Pressed Fall Leaves: Window Art

Fall is fading and I find myself wishing to preserve it for as long as possible. Remember when you’d collect colorful leaves and take them home hoping they’d stay fresh and pretty? But they’d curl up and dry out unless you took proper steps. Today I’m sharing a super easy way to display pressed fall leaves. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Pressed fall leaves make beautiful wall or window art, and the actual assembly time is just a few minutes.

Pressed Fall Leaves - Art for the Window


Start by collecting colorful autumn leaves in a variety of shapes and colors.

Colorful Fall Leaves - Pressed for Arts and Crafts


In addition to your leaves, you’ll also need double glass frames that are typically used for pressed flowers. You can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. I added a bit of jute twine to mine for hanging.

Colorful Fall Leaves - Pressed for Arts and Crafts


Leaf collecting is sure to bring back a bit of nostalgia. I take nature walks in a few different areas so that I’ll find an assortment of leaves. Collect both large and small leaves. And if you can’t find any in good shape on the ground, you can always pluck them from the tree or bush.

Colorful Fall Leaves for Craft Projects


As soon as possible, press your leaves before they have a chance to curl and dry. Place them in a large heavy book like a phone book. I press my leaves between two sheets of paper towel inserted into the book – they seem to come out a bit softer that way. Leave your pressed fall leaves in the book for a few days to a couple of weeks.

You could also use an official nature press, if you prefer. It works great for pressing flowers!

Colorful Fall Leaves for Craft Projects


Once your leaves are ready, open your double glass frame and arrange your leaves in a pleasing manner to your eye. There’s no wrong or right way. Mix leaf types and colors, or use the same leaf and color. Be creative and have fun with it! Once you have your arrangement finalized, add a small piece of double-sided clear tape to the back of one of the leaves. This will keep the leaves from sliding down inside the frame. Close and lock your frame in place, and add twine for hanging, if desired.

Colorful Fall Leaves for Craft Projects


Hang your pressed fall leaves on a wall, or prop the frame up on a dresser or buffet.

Pressed Fall Leaves



Pressed Fall Leaves - Wall Art


I find the leaf colors look most brilliant when hung in a window.

Pressed Fall Leaves - Window Art


The natural light shows all the details and nuances of each leaf.

Pressed Fall Leaves - Window Art


Now I can enjoy fall’s beauty long after all the leaves have fallen to the ground.

Pressed Fall Leaves - Window Art

I love the simple art of pressed fall leaves. Come Christmastime, I’m sure I’ll find a new use for the double glass frames. Twigs of holly or other holiday greenery will look great between the sheets of glass.

Have fun with this project. It’s great and easy enough for kids to do, too!


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