Creating a Crafting Cabinet

I’ve had this IKEA computer cabinet that I no longer use, so I turned it into a crafting cabinet.

You might recognize this cabinet. It’s the Ikea cabinet I made over with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
You can read about its makeover here.
The inside of the cabinet got a makeover as well as the outside.
I lined the interior with book pages and a few graphics to add color and interest.
I also added book pages to the insides of the doors.
You know the drill … simply brush Mod Podge onto the back of the book page and press in place.
I made a little garland with book pages, as well. I have a Martha Stewart circle cutter.
So I simply cut circles and crinkled them before stringing onto a length of twine.
I plan to make some more book page garlands.
I decoupaged some boxes to store craft trinkets to keep the cabinet neat and tidy.
The craft cabinet resides in the family room. I can watch TV while I craft.
And when I’m done, I simply shut the doors and the room stays clean looking.
I have to confess, I kind of like it with the doors open though.
I’m getting ready to work on a cigar box. 
I found a slew of them at the flea market and can’t wait to start on them.
Each cigar box will be different and listed on my Etsy shop …
… when I finally get it started, that is. If I keep talking about it, eventually I’ll do it!
The most important thing in this cabinet is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!
The Mod Podge is hidden in the craft bag behind the paint.
Buttons stay in little jars, and I’ve always got twine on hand.
Old books provide pages for decoupage and other projects. 
Don’t worry. I don’t cut up the really old books.
The mirror rests on a bolt of burlap. Always gotta have some burlap!
So now you know where I create. Plenty of natural sunlight in this room for crafting!

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  1. It is just a darling space. I love it:)

  2. Jennifer,
    I love your special creative space.So beautifully decorated and organized.I wish I could share something.But I don’t have my own space yet.Something I need to work on soon.

  3. Wow, the room is so bright and looks inviting. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  4. I love it! Such a great idea to line it with book pages. Your space looks like a great place to be creative.


  5. I love your cabinet Jennifer! Those book pages…lovely! I would like a close up to see the color graphics better, may be in a future post? They look great…
    Congratulations! You have a fantastic space!
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina.

  6. Great cabinet! You have a new follower – I have a ton of cigar boxes STARING at me and I have no idea what to do with them. I look forward to being inspired by you! Thanks for sharing your space

  7. Love the dresser turned into an art space…. and the paper garland is perfect too. thanks for sharing!! hugs

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    so nice to “meet” you and party with you 🙂 I must say that I find your little cabinet craft space so clever and unique! It shows that you can make room for a creative space in every corner of every room! Great job and idea I love it!
    Sending you happy WBC wishes from Germany

  9. So that’s what you’ve got stashed in your cupboard! Everything is so clean and organized. I’ve got stuff all over our house!

  10. What a fantastically creative place. I wish I had one spot devoted to crafting and painting in my home. Stuff is stored everywhere and I paint in my kitchen 🙂 With mod podging the book pages – do you put some mod podge on top after? I’m thinking of doing this with sheet music for inside a piano bench.

  11. Jennifer, that is one amazing cabinet. I want one, I always have. I adore your space! My eye caught the grain sack…so beautiful.

  12. I like the look of your open cabinet too! What a perfect set up you have. And so pretty, neat, and tidy! Thanks for the peek!

  13. your cabinet is just darling, jennifer! love the garland, burlap, book pages–all of it! and i’d leave the doors open all the time:) off to catch up on your blog–just got back from vacation!

  14. Thanks for sharing your sunny and happy space. Your personal touches are outstanding! Happy creating and Party On !

  15. Jennifer, I want a craft space that looks like this! Mine is horribly ugly! 🙂

  16. What a beautiful space. I like it with the doors open too.

  17. Great space!

  18. Your space is so lovely..
    This space makes me happy!

    Thanks for sharing..

    Love from Marijke…from Holland

  19. Oh, what a great little space, Jennifer! It’s more like a piece of art sitting in your room that you can use to create more art. Lovely room, too!

  20. What a beautiful inviting room! Your cabinet is awesome and I adore the mirror.

    I seem to have a hard time using older books for crafting; I must overcome my aversion to pulling them apart!

    Great space Jennifer!

  21. What a charming room! The book pages lining the cabinet are so pretty. Great idea! Thanks for the tour!


  22. How wonderful that you can contain all your supplies in one cabinet. I;’m way too much of a collector. I need a whole room and even that doesn’t seem to be enough!

