13 Blue Houses with Charming Curb Appeal

Do you have a favorite color house? I tend to like colorful exteriors as long as they’re not too bright. Today I’m sharing a collection of 13 blue houses with great curb appeal.

Craftsman style homes look good with a darker shade of blue, especially when paired with white.

Blue Craftsman Style HousePhoto by Convex Development


Historic Victorian houses create a perfect canvas for going bold with color. A deep shade of blue is paired with cream, taupe, red, and just a touch of turquoise.

Blue Victorian House - Painted LadyPhoto by Dennis Mayer – Photographer


During a walking tour of Wheaton, IL, I spied this traditional beauty. A blue house always looks good on 4th of July with a Old Glory proudly on display in the form of a flag and porch bunting.

Blue Traditional Home in Wheaton, Illinois


Seaside cottages lend themselves to a lighter shade of blue.

Light Blue Beach Style HousePhoto by Glenn Layton Homes


This historic home in Geneva, IL (where I grew up) has always been a favorite of mine. In addition to the playful color, I like the fish scale roof, too.

Historic Blue Home in Geneva, Illinois


Here’s another craftsman style home looking dapper in two shades of blue.

Craftsman Style House Painted BluePhoto by Paintco Professional Painters


There are so many shades of blue houses to be seen. Notice the mailbox on the porch in a complementary shade of orange.

Craftsman Style House Painted BluePhoto by grouparchitect


Here’s another favorite historic home in Geneva.

Historic Blue Home in Geneva, Illinois


Lots of detail on this lakeside home that wears a brighter shade of blue.

Vivid Blue Seaside HomePhoto by R.R. CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT, LLC


If you live in a row house and want it to stand out from the rest, paint it in a contrasting shade from the other homes. Dark blue is pretty and avoids being obnoxious.

Blue Row House


The first home I ever owned was painted in blue and cream, similar to this stunning home.

Charming Blue Lakeside HomePhoto by ARCI Architects


Another Victorian home chooses a greenish blue for its siding color.

Traditional House with Blue Exterior


Blue houses look pretty on a European street, too!

Blue Stucco European House

What do you think of blue houses? Are they a yay or a nay in your book?

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  1. I’ve never had or thought of having a blue home but each of these homes has its own unique beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We recently painted our cottage blue & white. All of those houses looked all very unique painted blue .

  3. I know sometimes i don’t get to your post until the next day but, we have had some beautiful day and i have been getting my garden beds planted and my flower beds fixed but i do so enjoy your blog. These houses were so pretty, thanks Jennifer.I am a blue lover, my house is a grayish blue with cedar on the ends and my porch.

  4. For me, its not a favorite, although the house I grew up in was a grayish blue clapboard bungalow. Then my parents had it sided a pale blue. When they sold it the new owner actually had it resided in white. Guess he really didn’t like the blue!
    I like a white house, or natural wood house. Cape Cod houses, with cedar shakes that turn a grayish color, is also beautiful.

  5. I don’t mind blue houses IF they are small, like a cottage, if they are done artistically, and if the color fits the lot the house is built on. For example, in a nearby neighborhood, a resident painted a vinyl sided, possibly 1000 sq ft, subdivision ranch house on a small lot – a bright blue with white trim. I swear, at night you can see it in the dark. Neighbors in this normally neutral area are not happy. A color such as blue needs space and nature around it in order to soften the explosion of color.

  6. I love blue, all blues. I think blue makes houses look alive. I own a small semi-exposed lakehouse and people are saying no blue. Most of my neighbor’s houses are decorated woodsy with cedar, log cabin, rocks and that just isn’t me. They say blue is for the beach. I say blue is for anywhere. If it makes me happy blue is my color. Just what shade of blue is the million dollar question.