Cozy Corner for Me: Giveaway for You!

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Do you devote a little time to yourself each week? When life gets busy, I find it’s really helpful to my well-being to enjoy time to myself when I’m not working or watching television. When it’s warm out, I retreat to my front porch. Now that it’s getting cooler, I’ve set up a cozy corner inside that’s just for me! Keep reading, and you’ll find out about a chance to win a special giveaway, too.

A new tufted chair and tufted ottoman create a comfortable space to relax and unwind!

Cozy Corner in a Farmhouse Family Room


To make my corner extra comfy-cozy, a new French pillow pairs with a solid rust one, perfect colors for fall. The patterned throw is new too, and will keep my tootsies warm during the fall and winter months. I prefer quilted throws over knit ones. They feel softer and more durable to me.

French Pillow for the Fall Season


With the television off, I enjoy curling up with a book and a favorite snack – like a cup of coffee and a Fiber One bar.

Cozy Corner in a Farmhouse Family Room


Have you tried Fiber One Strawberry Cheesecake Bars? At just 150 calories each, you can enjoy guilt-free sweet flavor of strawberries mixed with creamy cheesecake and layers of graham cracker goodness! Not to mention, each bar contains 20% daily value of fiber. Super yummy!

Fiber One Strawberry Cheesecake


When I’m retreating in my new cozy corner for a little me-time, a good read is a must-have. I either grab a good novel, my favorite magazines, or an inspiring decorating book like City Farmhouse Style. Since my readers enjoy book giveaways, I’m giving one of you a copy of this beautiful book. Just leave a comment at the end of the post that you want to be entered to win.

City Farmhouse Style Book


Want to peek inside the book? You’ll find pictures of beautiful spaces like this photo that shows a cozy corner for reading and relaxing. I would love to find a leather chair and ottoman like this one. Perfect for enjoying me-time!

Leather Chair and Ottoman - Cozy Corner


City Farmhouse Style is filled with over 200 pages of beautiful rooms decorated for modern country living.

City Farmhouse Style Book - Writing Desk


Although the book is devoted to modern country life, you’ll still see rustic decor within its pages. Be sure to leave a comment below to enter for a chance to win your own copy of City Farmhouse Style. You’ll enjoy thumbing through it when you set aside time for yourself. The winner will be announced a week from today.

City Farmhouse Style Book - rustic fireplace


My cozy corner is my new favorite spot in the house! The chair and ottoman are super comfy for reading and a rustic wooden tray makes it easy to enjoy beverages and snacks, like Fiber One Bars.

Cozy Corner in a Farmhouse Family Room

Do you have a dedicated spot in your home that you like to call your own?


Did You Know?

A recent survey showed that 53% of women feel increased stress levels when they don’t get enough time to themselves. How do you ensure you are making time for yourself each day?*

She Sheds are the perfect escape; two-thirds of women think having their own private space like a She Shed is appealing (67%)* Do you agree?

55% of women said they would read more books if they had time to themselves, that’s why I decided to give away this book to one of my readers.*

* The following results are from an online survey conducted by Research Now on behalf of Fiber One of 1,010 women ages 25+. The survey was fielded from August 11-21, 2017 with a margin of error of +/-3.1%

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  1. I love your cozy setting with chair and ottoman and accessories, I could cuddle up too with your giveaway book, ” City Farmhouse Style” . I would love a place inside my cabin which I need to work on, my favorite place is on my back deck to relax. I adore browsing books while there and just rejuventating. I have tried to strawberry cream bars and love them. I like cold from refrigerator best.

    Please enter me in your giveaway, I would be very grateful! Smiles, Cyndi

  2. Oh my this book looks darling! The pictures make me want to curl right up with a cup of hot cider, a warm throw and close my eyes for some much needed rest! My “babies” are just starting to leave the nest and this momma bird has been on the back burner for so long I don’t remember how to do ‘me time’- but my weary soul says I need to!! Thanks for the giveaway- I so enjoy your blog! Blessings! 😊

  3. I love your chair. It looks so comfy. Fiber One bars are my favorite and I love the Lemon. I have put your strawberry cheesecake on my grocery list. Looking through decorating books is so much fun and have so many good ideas. I haven’t seen this one but will look for it at my library. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  4. Love your pillows as I’m drawn to the gorgeous colors of fall! And as much as I’d LOVE a she-shed, I have a sunroom that is my retreat. Sunny windows all around and my little reading nook is out there. That is where I have my me-time and love it. Munchin’ on those yummy cheesecake bars is a lovely little indulgence too! Thank you for the chance to receive a new book to read.

