Easy Houseplants Create Cozy Spring Living

Spring flowers typically populate my home this time of year, but 2019 is the year of easy houseplants for me. See how to create cozy spring living with a variety of pretty greenery.

Philodendron Brasil. A Beautiful, Easy-to-Grow Plant


I’m completely smitten with Philodendron Brasil. The heart-shaped leaves feature a pretty pairing of dark and light green and the plant cascades so gracefully.

Philodendron Brasil - Cozy Spring Living


Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow is one of many easy houseplants to consider adding to your home.

Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia - Cozy Living with Plants


Look how pretty the leave are! I water this plant about once a week to keep it happy. New leaves are popping up and that makes me happy.

Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia - Cozy Living with Plants


When I stepped in the door of our local plant shop, this little Tillandsia Cyanea caught my eye. It’s an easy-to-grow tropical plant with a beautiful secret. See those little purple spikes on the pink part of the plant?

Tillandsia Cyanea Housplant Ready to Bloom


They grow into 3-petaled purple flowers! Cute, right? I get so excited every time the Tillandsia Cyanea blooms. Just keep the soil a bit moist and place the plant in a sunny location.

Flowering Tillandsia Cyanea - Easy Houseplants


Another of the easy houseplants on my list is Philodendron Micans.

Philodendran Micans - Cozy Living with Plants


I have two of these charmers because I love their dainty, graceful appeal and ease of care.

Easy Houseplants to Grow - Philodendron Micans


Finally, I’ve added cozy spring living in the bedroom with new ceramic wall planters above the bed. I’m currently making changes in this room and have a new bedspread on the way which will better complement the new planters.

Hanging Planters with Philodendron above Bedroom Headboard


It’s so important to include plants in your bedroom to filter the air you breathe when you sleep. If you suffer from allergies, I think you’ll find plants to ease your breathing.

Hanging Planters with Philodendron Plants


What are some of your favorite easy houseplants? Click here to see more of my favorite plants for home decor.


Since today is the first Saturday of the month, it’s Cozy Living Day! Be sure to visit my blogging friends below for more cozy living ideas for the month of March (I think we’re all craving spring!).

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  1. Your plants are looking great. I’m not a houseplant person. Either water too much or not enough.

    Can’t wait for warmer days. Waiting to see additions to your garden


  2. Jennifer,
    I live in St. Charles. Do you mind sharing where you get your plants? I need to start bringing plants indoors at my home also, and these are lovely.

    1. Hi Donna! I live in Elburn. My favorite source for plants is a new store called Grow Geneva – it’s located on Third Street next to All Chocolate Kitchen. My second choice for houseplants is Heinz Brothers Greenhouse. Their houseplants are located at the back of the greenhouse. I think they’re only open Thur – Sat during the winter. Finally – I can sometimes find great houseplants at Jewel and even Aldi’s.

  3. I have a tendency to over-water so am best with outdoor plants. I do keep an aloe plant in my kitchen window and seem to neglect it sufficiently so it survives in spite of me. Its soothing gel is great for those little household burns and cuts and so easy to maintain.

  4. You are making me want to RUN to my local nursery! Plants just make a home feel alive, I am basically obsessed with them! Thank you for sharing your awesome tips and the intro to some new to me beauties!

  5. This is SO inspiring Jennifer! I always struggle so much with keeping plants looking this lush and healthy, but I’m definitely feeling inspired to give it a go now!

  6. I love the life plants bring to the home. I also have a philodendron. I love how they trail. I also love snake plants, Chinese money plants, money trees, and monstera plants.

  7. I’m all about the house plants! Our home has interested lighting, due to being in a partly wooded area, so easy is best at our house. I can’t wait to try a couple of these that you recommended. I’ve been in a plant rut lately. I love the three varities I do have but need something new. Thanks for sharing!

  8. It’s so nice to see you have an indoor green thumb; mine is brown for indoor plants. Thanks for the tips on which ones are more hardy for keeping alive too. I may have to give it a go again.