  23. I love your paper covered cupboard….text anywhere works for me! thanks for sharing your creative nook….this blog hop has been so inspiring.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  24. How cozy and bright and cheerful! Thank you for sharing. ; )

  25. Your craft cabinet is wonderful. Love the book pages decopauged inside and your garland is adorable. Thanks for sharing.


  26. Awesome area for inspiration. I love it.


  27. I like the space you created. Nice to have everything you need at hand in a fine cabinet like yours. I seem to be crafting all over the house lately.

  28. Brillant! I think that may be the cutest little crafting cabinet i have ever seen. I just adore the book pages….. Swoon.

  29. I might have known you’d have some ultra creative space! How gorgeous, love this to pieces!!!

  30. what a fantastic little nook. I thought I would have one when our kids moved out but I have filled it with junk, I really should get to organizing it, such a great place for you to create!

  31. I’m in love! What a fun place to dream and create on and I love that you can close it all up but, like you, I like it open too. 🙂

  32. Hello Jennifer, Your cabinet is incredibly amazing. Functional, creative and beautiful! I was tickled pink to see you visiting my blog and the fact that you are following me is like the whipped cream on an ice cream sundae.
    I’m glad that you enjoyed my little side trip to Pendleton, Oregon. Miss Elnor was a delightful surprise and her shop was amazing. Next visit I will plan on spending more time. Have a wonderful week. Connie 🙂

  33. Wow, just love your nice, airy space!! Can’t wait to read more about your furniture makeovers…glad I found your blog!

    Thanks for the tour! I’d love to have you come visit my space when you get time.

    Soggy Bottoms Baby Duds blog

  34. this is such a cute space to create!

  35. Wow, great space! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Love your working spot. I need to get one of these.

  37. You have created a super cute space!

  38. that is one creative space!!! such lovely crafty details!

  39. Love your blog and I’ve just become your newest follower.
    Have a great week, Connie 🙂

  40. I LOVE how you transformed this piece!
    Funny thing is that I am currently working on a bit of a makeover for my Computer cabinet but it will still house my computer! I love how this came out and thanks so much for sharing this with us!!


  41. I vote doors open!!! I love that you left the wood bare and added just enough of the book pages. So lovely. What a great area to be creative. Thank you for sharing.
    Best Wishes, Bobbie

  42. That looks like a very fun space to work in! I love your garland!

  43. That is one lovely working space you got there.

  44. What a wonderful, creative cabinet! I love how you lined the inside with book pages and how easy it is to keep everything neat. I’ll have to check out the creative spaces party. I would love for you to share your creative space at my new party “Totally Transformed Tuesday” @ Thanks so much for sharing. Peggy 🙂

  45. Jennifer,
    Me again! You asked if I make a lot of Tussie mussies around Christmas time. I usually always have tussie mussies in my inventory since that are such a Victorian Staple. The “regular” ones I make are fabric , lace and a lot of ribbon flowers….


  46. I love your space! So original and homey! The colors are so soothing!The garland is a perfect touch!

  47. You’ve created a beautiful little creative space. I love the book page lining.

    I am working on a craft room in our basement. I am into so many things, I need several work stations. Wish I was done so I could join up. Oh, well, there’s always next year.

  48. You are certainly organized! My stuff is all over the house!

  49. You are so sweet. I miss having you too. I LOVE that cabinet. The book pages are really cool. I did something like this on my computer desk but it looks better on your piece as a back drop too.

  50. I just took my time and hung out in your craft room, and boy was i inspired. Seriously. I got some nice ideas and felt right at home. Then I was looking at your last few posts and just had the best time gazing at your boxes and flowers. I get hung up on boxes for some reason. They are so intriguing to me. Love what you’ve been up to!

  51. I love the cabinet open too, it looks great. I’ve been tempted to add book pages to my china cabinet and now that I see yours I might give it a go.

  52. Hi Jennifer!
    Your craft cabinet is so charming! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog & left a nice comment. I look forward to following you here on your blog & Pinterest.


  53. Love your little work space! The cabinet is not only functional but looks amazing! Love the book pages on the doors and the back :o) Great space….

