Geneva Walking Tour of Homes: Part Two

On Wednesday of this week I shared photos of beautiful homes in the neighborhood where I attended elementary school. Today is the second part of that fun walking tour around the tree-lined streets of Geneva.

Haint Blue Ceiling on Front Porch of Historic Home

The porch above is a close-up view of the white historic home below. Note the detailing on the corbels of the porch posts – and of course, that beautiful haint blue ceiling that you typically see in the south to ward off spirits (i.e. haints).

I absolutely love the way the flower boxes are displayed on the porch and the simple landscaping – it allows the historic details to shine.

White Historic Home in Geneva, Illinois


This dark green, clapboard-sided home is one of my favorites in the neighborhood where I went to school. I love the color choice, the big trees, and even the way the sidewalk curves to accentuate the property.

Dark Green Older Home with Rustic Red Trim


Just a few houses down the street is this newer home with a big porch. I like that the neighborhoods in Geneva have a variety of architecture. The town puts signs in front of houses that have a high school graduate. I blurred out the student’s photo for privacy concerns.

House Featured in Walking Tour of Geneva


A lot of the homes in this particular neighborhood are being restored or expanded upon. The original part of this charming old home was left intact and a large addition was created for more square footage (second photo below).

White Modern Farmhouse with Black Trim


White Modern Farmhouse with Black Trim


This neighborhood is just a few blocks to the downtown area so it’s a convenient place to live. You can walk to your favorite stores to shop or walk to the many in-town restaurants for dinner.

Victorian Style Cottage on a Tree-Lined Street


Some of the houses are small, and some are rather large like this gray, brick beauty. What a beautiful front door. Investing in a unique door to welcome guests really makes a statement about your home.

Garden Flower Box on Wrought Iron Fence


Beautiful Landscaping in Front of Large Gray Stucco Home


I could be happy in the big gray house above, or in this smaller green Cape Cod home. Living within walking distance to stores and restaurants is an added bonus. The house I live in is in a different town but is also within walking distance to the downtown area. One of my neighbors even walks to the grocery store. I rarely see him drive there.

Small, Olive Green Cape Cod Home in the Midwest


I hope you enjoyed the second part of this walking tour of Geneva. I could fill at least another 10 blog posts with photos of houses in town!


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  1. Love neighborhood tours. I like the diversity and also to imagine living there. I could look at these all day

  2. Love these little tours. I had a friend who told me that her painter said that the light blue colors keep wasps and dirt daubers from building nests on the ceiling. They think that it is sky. That made sense to me.

  3. Keep the tours coming! If you ever get out to Crystal Lake, look me up, I’d love to take a walk with you!