Using Pink in a Summer Farmhouse Bathroom

I’m anxious to get a few updates done in our downstairs bathroom but before I can do anything, we need to replace a couple of ceiling beams in the basement directly underneath. Charming old houses are beautiful, but they come with their share of flaws. Our foundation guy says the beam replacement isn’t critical, but we plan to sell our house next year and I want our house to be in solid condition for the new owners. So for now, I’m simply freshening up by using pink in our summer farmhouse bathroom.

Pink in a Summer Farmhouse Bathroom

It all started when I found pink towels and bathroom rugs in dusty pink and white at Target. Which then led to adding my vintage aqua bottles with pink zinnias on the shelf above the claw foot tub.


Pink in a Summer Farmhouse Bathroom

This room feels light and fresh for the summer. Now that I’ve started training for my next half-marathon, I’ll spend more time soaking in that tub. Sometimes I take ice baths in my claw foot tub after a particularly long run. The ice water helps the capillaries contract, which reduces the amount of muscle soreness you’ll feel days later.


Summer Bathroom with Pink Accents

When I get done with a hot and sweaty long run on Saturday morning, I like to feel pampered and girly afterward. So I added as many feminine touches in our summer farmhouse bathroom as possible. Flowers from the garden, textiles in shades of pink, and a wire basket filled with my favorite decorating magazines to enjoy while soaking in the tub.


Pink Zinnias in Vintage Aqua Bottles

I clipped a few pink Zinnias and Celosia from my cutting garden to match the new towels and bath rugs.


Pink Zinnia in Vintage Aqua Bottle

Pretty pink flowers. What else can make you feel more feminine than this? I’ve signed up for 2 half marathons this year. The first one is in September and the second is in October. My training starts now, and for those who don’t know, a half marathon is 13.1 miles. I’ve run them before and truth be told, I enjoy the training more than the race itself. At least this year I didn’t sign up for a full marathon.


Refresh a Bathroom with Pink Accessories

My tired body is going to look forward to spending a little relaxation in my summer farmhouse bathroom with its new touches of pink. Hubby will just have to deal with the girly accents until training season is over!

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  1. So cute! Love the vintage look, which of course is appropriate for your house. I am sixty-nine years old and I recall those very colors used in home decor as well as for fashion. Guess all things circle back around.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I love the touches of pink in your bathroom. It is so soft. I am a pink lover! A little goes a log way most days. When I wear pink my favourite shade is blush.
    Enjoy your bathroom.


  3. What a quick and smart way to “renew” your sweet bathroom!!! LOVE the towels and rug! Too bad they are from Target; but I can look for them elsewhere 🙂 KUDOS on the marathons! You are so well rounded and inspiring!

  4. Jennifer, just catching up on your blog posts. Love the pink you chose in your bathroom. It looks so cozy and sweet. You do such a great job at decorating your home. I love it all!

  5. Just discovered your beautiful website. Pretty. Love the color of the blue mirror in your bath. Did you paint this yourself, and if so would you please chair the paint color and type? I have an old gold oval mirror from my tween years I would am wanting to redo. Yours is lovely. Thanks!