Aurora Historic Homes: Part Two

Two weeks ago I shared a walking tour of Aurora, Illinois’ westside historic district. Today is round two of touring this amazing residential area with amazing historic homes.

First up on today’s tour is this lovely clapboad Victorian home painted green with creamy trim and accents of red. Note the unique treatment on the windows and the corbels at the roof line.

Green Clapboard Victorian House


A side view of this beautiful home reveals a bay window and double-decker screened porch.


A stately brick home with complementary blue shutters and front door might appeal to those of you who appreciate traditional style. I love the placement of the sconce light above the door, along with the architectural trim underneath the top middle window.

Red Brick Traditional Exterior. Historic Homes in Aurora, IL


What I love about this neighborhood is the variety of home styles from street to street. A white craftsman bungalow intermixes with brick and Victorian homes on the block.

White Craftsman Bungalow Style Home


This yellow charmer is now for sale on the real estate market! The interior is truly amazing and you can tour the inside on Zillow!

Historic Yellow Clapboard Home with Wraparound Porch


Burgundy trim looks great on a dark green Victorian home. The full porch, picket fence, and arbor gate all enhance the curb appeal factor.

Historic Victorian Home


I wish newer home construction included a bit more architectural details. It seems to me that we’ve moved away from architecture art forms in lieu of providing bigger homes for less money. I guess I’ve always been a form-over-function kind of girl.

Red Brick Historic Homes in Aurora, Illinois


Here’s another angle of this beautiful red brick home showing more of its pretty details. In the far west Chicago suburbs where I live, you won’t find many new brick homes. If the house has brick, it’s more of a siding treatment (i.e. not full bricks) that’s only applied to the front of the house.

Red Brick Historic Homes in Aurora, Illinois


Another beautiful painted lady! Our walking tour of Aurora’s westside historic district was so much fun. The eye candy seemed to go on and on. The turret on this home is lovely and I’m sure the interiors don’t disappoint.

Blue Victorian Historic Home with Turret


A creamy home with blue shutters has an attractive hip roof with matching red brick chimneys.

Cream Brick House with Pillars and Blue Shutters


What captured my eye on this beauty is the muted color scheme, the deep front porch, and the charming oval-shaped window on the second floor.

Historic Stucco Home in Aurora, Illinois


Fish scale trim and a wrap-around porch create curb appeal for this painted lady.

Blue Victorian Home with Wraparound Porch


Not all the older homes in the neighborhood are large. Love all the windows on this brick charmer!

Small Brick Tudor Home


And check out the cute carrot wreath on the front door!

Green Front Door with Carrot Wreath


We started today’s tour with a green Victorian beauty; and we’re ending with a second one. Are you like me and wish you could see the inside of each one of these historic homes?

Green Clapboard Victorian House with Bay Window

There’s one more round of Aurora historic homes to share. Each one is just as pretty as the next!

See more walking tours of historic homes in quaint neighborhoods!




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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely homes. It would be wonderful to be able to tour the inside of each one. I save these posts to look at them again. Columbus, OH has a old section of the city (Olde Town East) that has many restored homes. They have a Tour of Homes each year and it is so much fun to see how the inside was restored. Urbanna, OH also does a Tour of Homes each year to show off their beautiful old homes.

  2. WOW…. How beautiful….. Each one has such charm …. I adore old homes !! But ohhh that white craftsman !!!! How gorgeous !!!! Thank you for sharing …..

  3. More gorgeous homes! I toured the one for sale and if I could transport it to about three acres here, that would be perfect. That era was when homes were built to last and the craftsmen were true artists.

  4. Beautiful homes. I like the circle window with the porch. For some reason the porch looked dark to me.

    Love rounded brick doorways. Doing that today is big money.

    I didn’t realize they do that with brick. In NJ they still use mostly whole brick where we live I believe.

  5. If i lived close to this neighborhood, i could lose weight easy, just walking around it 3-4 times a week. It would be so easy to enjoy this view, Thanks Jennifer.

  6. My favorite is the one with the fish scale trim, but anything with a wrap-around porch is a winner with me. I agree with you about the architectural detail. Builders today don’t seem interested in making their creations uniquely outstanding.

  7. Wow, all these homes are amazing. I think it was last year that the first green Victorian was for sale. The real estate pictures were gorgeous. If I lived in Illinois, I would have bought that one in a New York minute!!!