Scandinavian Houses: Let’s Take a Trip!

Since we won’t be able to take overseas trips anytime soon, I thought it might be fun to check out architecture from other areas. So let’s take a trip across the pond to see the exteriors of Scandinavian houses.

White Scandinavian House with Blue Door in Stavanger Norway


A cute little row of white cottages line a cobblestone street. Doesn’t it look like a scene out of a movie?

Norway, Stavanger. Old town.


Cheerful flowers and pretty little lamp posts line the sidewalk, creating an idyllic setting.

White Scandinavian House on Brick Street


One thing I love about the exteriors of Scandinavian houses is the more generous use of color. Since my house is yellow, I of course like this one. An added bonus is the kitty on the steps.

Yellow House - Scandinavian Front Porch


Earlier this year my family and I talked about going to Norway in the next couple of weeks. Stavanger looks like a cool place to visit. Let me know if you’ve been to a Scandinavian country and where you went!

White wooden country house entrance door terrace cozy exterior with flowers design decoration and balcony retro style traditional building


How could you not smile walking past all these bright and cheery homes with lace curtains in the window and fish scale roof tiles?

Red wooden house in an alley


A traditional white and red scandinavian house in the background with a springtime forest scenery on a sunny day.


Spring is in the air at this country Swedish home with its quaint thatched roof.

Old cottage.  Very old cottage in Sweden, grass on the roof.


Lots of flowers in the summer – I wonder if that’s due to the longer winters and darker days?

Fragment of wooden finnish blue house with decorated entrance. Rural scene, country lifestyle.


Wood cut trim reveals a Gothic vibe with a bright blue roof.

Woodcut on a Scandinavian house


It’s nice to see clapboard siding. So many of the older homes in our area are being covered with vinyl siding. I get that it’s lower maintenance, but I miss the original siding.

Colorful Country Swedish Homes


Here’s another thatched roof on a red house with a charming cottage garden. I’d love to see inside, wouldn’t you?

Small red cottage in Sweden

Who knows if my family will ever make that trip to Norway – but it’s always fun to dream.


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  1. How lovely! The colors and architecture are a breath of Spring. What a lovely post to wake up to. Thanks for sharing. I hope you are all staying healthy, safe and inside during these trying times. Take care my friends.


    1. Thank you, Linda! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. My hubby and I are staying at home and ordering groceries to be delivered. We get outside for walks when the weather is nice. We live in a small town so it’s easy to social distance outside. I hope you stay safe and healthy as well!

  2. Really charming homes. Thatched roofs kind of creep me out though. What’s living in all that stuff??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Jennifer, I can’t thank you enough for your daily blog. It is how I start my day, I look so forward to it. Every story is a delight and the only blog I subscribe to!
    Please continue 🙏
    Stay well,
    Vancouver BC, Canada

    1. Wow, Cathie! What a great compliment! I really struggled with blogging at this time with the pandemic. It didn’t seem right to talk about decorating and gardening, but some readers, like you, started telling me the blog posts help cheer them. So now I’m trying to post something every day. Thank you for being a regular reader. It truly means a lot to me – more than you probably realize. 🙂

      One day I hope to visit your area. I’ve been to Canada but never to Vancouver. I hear it’s beautiful!

  4. These are lovely homes and i too would love to visit, it seems so merry and cheerful, i love their thatched roofs and of course all those beautiful flowers.

    1. Hi Marlene! I hope all is well with you. I’m anxiously awaiting the spring flowers. The crocus are blooming, the daffodils will bloom within the next week – followed by the tulips. And then comes the glorious bluebells!

    2. My husband surprised me with a trip to Scandinavia when I graduated from nursing classes My heritage on my Mothers side is Swedish so we went to Denmark and Sweden. Even though we went in the winter it was just beautiful and one of my best memories is of,a train ride into the Swedish countryside. So romantic and the farmhouse and barns like something out of a storybook. Dennmark was delightful and the food so good. Hope you get to visit some day when life returns to normal.

  5. I’ve been to Norway twice so far, and it’s beautiful! I too love all the colorful homes.
    I’d share some photos, but they’re no longer on my phone.
    If you get a chance do it❣️

    1. Oh, lucky you! It’s definitely on my bucket list of places to visit – along with Greece. We were going to book the Greece trip for this summer, but then decided to wait a year. Then the pandemic hit so I’m glad we waited.

  6. These are homes are lovely with their vibrant colored doors and all the flowers. I would love to visit there some day it would be so much fun.

  7. When we visited ages ago, the crisp colors made me smile. Also, when we walked down streets, the homes were often so close to the sidewalks, curtains open and the cleanest windows I have ever seen!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful buildings this morning!

  8. Question, I mistakenly sent before I proofed and hit send just as I noticed the mistake. Not sure how to correct this or any error on comments. My correct blog is bushelandapickle.com. If anyone can help me know how to correct once sent I’d love to hear it. Have a good day!

  9. Beautiful homes with such character . Love the colours, they are so cheery.
    I am still waist high in snow and welcome the HAPPY, summer time pictures.
    Sending happy vibes from North-Eastern Ontario, Canada

  10. Great pictures of “old towns” in Norway. I’ve been living here in Norway for the past 43 yrs. love the summers, hate the long,cold, dark winters. Would be glad to advise you on anything here for your Norwegian trip. It probably won’t be in 2021 as our boarders are ore or less closed.

  11. My husband and I visited Norway on a Scandinavia and Baltic cruise we took in September 2019. Stavanger was one of our favorite stops on the cruise! I took so many pictures of the quaint homes on cobblestone streets – just beautiful. During the cruise, we visited several places in Norway, including Bergen, and loved them all. I highly recommend Norway as a place to visit – and all of Scandinavia too. We enjoyed Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki. It’s a beautiful part of the world!

  12. Jennifer … YOU do such a lovely job with you’re blog, thank you for sharing all of the beautiful things and items that you find every day with us. I too hope that you will continue to spread the fun, happiness and encouragement you send to those of us who follow along with you daily. Be of good cheer ladies … lets continue to spur and encourage each other on in enjoying the beauty around us.
    All of you enjoy this wonderful day, Jayne

  13. What beautiful photos. I love all the color and flowers. Four years ago we traveled to Sweden to pick up my SUV.(and toured the factory, I found it so interesting) On the way we stopped in the Cotswolds, England. Thatched roofs on all the houses. They were lovely, nothing seemed to be living in them, but who knows. There were so many trees and woodsy areas for creatures to live in. My favorite was a field of black faced sheep right outside the kitchen window. They regularly came and gazed in. So cute. We loved Sweden. If I were younger I would think of moving there. Maybe it’s the Viking ancestry, but really resonated. I hope to travel there again.