  54. No wonder we see so many pretty and inspiring projects from you…what a great place to create!

  55. What a beautiful space to create in Jennifer!!
    I love that cabinet, it looks wonderful with the pages on it!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  56. A creative space for a creative person! I like the area with the doors open too. It is too pretty to close up and probably inspires you to create even more. Lovely room!

  57. Such a beautiful space you have created.

  58. Mod Podge and Chalk paint you are a girl after my heart. Love it!

  59. This is great, Jennifer! I love how you’ve created a space to create and that you can close the doors when you want to. That piece definitely worked out well for this! Thanks for sharing!

  60. What a beautiful spot to create things. I love that it is in the family room and you can close the cabinet doors and have that option to work on a project or not.
    Thanks for sharing.


  61. Love how you turned that ikea cabinet into a pretty cool vintage inspired piece!! Love it…oh if only we could get a little organzied with a spot where we blog ~ lol!!

  62. What an inspirational place to create and work–I just love it, Jennifer! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today for a visit–it was lovely.

  63. Hi Jennifer! Oh, I love your cabinet and how marvelous it’s your craft space. It’s just gorgeous and what a great job you did making it yours!
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me and I’m thrilled I’ve inspired you to make glitter houses. When you make them make sure you post about them so I can see your marvelous work!
    be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  64. I love it! What a great space to work on your crafts! Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Wishing you a grand weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  65. What a great idea. And you did such a great job. I love it. And, I frequent Ikea quite a bit. Thanks for sharing. Terri

  66. I love that your creative space keeps your connected with your family. Great re-purpose of the cabinet. Thank you for sharing.

  67. Wow! What a beautiful space to get creative! I love every single detail! Awesome job! 🙂

  68. What a perfect cabinet, and love how it’s in your family room so you can hang out with the rest of the crew! the book pages really make it “vintage”. Thanks so much for coming to the party!!

  69. Oh, you do know how to dress up your creative space. Very ispiring. Getting here late…I was able to see your bathroom redo. AWESOME…and yes, please don’t paint the tub till you have to. Love how you dressed around it. Stunning really!! I would come to your house just to pretend to use the loo. LOL Keep smiling and creating

  70. I just adore, adore this project. Funny thing is I spent like an hour yesterday “googling” craft armoire for inspiration … you see, I have a craft armoire but right now it’s a serious disorganized mess!

    Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration!



  71. Don’t be surprised if you see me sitting in your “create” room tomorrow morning. I really love it, and actually want it! Your cabinet is so pretty and love the book pages inside. Actually I love everything about this room! I’m hoping you’ll share with Sunday’s Best tonight – you’ll make more creators drool!

  72. I love this space you have created for yourself 🙂

  73. Hi found you thru DIY Project Parade party. Very nice craft space – I may as well do something similar, as I usually end up in the LR where I can watch TV or baby sit my granddaughter. Something like this just might do. I like the doors, that way I could close it all up, away from little hands 🙂
    Hop over and check out my 1st giveaway!

  74. What a perfect little creative space. I love the little details you added to the cabinet.

  75. I love it! The book pages look great. What a wonderful space.

  76. I love It….. I never would have thought of the book page idea… Very clever..:)

  77. love this! what is the style/name of the cabinet you got at IKEA?

  78. Well Jennifer I think you are so very clever and artistic turning that Ikea cabinet so beautifully into a mini studio space and still be connected to your family at the same time.
    So much light flowing into that room it must be so pleasant working in there!
    Thank you for sharing it with us and, by the way, your statue transformation is gorgeous too!
    Enjoy the studio hop – it has been a fantastic event again thanks to wonderful Karen.
    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  79. A beautiful crafting cabinet Jennifer. Thanks for sharing your creative space on Shabbilicious Friday.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  80. Such a creative room! ~ I adore what you did with the Ikea cabinet ~ things are so much nicer when they are personalized, aren’t they?
    Thanks for sharing you bright and beautiful room with us!

  81. That is a wonderful cabinet and you really transformed it with the chalk paint and old book pages as well. I only have a desk in my bedroom, so I love the idea of this cabinet because you can close it off when you want to stop working and not have to worry about what you have out.

    Before even getting to this post, I already signed up for to follow your blog, I could tell immediately that I wanted to see what you did next! I am off to check out your Etsy shop as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing your creative space with all of us, I enjoyed it and got a lot of great ideas from it as well.

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