Could This Be Your Dream Bathroom?

Normally I’m not one to fuss too much about a bathroom. As long as it’s clean and functional, I’m happy. But when I spied this dream bathroom by J.P. Hoffman Design Build, I fell in love!

dream bathroom in neutral tones Photo by J.P. Hoffman Design Build


The soft sage green color of the vanity is soothing and serene and an ideal choice for the bathroom. There’s an identical vanity on the other side of that wall. In fact, the vanity wraps itself around the wall so you have two sinks. I like that concept because no one needs to elbow their significant other when getting ready in the morning.

modern country bathroom with freestanding tubPhoto by J.P. Hoffman Design Build


The freestanding tub has a handheld nozzle option for rinsing off.  A walk-in shower has soft-gray marbled tile that complements the floor tile. 

farmhouse style bathroom in white and neutral tonesPhoto by J.P. Hoffman Design Build


Built-in shelves keep shower essentials close at hand. 

custom shelves in walk-in showerPhoto by J.P. Hoffman Design Build


Beautiful mullioned windows give you the feeling of bathing outdoors. Some people might not like that, feeling too exposed, but I love a wall of windows in any room. A touch of shiplap creates a farmhouse vibe. And note the seat in the walk-in shower.

white bathroom with freestanding tub under windowPhoto by J.P. Hoffman Design Build


Here’s a view from the other side of the first vanity you saw. The toilet is tucked away behind the saloon door. Clever idea!

dream bathroom in neutral tones Photo by J.P. Hoffman Design Build


modern country bathroomPhoto by J.P. Hoffman Design Build


I don’t know about you, but this space by J.P. Hoffman Design Build could easily be my dream bathroom. It’s spacious, functional, and beautifully decorated! What did you like best about it?


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  1. Such a beautiful bathroom!! Are the cabinets green or grey? In the first picture, they looked green, but in pictures after that, they looked grey. Either way, it’s absolutely gorgeous!! 🙂

  2. Oh, to have this much space! I clicked over to Houzz and the before and after are impressive!

  3. I can see why you fell in love with this bathroom. It is beyond cool. The layout is so well thought out and that wrap around sink is genius. I, like you, LOVE everything about this bathroom! Of course, while really enjoying the sereneness of the greens and marble, my blue/white mind can see the greens as blue. HaHa