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How to Make a Pine Cone Garland

I don’t know what it is about garlands, banners, and buntings; but I just love them! Some are fancy and some are plain but each one adds a pretty element to home decor. I’ve been looking at hundreds of Christmas banners on Pinterest and became inspired to create one of my own. So today, I’m sharing how to make a pine cone garland. Mine cost less than $4 to make!

How to make a pine cone garland via Town and Country LivingSince I live in the northern part of the U.S., I opted for frosty looking pine cones.

First thing you need to do is get some pine cones … hopefully for free from your yard or a field.


Create frosty looking pine cones with Epsom saltUsing a foam brush, I applied a generous amount of Mod Podge to each pine cone. I wanted a heavily frosted look so the pine cones would look as though they’re laden with snow. Apply a heavy dose of Epsom salt. A good deal of it will stick, provided you don’t shake the pine cones until the Mod Podge dries.


How to make frosty looking pine conesYou could stop right here and fill a bowl with these sparkly pretties!

But since this post is about how to make a pine cone garland, we’ll continue.


How to make a pine cone garland for ChristmasUsing a hot glue gun, tack a short strip of ribbon to the base of each pine cone.


How to make a pine cone garlandThen tie each frosty pine cone onto a long strip of ribbon to create your garland.


Christmas pine cone garlandSince you’re tying each cone onto the long ribbon separately, it’s easy to slide the pine cones back and forth on the stretch of ribbon. This way, it’s easy to space them out evenly, which comes in very handy when you hang the garland.


How to make a pine cone garlandI found the pine cones outside, and I already had the Epsom salt and Mod Podge on hand.

My only expense was the festive ribbon which was $4 for a fairly big spool of it.

And that’s how to make a pine cone garland! I gave this one to my daughter.

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  1. So Clever! Hubby saved a bunch of pinecones for me last year when cleaning the yard. I was so busy moving in I never got a chance to do anything with them. Oh and that faux mantle is a great idea!

  2. I love this and the way you glued the ribbon is brilliant. I think I’m doing this tomorrow…I have the perfect ribbon. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I love this idea and would like very much to include a link to it, together with one of your pictures, in a pinecone craft blog post I’m sharing later today (Nov. 20). My blog is [email protected] and I’ll ensure your work is properly attributed by linking both to this specific post and to your home page. May I have your permission to include your post?

    Thanks for your attention to this request.

  4. I love all of your pine cone projects..my question is: How do you keep the pine cone as straight as you can for xmas trees? After baking them to remove bugs, it seems as if they’re leaning more and not standing straight..