases

I chose white silk cases to go with the vintage pillowcases I made last year. White looks crisp and clean in my cottage-style bedroom. I always enjoy choosing fabrics and shams for the pillows on my beds. It’s a great way to personalize them.


Bella and My White Silk Pillowcase

While I was making up the bed, Bella made an instant beeline for the silk pillowcase. She knows quality textiles when she sees them and wasn’t about to move from her prized location.


White Oosilk Pillowcases

My white silk pillowcases arrived in a pretty black box with an informative brochure about OOSILK and the mulberry silk they use to create their luxurious bedding. They even included a silkworm cocoon in a tiny mesh bag. I love when brands pay attention to details like that. I’ve never seen a silkworm cocoon before.


Summer Bedroom with Silk and Vintage Style Pillowcases

I’ve had a love affair with silk ever since I started wearing silk dresses back in the 80s (yes, I know I’m dating myself). Silk is so soft and cool on the skin and OOSILK silk pillowcases are perfect for summer sleeping and all year round.


Summer Bedroom with Silk and Vintage Style Pillowcases

The edge of the silk pillowcase is zippered. Silk can be slippery so the hidden zipper ensures the case stays on the pillow. Cleaning is easy since the pillowcases are machine washable. It’s best to air dry them and be sure to turn them inside out if you choose to iron them. I did iron my pair of pillowcases since they’re pretty enough to perch on the bed without being covered in a pillow sham.


Summer Bedroom with Decorative Pillowcases

During the summer, I like to put all my pillows out on the bed without shams.


Bella the Kitty Enjoying Silk Pillowcases

Bella crept back into her napping spot next to the new pillowcase. I love the feel of the silk while I’m sleeping, and apparently Bella appreciates the same smooth finish. I’m happy to say my new pillowcases are Bella-approved and I’m looking forward to sleeping like a baby this summer!

You’ll find a variety of quality silk bedding at OOSILK.


This post was sponsored by OOSILK but all opinions are my own.


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  1. How luxurious. And I will date myself, I wore silk back in the day when I had to dress up for work. Bella is absolutely beautiful as her name says and picked the best spot in the house, against the silky smooth pillowcases.