Sunflower Arrangements for Late Summer

Did you know each sunflower head is made of smaller flowers? The big yellow petals around the outside are called ray florets. The center of the flower where the seeds develop, is made of numerous tiny blossoms that bees love. Be sure to plant these golden beauties in your garden if you want to attract bees and other pollinators. And don’t forget to make some of the most gorgeous sunflower arrangements with these sturdy blooms.

Sunflowers in Country Gardens

Today is Cozy Living Saturday (i.e. the first Saturday of the month) which means I’m joining my cozy living friends to share what we love at this particular time of year. For me, it’s seeing my beautiful sunflower blooms in the garden and cutting them for beautiful bouquets. You can see what my friends are sharing for August at the end of this post.

Large sunflowers make a statement on a table with just a single stem. Who can deny the beauty of this cheery bloom? It’s perfect for an outdoor table setting during late summer – and even early fall!

Simple Sunflower Centerpiece


Here’s a single bloom with eucalyptus stems and other greenery. Larger sunflowers are perfect for an arrangement like this.

Sunflower and Greenery Centerpiece for Summer


I love that there are so many varieties of sunflowers. We’ve had the kind that grow 10-feet-tall and also the dwarf varieties that grow just a foot or two. They each have their own charm and beauty. And look how good they look in tin cans! I’ve put single stems in empty wine bottles. The challenge is finding a wine bottle opening large enough to fit the stem.

Sunflowers and Wildflowers in Tin Cans


Yellow and purple are across from each other on the color wheel and always look good paired together. Wouldn’t this centerpiece be pretty for a wedding?

Sunflower Arrangement with Purple Statice


I love the simplicity of this arrangement with clear bottles. A pair of sunflowers are joined by a chrysanthemum and a spray of roses on a wicker tray.

Sunflowers, roses, chrysanthemum and apples on white wicker tray


An enamelware pitcher is always a good choice for farmhouse-style arrangements – and so easy to create! Just trim stems to varying heights and place them in the pitcher filled with water.

Bouquet of sunflowers in silver watering can.


We have wild sunflowers in our area that are a little droopy and graceful like these on a painted kitchen table. So if you don’t have them growing in your garden, you can clip some from the side of a country road.

Bouquet of wild sunflowers on white kitchen table


Did you know you can make sunflower tea from these beautiful blooms? Bring a cup of water to a boil and then remove from heat. Add one teaspoon of dried sunflower petals and let steep for three to four minutes. Strain into a teacup and add honey for sweetness.

Sunflower Tea with Sunflower Arrangement


My daughter had daisies and sunflowers at her October wedding. I found this reception photo on Adobe and it reminded me of her special day.

Sunflower Wedding decoration autumn celebration


And look at this beautiful bride’s bouquet! I love looking at wedding flowers. I might have to share some weddings here on my blog.

Wedding bouquet of Sunflowers


Two weeks ago hubby and I headed to a local state park for some canoeing, and we passed this farm field of sunflowers not too far from the house. How did I not know about its existence???

Sunflower Farm with Red Barn


They must plan to harvest the seeds. I had to stop and take pictures.

Field of Sunflowers on a Midwestern Farm


Next year I plan to plant a few different varieties of sunflowers so I can have a never-ending supply of sunflower arrangements in the house.

And now, be sure to visit my friends to see what they’re enjoying for the month of August!

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  1. I love sunflowers and have grown the tall ones for a few years now. The bees and goldfinches are fun to watch. Thanks for the tip on sunflower tea! I have to try it.

  2. These were so pretty, I think next year I need to plant some. I do have a few from the birds eating from my feeders. Thanks for these lovely bouquets.