Small Lake Cottage – Charming Home Tour

The era of McMansions is waning and the return to small house living is on the rise. More people are downsizing and some are even opting for truly tiny houses in order to simplify their lives. Today’s charming home tour proves you can pack a lot of style into small spaces. I think you’re going to fall in love with this small lake cottage photographed by Gridley + Graves.

Beach Style Living RoomBeach Style Living Room by Philadelphia Photographers Gridley + Graves Photographers

Serene blue and green come together in this small lake cottage, paired with white white, to create a calming and peaceful cottage style living space. The addition of black dining chairs help to keep the home from looking too sweet. A friend of mine once said that every room should have a bit of black in it.

Beach Style Dining RoomBeach Style Dining Room by Philadelphia Photographers Gridley + Graves Photographers

Here you can see the idea of thoughtful, small space living. The living room and dining room share the same quarters, but don’t look cramped or uncomfortable. Plenty of windows help to make the rooms feel open and spacious.

Blue and green cottage living room

The kitchen is visible from the dining and living area, creating an open floor concept.

Lake Cottage Dining Room and Kitchen

Attention to detail like the rustic chandelier and architectural lines of the cabinetry help to create a lot of style in this small lake cottage. The home is visually appealing without being fussy.

Lake Cottage Beach Style Kitchen

A cozy sunroom repeats the cool green and blue theme. In smaller spaces, it helps to keep the color flowing from one room to the next; creating a sense of larger living.

cottage style sunroomSunroom by Philadelphia Photographers Gridley + Graves Photographers

Notice the lack of wall art in the bedroom. The upholstered bed is the focal point while the pretty drapes at the window become the only wall decoration that’s needed. Lack of stuff on the wall helps the room appear more spacious.

blue cottage style bedroom

I’m lovin’ the pretty tile on the floor in the cottage bathroom. It pairs beautifully with the paisley shower curtain.

Beach Style Bathroom

If you don’t want to shower indoors, this small lake cottage has an outdoor shower too. I’ve always wanted an outdoor shower that’s fully enclosed yet still allows you to be out in nature and sunshine.

Lake Cottage with Outdoor Bathroom

While this small lake cottage is perfect for summer vacations, it’s also perfect for every day living. Small houses don’t have to feel cramped and cluttered. It just takes a little more thought and organization to keep them livable.

Charming Lake CottageSmall Lake House by Philadelphia Photographers Gridley + Graves Photographers

See more photos of this small lake cottage photographed by Gridley + Graves.

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  1. So much aqua and green! In that summer sunshine its absolutely beautiful up against the white. Wonder if it feels warm in the winter. But then, lake houses might only get used for summer getaways. Ooo, I just realised I have a very similar vintage cage-type light as here int he kitchen. Looks great there. Gives me an idea. 😀

  2. Oh, how I love this sweet, little cottage. It has my name written all over it! So perfect. Thanks for sharing this, Jennifer. I can always dream that it’s mine.

  3. I would love to know the name of the green color that is on both the chest and small table in the dining room. I’m trying to find that exact color for my upper kitchen cabinets, but it’s hard to tell by the paint chips. I have a feeling that a chip may look very bright, but when you have more of it, this color works. This cottage has a great vibe.

  4. A very cute cottage and prettily decorated. I would not enjoy such a teeny place though, unless there for a short retreat by myself.