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Simple Fall Decorating in the Kitchen

Fall brings two important things into my life; gorgeous colors and football. I don’t know why football can’t last as long as baseball season. And I don’t know why the beautiful color of fall leaves has to mean barren trees are right around the corner. Well, okay … I do know why trees become dormant and why football players can’t as many games as baseball players. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. What I do like however, is a bit of simple fall decorating that doesn’t become overwhelming.

Simple Fall Decorating in a Farmhouse Kitchen

While organizing some cabinets and getting rid of stuff I don’t need, I decided my farmhouse kitchen needed a little fall color.

Simple Fall Decorating in a Farmhouse Kitchen


I recruited hubby to help because a) I wanted his company and b) he’s taller than me and if I had his help it meant I didn’t have to haul out the step ladder.  His job was to wind the bittersweet around the white ironstone and I think he did a pretty decent job.

Bittersweet garland decorates open kitchen shelving with white ironstone


I only had to do a little bit of tweaking to his handiwork. I was careful to explain to him why I was changing what I was changing, so that come Christmastime, he can help me again with less assistance (insert smiley face here).

Fall Vignette with Baby Boo Pumpkins with Bittersweet


My job was to create a few fall vignettes; nothing too heavy-handed.

Simple Fall Decorating


Just simple fall decorating with gray and white pumpkins.

Fall Vignette with Gray and White Pumpkins


There’s something so beautifully simple about white pumpkins.

Simple White Pumpkin in a Farmhouse Windowsill


Apples are in season here in Illinois; we have a u-pick apple orchard just 5 minutes from our house. I love tasting all the different varieties, but your basic Gala apple is still my favorite for snacking.

Fall Vignette with Red Apples


Fall Vignette with White Pumpkin and Red Apples


Since hubby helped me decorate, I thought I’d set a little fall dinner arrangement at the kitchen island so we could dine and enjoy our simple fall decorating.

Simple Fall Decorating in a Farmhouse Kitchen


I found some pretty white dishes the other day that were really inexpensive.

Fall Table Setting


Another new addition is the white range. Ours finally gave out after 16 years. I know most people want stainless steel appliances, but I think white looks better in our farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Fall Decor


I also found this fun kitchen towel with farmhouse animals from Target.

Kitchen Towel with Farmhouse Animals from Target


My farmhouse kitchen is ready for fall. Now it’s time to head outdoors and get the garden beds ready for their long slumber.

Simple Fall Decorating in a Farmhouse Kitchen

What fall decorations do you use in your home this time of year?


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  1. Love the bittersweet with white! I haven’t seen any baby boos up here in Rockford ???? your kitchen always looks so inviting. And knowing how you cook, it probably smells inviting too.

  2. Good to see a new white stove in your farmhouse kitchen that does not distract from all your great pieces! White is an authentic color with old wood stoves white n off white. I stalk the used ads to buy good condition almond color appliances to match my kitchen cupboards. Makes a treasure hunt out of it rather than buying a modern color. 🙂

  3. It all looks very festive and fall. I wish my stove were white,i don’t think it shows dirt like this stainless/black one i have. It is wonderful to have help in all we do.Have a great evening.

  4. Love yourvignettes they are quiet beautiful,I live in Europe but this year I made a vignette for myself,used what I had.Beautiful bowl rust colour,an art picture I had,of course pine cones and shells.

  5. If football season lasted as long as baseball season, most players would have very short careers. :o)
    Your kitchen is lovely!

  6. I just have to ask, what is the beautiful soft-pink vine/limb that you show on your table and around the big grey pumpkin?

  7. I would love to have my white appliances back but hubby insisted on stainless steel. Honestly they are a pain to keep clean especially the stove. Your kitchen is beautiful as usual, you always invoke warmth and cozy.

  8. Your kitchen is beautiful! Calm and so comfy. Are those new counter tops also?? I’m impressed with the new stove. We just changed to white kitchen appliances and I, like you, have never bought into the stainless craze. Too much work to keep them clean and shiny. Thanks for sharing your inspiring kitchen. It always make me smile. It seems like it would be the perfect place to sip a cup of coffee/tea and watch you whip up a delicious apple pie!