Summer Flea Market Finds

Flea markets are my favorite shopping haunts but this summer I haven’t been buying too much. Sometimes I’ll find a ton of stuff (too much stuff, really) and other times at the market I’m just not into it. Everything starts to look the same. Does that ever happen to you? Here are this summer’s flea market finds that I haven’t shared with you yet.

Stack of vintage books from the flea marketVintage books are something I always keep my eyes open for.

I look for books in pleasing colors with interesting patterns on the cover and spine.


Vintage Books from the flea marketI also keep my eye out for favorite authors like Pearl S. Buck.

I was introduced to her writing in high school when we read The Good Earth.

I’ve read almost all of her books … Imperial Woman is my favorite so far.


Vintage stoneware crock from Kane County Flea MarketI picked up this stoneware crock at the August flea market.

Originally priced at $30, I offered $25 and the vendor agreed.

I’ve been on the lookout for a crock with a crown!


Flea Market Finds - Vintage BottlesVintage bottles are always treasured flea market finds, in my book anyway.

I’ve noticed the vendors are pricing these higher. I won’t spend too much for bottles though.


Vintage World Map from the Kane County Flea MarketA world map for my son’s room was the last thing I grabbed at this month’s flea market.

I’ve been looking for one for quite a while and this map fits the bill.


A collection of flea market findsNot a lot of flea market finds this summer, but that’s okay.

The important thing is to find items you’ll use and enjoy for years.

What are some of your favorite flea market finds?


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  1. I was just looking through all your nifty finds..the stoneware pot struck me. My husband finds these on his job sites all the time { I have 4}. I didn’t know they were admired, or worth anything. I personally LOVE them, glad I’m not the only one :))))! They’re perfect for staging !

  2. I’ve kinda been in a rut lately, just not really into it and the treasure has not been cheap! I like THRIFT prices. I haven’t changed up my decor much this summer. I love your new finds.

  3. Pretty finds, Jennifer. I really love the crock!

  4. I love all your finds Jennifer…especially the crock and vintage bottles! My favorite flea market find was a pair of large chippy green shutters that sit in my living room:-)

  5. Bottles, oh bottles….the bane of my existence right now as they will be centrepieces for my daughter’s wedding in three weeks. Every table will have 5 bottles filled with flowers – 20 tables x 5 = 100 bottles!!! Luckily, I’ve been gathering them for a year now and have had some luck at garage sales and even had one farmer dig a bunch up from a neglected waste pile in the ravine. But I won’t pay more than $1 which is getting harder and harder.

  6. Very pretty finds, Jennifer. I look for old books with colors that I like too. They’re great for decorating all around the house!

  7. I love ALL your finds, and am always trolling for books like you found…interesting bottles, too. It’s great that all your finds make a wonderful cohesive vignette! Funny how that happens sometimes…

  8. Some of my favorite finds. Just starting to pay attention for vintage books. Looking for some lovelies for Christmas decorating.
    And well tiny bottles, love them! Already brainstorming how to use then this fall and winter.

    Totally agree, better to find what you really love, then … just stuff. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to some autumn touches.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Hi Jennifer,
    I love love the flea markets especially the ones near us. Sometimes I find some great treasures and other times nothing. Just depends I guess. I have not found a whole lot this year at Kane but sometimes it goes like that. Love the bottles too. I am a big fan of old soda bottles with cute titles and pictures. I have a pop bottle that is Crush and it has two people sitting on a bench with a red heart around them. All in red love it. Have a wonderful week end.

  10. the Burtons says:

    Hi . . . love your blog & love your finds . . . . I’ve gotten a couple of the crocks over the years (which by the by were/ are great for making pickles!!) . . . and we have the mother lode of books around the house as well. I just wanted to mention . . . although I think we got the majority of my favorites from the local swap markets . . . . we also found a bunch of great titles such as Bonfire of the Vanities, the Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci (a lovely huge book), books by authors like Agatha Christie, Robert Louis Stevenson, et al . . . @ our local libraries!! They often pull older books to sell once a year & sell them for maybe .25 – 1.00 or so . . . so there’s another source for those that are looking for a source for good books. You don’t to have a card or anything to purchase them AND you can go to multiple libraries. . . .thanks so much for a great post & all the great DIY & decorating ideas & tips.

    the Burtons

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