Santa Gave Me Cotton!

Santa visited me early, but before I tell you about that … I’d like to share that my holiday home is being featured over at Kelly’s blog, Eclectically Vintage. Kelly is featuring 4 holiday homes this weekend – one per day. Hope you check out the home tours at Kelly’s place. Now … onto the Santa story:

Forget the dreaded lump of coal … Santa said I was a good girl and sent me some cotton!  That’s right. Cotton. Cotton plucked straight out of the field, and I’m in heaven. Julie at Red Head Can Decorate organized a bloggers’ Secret Santa gift exchange and my gift was a Rooster burlap pillow and soft, white cotton.

Cotton and Burlap Pillow
My Secret Santa is the lovely Barb Garret at The Everyday Home.
When I saw the cotton I literally squealed (not like a pig but more like a little girl).
I’ve seen cotton used in decor in some Southern homes and I love it.
Can’t find it anywhere up here in Yankee territory, much to my dismay.
It may seem silly to you Southern girls, but I was over the moon when I saw my gift.
It was like Barb had read all my comments on blogs where cotton was on display.
The little French egg cups are also from Barb, but I purchased them from her online store.
She’s got wonderful goodies for sale (I think she should sell some cotton – hint hint).
There’s a number 4 egg cup but I temporarily misplaced it while taking photos of them yesterday.
And how cute is this pillow that Secret Santa Barb sent me?
If you’ve seen my home decor, you know this rooster pillow is right up my alley. Love it!!
In fact, I used it while photographing Christmas decor in my kitchen.
I have the best Secret Santa ever!!
So who did I give a gift to? I was a Secret Santa to BJ over at Joy to Journey.
We’re all posting our Secret Santa gifts on our blogs today.
Barb … thank you so much … from the bottom of my heart!!

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  1. Awwww I am just thrilled you love your gifts. I threw in the cotton as a last minute thought and I alsost didn’t because it was a “freebie” gift (aka it didn’t cost me anything b/c I picked it myself -lol) but I thought if it were me, and I didn’t have access to it I would want some. And I will be selling it next year, I have already procured a farmer and will start taking orders around July timeframe.
    I hope it brings you lots of smiles. Have a beautiful and blessed Christmas. xxoo, Barb

  2. how fabulous!!! Love the cotton, love the cushion, love those egg cups too! This was such a fun thing to do!!!

    Merry, merry Christmas!


  3. How cool is that! I just recieved one of those cotton ball twigs too! I won a giveaway and was given one it was such a sweet surprise.I will share soon.I am a bit behind and well Christmas is a few days away!Congrats on your feature! Your home is beautiful and I LOVE how it is decorated for Christmas!Your home is one of my favorites!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh. My. Word. I would have squeeled too!!!! I have been wanting some cotton too! If she starts selling it I will totally be buying it! Her shop is just great! I may be doing some chrismtas shopping for myself! Great stuff and great prices too!

  5. I saw cotton for sale while bombing around pinterest and thought wow! that would be so beautiful in my ironstone pitcher. How lucky for you that someone knew you’d love it. Merry Christmas!