Stone Wall Decor: Adding Texture to the Home

Something about the fall season brings out the need for warm and cozy texture in the home. Pillows and throws are a simple solution, but what about the architectural appeal of a stone wall?

In my childhood home there was a large stone wall fireplace in the center of the room, running up to the peak of the vaulted wood ceiling. I never appreciated that room as much as I should have. This rustic stone fireplace brings back memories of that expansive living room.

Photo by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


If a stone wall feels too dungeon-like to you, simply choose a lighter shade of stone-work.

Photo by Northworks Architects and Planners


A bedroom earns instant rustic appeal with gorgeous stone work.

Photo by Zone 4 Architects, LLC


A stone wall can add beautiful impact when you open up the door and this is the initial view of the home.

Photo by RJ Dailey Construction Co.


I love older homes that show a bit of stone creeping out from the plastered walls.

Photo by Holly Marder


A pretty dining space feels bright and expansive with large windows and light stones.

Photo by White Space Architecture


If an entire room cloaked in stone is too much for you, consider applying it to just one wall in the room.

Photo by PMH Building Co


Stones are a popular choice for outdoor spaces.

Photo by Jute Interior Design


I love this bathroom – it’s so elegant with its pale stone walls, custom cabinetry, and a darker tile floor. Wood mirrors echo the trim of the wood window. Beautiful!

Photo by Northworks Architects and Planners


It’s probably best if I don’t have a bathroom like this country style place to bathe – I’d never come out!

Photo by On Site Management, Inc.


This rustic bathroom has romantic appeal with a couple of niches filled with candles above the stand-alone bathtub.

Photo by Eldorado Stone


Do you have any stone walls in your home? If not, would you ever consider adding this architectural element?


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Stone Wall Decor - add texture to your home

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  1. Sigh. Those are wonderful examples of stone walls. I think I have been in love with them since 6th grade when a friend had a family room addition and kept the stone wall. Now, if you looked in my sewing room ,you would see several torn out pages of magazines featuringrough stone walls and fireplaces. Now I have a few more ideas to drool over.

  2. I would love to have a stone wall, they are so warm and wonderful. At my parents house they had a beautiful stone fireplace with sitting on each side,it was all just beautiful. They built an inside garden on one end.The Christmas memories are endless and wonderful.

  3. All the rooms feel castle-like. I hope to eventually have an outdoor area with a stone fireplace. Great post. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  4. We are thinking about stone on our entry way floor. The tile is broken, and I don’t want wood here in the country.

  5. I am so torn between using stone or shills on the wall behind our bed..ugh tough decision but your post really did help!! Thank you