Outdoor Living with Water Gardens

One of the reasons I focus so much on decorating my home is because it’s like my little escape from the world. When I come home after work I feel like I’m going to a little bed and breakfast in the country, and it relaxes me. Not that my job is stressful though … I love what I do and I’m fortunate to work for a company that creates beautiful outdoor living spaces with water gardens. I thought I’d kick off the weekend by sharing some of the beautiful water features created by Aquascape, my home away from home during the day. (All photos courtesy of Aquascape, Inc.)

Backyard Pond with GazeboThis gorgeous backyard isn’t far from my home and has appeared in gardening magazines. I’m sure you can see why!  The pathway leads you throughout the backyard and you begin to wonder if the beauty is never-ending! The water garden with its lilies and fish is of course, the main feature.


Outdoor living on a deck next to a water gardenYou don’t need a lot of yard space to create a stunning water garden. Here, a small deck provides a cozy outdoor living space next to this small pond. Contrary to popular belief, backyard water gardens are not mosquito havens, provided you keep the water moving with a fountain or waterfall.


Backyard Waterfall cascading into pond with fish and plantsI love the use of aquatic plants in this pond and waterfall. So many plant varieties!

Kids love exploring backyard ponds and are fascinated by the colorful koi and other fish.


Backyard Pond with Walkway and PatioI love this pond that has a boardwalk crossing over. What a great place to dangle your feet!

You can spend countless hours in a backyard paradise like this.


Backyard Waterfalls with Vining ClematisThis is one of my favorite waterfall photos of all time.

I love the clematis winding its way along the mossy rock.


Rustic Swing by Water GardenThis picturesque setting is so idyllic! This pond and rustic swing belongs to a local yoga instructor.

She loves to come out here and do yoga next to her babbling brook.


Backyard Waterfall and StreamI love that I work for a company that creates such gorgeous outdoor living spaces.

The water draws all kinds of nature to it … frogs, birds, butterflies, salamanders and more.


The sound of a pondless waterfallThis is a Pondless Waterfall which is basically a waterfall without the pond. I love the dainty water lettuce.

In my yard, I have a container water garden and I’m anxiously waiting for the lotus to bloom in it!


Gazebo with Water GardenSee those big leaves on the left side of the pond? That’s a lotus!

They have gorgeous flowers … I’ll share photos of them soon.


Outdoor Living with a picnic by a waterfallI’d love to know if any of you have a water feature in your landscape!

If you do, you know how relaxing and enjoyable they can be!


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  1. I just love backyard ponds. We had a very small one once and now my son wants to build a big one. I can only imagine how much fun it must be to work with such beautiful products and projects all day. I work for a steel company so there isn’t much beauty in it. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration for our next pond project.

  2. What a great job! Those were truly beautiful landscapes! We have a very wet, boggy area in our new yard (we moved in March) and we are going to make a rain garden in it… and keep it wet… it already draws frogs and bathing birds, and it
    will be even more beautiful after it is planted with native plants. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. You have some beautiful examples there! We’re hoping to add a water feature to our garden this year. Not sure if it will be ornamental or somewhere for ducks to paddle but looking forward to it more than ever having seen this post and we have lots of stone here to add character to it to.

  4. We installed a Koi pond in our backyard when I graduated from nursing school 22 years ago. i still like it and still have some of the original koi. I lost many during the hurricans of 2004 when we had no electricity for 6 days and they suffocated. It was awful. Not one was less than 18″ long.

  5. Talk about close to heaven, your photos make me wish we had a water feature. Very restful looking at photos. Thanks for sharing them all, Happy summer days.

  6. We do have a water feature on the patio. A little double pond with rocks and a small waterfall. I would rather have a pondless waterfall now that grand kids have arrived, but we had never heard of that years ago. When the water goes between the ponds it sounds like a little babbling brook.

  7. Those are beautiful! I so want a water feature in my yard. This is one wish for my cottage-wishes!! Di@Cottage-wishes

  8. We are very lucky to have a beautiful waterfall and Koi pond. It was here when we bought the house in 2005.
    We really enjoy it.We live in MN.so for the winter months we move the fish into the garage into a stock tank. Jo Ann,
    2 years ago something happened (virus?) all our fish died. They had grown very large and beautiful. Was surprising
    how sad it made us.”just fish,”we do have some of their babies still. That has been a fun experience.2 summers the fish have
    spawn. We set up a separate tank (nursery) Yes! We really enjoy our pond.