  5. Hi Jennifer, I have been missing for a while but I am back. Your special spot is perfect. Love the colors in the throw. The books looks nice.


  6. Love your cozy corner! I have new living room furniture ordered, including a chair. Hoping to have my own cozy corner in a few weeks. Looking for that perfect ottoman to catch my eye to pull it all together. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. what a lovely cozy corner and comfortable chair and ottoman as well. What a wonderful book and it would look so nice on my country style coffee table.
    What a hoot; Love your cute coffee mug
    Thank U 4 this wonderful giveaway opportunity.

  8. Love curling up in a special part of the house and reading . It is a treat.
    Your location that is special is beautiful.
    People have said that you have to map out a place that is yours .

  9. WOW, what an inviting space! I just want to jump into my computer screen right into your chair. I don’t have a lot of “me time” lately since my grandchildren moved in, but that’s okay since they are only little for a short time. Love your site, keep the beautiful pictures coming.

  10. I would LOVE to win your book. That is the exact reason to hunker down with a good book and get more me time. I would make that a top priority if I win it!! Thanks for having the giveaway, I appreciate you and your blog. I love your post every one of them!

  11. Farmhouse style….my cup of tea! Curling up with a good book, a hot cup of tea, and a wholesome snack sounds delightful.Happy Fall!

  12. I would love to win the book! A bit of down-time sound wonderful! Thanks for the chance, and I always enjoy your blog!

  13. So true we need to nurture ourselves so we can nurture others. So hard to do at times. Your book would be a wonderful way to take relaxing time out and gain new ideas as well! Christine

  14. Hi Jennifer, Your spot looks so comfy and cozy. I love you coffee cup too. I have a little nook up in my sewing room where I love to sit and read. All I am missing is a cute ottoman and a new book. I am always on the lookout for a little different decor. Sometimes when you see it in a book, you know it will be perfect in your house! Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. That looks like a beautiful book with tons of inspiring ideas. Thank you for the chance to win this book…a perfect thing to relax with.

  16. I love your reading corner. It looks so comfy and special. You said you wish you had a leather chair for your reading corner, but I find that fabric chairs are much cozier, especially in the winter – along with a favorite throw – and I agree with you about the quilted throws, they are much warmer. I would love to win the book as it looks like I would find many homey and comfortable ideas to inspire me – and I”m at a place in my “upgrades” where I definitely need inspiration in order to finish.

  17. Your cozy reading space is beautiful. I love the chair! Reading is my favourite me time activity and I usually read in my bed with my feet up, blankets over me in the winter and my dog beside me. I love farmhouse style, so this book would be wonderful to add to my collection.

  18. Love your cozy corner with chair and ottoman, what a great place to read and relax. I need a place like that, and a good farmhouse book!

  19. Your Cozy Corner looks so inviting! Love your New Pillows and Comfy Throw too. Thanks for sharing the Book with us, I really enjoy Farmhouse Decor Books and will surely pick up after your Give Away ends.

  20. I am grieving the loss of my son right now who passed away unexpectedly this year. I’m finding reading is an escape for me and this reading corner would be wonderful.

  21. Such a cozy corner, and thanks for the chance to win;). Did I miss the source of that chair and ottoman? Please share!

  22. Please enter me into your contest. Thank you. I love the worn-in and comfortable look of farmhouse. I have gravitated away from it since I live on the coast of Maine now but we are thinking about moving back to Tennessee. This is where I was able to express and display my farmhouse look. I bet this book will be an inspiration to get me back into that mindset!

  23. I’d love to be entered into the contest. The book looks great – just my style, and a perfect coffee table book. And your nook looks nice and cozy!

  24. I love the chair and ottoman. I have a cozy spot as well . It’s in my office, a wing chair and foot stool and a small throw I knitted. The room gets afternoon su and it is so pleasant to be there.

  25. What an inviting space you have created! I would love to curl up with the book in the upcoming fall/winter. Thanks D

  26. Im so with you on having a quiet place all my own. It’s basically my office but for real relaxing reading it’s a chair in our bedroom. I’m never without a book and I love love design books. This one looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing your reading space.

