Spa-Style Bathroom with a Trellis Patterned Floor

Who needs a trip to the spa? I know I could sure use a little pampering this time of year. Spring is just around the corner but it’s still not coming soon enough. A few creature comforts would do wonders for lifting spirits. I stumbled across this pale gray spa-style bathroom by Interiology Design Co. that would feel so welcoming at the end of a busy day.

Pale gray spa bathroom with free standing tubPhoto by Interiology Design Co.

A trellis patterned floor sets the stage for the gorgeous free standing bathtub and walk-in shower. I would love to have a walk-in shower. Right now we have a shower attachment on our vintage claw foot tub and I always tell myself there might come a day when I can no longer step in and out of it. The shorter tub in this spa-style bathroom has similar charm as my claw foot tubs. I like the pair of mullioned windows over the tub, too.

Walk-in glass shower in a spa-style bathroomPhoto by Interiology Design Co.


A pair of shaded sconces frame a silver mirror above the footed white vanity. A towel rack on the side creates additional towel storage space in this small bathroom. Marbled tile adorns the lower half of the wall beneath a chair rail for added interest. A plush white robe hangs on the back of a door waiting to keep you warm after a soak in the tub or shower. It’s another one of those creature comforts.

White vanity in a pale gray bathroomPhoto by Interiology Design Co.


A matching cabinet by the toilet creates a half wall for a bit of privacy, not to mention added storage for bathroom supplies. A pretty fern and pink tulips enhance the spa vibe. 

Trellis patterned floor in a spa-style bathroomPhoto by Interiology Design Co.


The door to the bathroom is seen in the closeted area between the master bedroom and bath. The pocket door has a full-length mirror on one side to enhance the dressing area. Everything is so beautifully thought out with the best use of space.

mirrored pocket door leading to pale gray bathroomPhoto by Interiology Design Co.


See more photos of today’s spa-style bathroom by Interiology Design Co.


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  1. I really like this bathroom. It seems to have everything without being so over the top it would be out of reach for many people. However, I do have a tip. It is not stepping into the tub that causes issues as you age. It is getting out. I’ve injured both of my rotator cuffs over the years and am finding, as much as I love a hot bath, that those old injuries are haunting me now. I haven’t given up yet, though, and the tub in these photos looks very inviting.

  2. Lovely bathroom, that room divider cabinet is a brilliant idea, though I would do a tall cabinet slightly wider for even more privacy and storage. I’m obsessed with storage.

  3. Spring? Did someone say Spring??!! Not gonna be here fast enough. I often wondered why a stationary pretty gold rail just positioned off the bathtub isn’t an idea? Right? It can also be a towel holder while you bathe. Maybe we should start a trend!?
    I like my tub and cabinets with legs so I can clean under them easily and they look less heavy in the room. I often think I’ll put feet or that appear to be feet on my kitchen cabinets…if I ever get that done. This bathroom makes me happy with all the lightness and that beautiful window.

  4. Beautiful bathroom. I might have extended that privacy wall out just a little more. But they’ve done a great job with that space.