  27. Love cozy places and would love to look at this book while doing so!☺️ Always looking for new ideas to give our home that cozy country feel!

  28. I am making adjustments to my free time, and would love to get my hands on the book and come up with some innovation in terms of “me time”.

  29. yes I have a cozy spot with a chair and ottoman in the corner of my office.
    Everyone needs a soft spot to cuddle up in !
    My two dogs are always beside me in the floor or in their own cozy bed.

  30. As far as I am concerned we don’t get enough farmhouse style. Your blog helps a lot. My wish is to be inundated with farmhouse style – it is my favorite – humble, calming and charming. I will be very happy if I should win to book. Thanks.

  31. You have been making quite a few changes lately! I am loving them!
    I love Fiber One Products! You have to try the brownie one! It is so good! I feel So less bloated when I have one of their brownies with my morning coffee. I am going to get those cheesecake
    Kind next! Thank you for the chance to get this book. I have seen it and would love to read it.

  32. I always think….why can’t my stuff look as good as hers? The colors, the pairings, the comfy factor. Why can’t I seem to get the combos right?? I decided I am going to start my own design library. I’ve been asking for books for Christmas and birthday, but never get! So maybe I have a shot. Thanks for sharing your home and ideas. It’s aspirational!

  33. Always enjoy looking at your blog ,,,beautiful spaces & the book would be shared on my coffee table for many to enjoy !!!1 Thanks

  34. Beautiful corner to re-group. The book looks lovely, please include me in the drawing. Love your blog. Christie

  35. I am a reader! And my cozy place of recliner, floor lamp, side tables with books, magazines, knitting, coffee cup, and telephone has been called “Pauline’s Pigpen” by my husband. It does get messy but it is my happy place! Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to have your book! I so enjoy your blog! [email protected] (There IS a wastebasket there too!)

  36. I love the pillows also and I would love to have a comfy leather chair like the one pictured here…maybe one day I will buy me one to put in my A-Frame on the hill.

  37. I do have a cozy place to set, i have an old rocking chair that i had recovered, i use to set in it as a little girl so it is at least 60 yrs. old and it is a cozy, it’s in front of a window at the end of my dining room. I would love to have the book to look at, thanks Jennifer.

  38. I still love real books. Decorating books need to be in print. I have over 500 books on my Kindle but love the feel of a real book. I have a leather chair and ottoman very similar to the picture and it is all mine. My favorite garden books are piled beside it.
    I love your blog it is inspiring.

  39. I would love to read City Farmhouse Style! The current farmhouse trend is a perfect for the antiques I already have, to show them off in an updated setting!

  40. Hi, first time I’ve seen your site. What beautiful pictures. I love everything to do with decorating country style. Would love to be in the running for this beautiful book. Am trying to make a little modular home look a little more countrified. Best wishes, evelyn.

  41. I live in a farmhouse out in Colorado. There’s NO other décor I’d rather have than what ya see in Kim’s beautiful City Farmhouse Style book. It’s like a dream: look out my windows to the west and see the stunning Rocky Mountains…to the east: our beautiful farm. We’re blessed! Thanks for sharing your home with us, too.

  42. like you, Jennifer, I must have a cozy place to read. you’re right, quilts are the best to snuggle up in with a good cup of coffee. I am going to try the strawberry cheesecake fiber one bars they sound wonderful, I love fiber one bars but haven’t tried this one. my decorating style is farmhouse/cottage/vintage so I would love to win that beautiful book!! I love your site and am so glad I found it!

  43. Please enter me in the contest to receive the book City Farmhouse Style. I love your cozy place to read. It looks so inviting!

  44. Ummmmmmmmmmmm… how have I missed this ?? Just now seeing all the info about this amazing book !!! I would love to win this one!!!!!!!!

  45. I would love to win this book, I have never won anything in my life. I do love decorating and also your ideas. The chair looks great and the pillow and throw. I would just be greatful for the chair. I love this column and ideas. Jennifer i great. Thank you.

  46. I would dearly love to be entered in your giveaway. I have been back in my home for one year this month since the two hurricanes of 2020 and flood of 2021 hit SW Louisiana. What a journey that was. Your daily inspirations were a gift to me as I was rebuilding; and I am still tweaking things. Such fun it is making my house my personal, safe retreat. I am grateful to you for providing me with such beautiful ideas of creation.