Indoor Gardening with Grape Hyacinths

Spring bulbs are popping up everywhere outside and I love seeing them! But I want to see them inside too, so I bought a few grape hyacinths at the flea market with the intent of planting them indoors for awhile.  I’ve been picking up more plants lately for the house. Indoor plants help to purify and humidify the air. Plus studies show that plants can increase attentiveness by up to 70%.  And so I did a little indoor gardening with grape hyacinths!

Indoor Gardening with Grape HyacinthsI love the color of grape hyacinths and their haphazard appearance!


Grape Hyacinths Ready to be PottedWhen I picked these up at the flea market 2 weeks ago, they were considerably smaller and hadn’t bloomed yet. I was waiting for flowers to appear before transplanting them into my white ironstone bowls, which I also got at the flea market but on a different day.


Indoor Gardening with Grape HyacinthsI carefully removed a lot of the dirt and placed the bulbs in the white ironstone bowls.

I’ll eventually transplant these to the outdoor garden.


Indoor Gardening with Grape HyacinthsTo cover the dirt I added some twiggy stuff from the craft store.


Indoor Gardening with Grape HyacinthsI love their messy look with their droopy little heads.


Grape HyacinthsAnd they’re such a pretty shade of blue.


Indoor Gardening with Grape HyacinthsWhen indoor gardening with plants to improve quality of life, you want 1 plant for every 129 square feet to reduce fatigue and stress. To purify the air, you want 15 to 18 plants for 1800 square feet (according to Bayer Advanced).

And then of course, there’s the mood enhancing benefit just from looking at their beauty!

What type of indoor plants do you decorate with?


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  1. These flowers always remind me of the house I grew up in; there were bunches of them blooming all over our front yard. I’ve never thought to pot them and keep them inside for a few weeks. I love how yours looks in those ironstone bowls! Perfect for Spring!

  2. They are perfect with the bird pictures! I am moving toward smaller house plants as they can be moved around so much easier. I have two huge plants right now that I haven’t any idea what to do with. One is a 6 ft ficus that we have had for years. I hate to lose it but moving it has become a nightmare. I have a large home but this plant takes up the space of a small sofa! I have offered it to my daughter in law but so far no one has come to rescue it. Any ideas? My other plant is a philodendron of sorts but huge and the fronds reach about 3 ft from the pot all around. With summer coming I will place them out on my patio/deck but both are serious space hogs!! How do I decorate with such huge plants?

  3. You know I love houseplants…I agree with Deb above in that the Muscari look perfect with your bird prints. All of mine are done blooming for the year or I would be tempted to go out and dig up a batch to showcase. I am glad you are going to find a spot for them outside when you are done inside, and you will have the pleasure of watching them spread. At least mine do. Happy Gardening!

  4. I like ferns and have also started collecting myrtle topiaries, but they take work…..finding proper lighting. Cactus may be my new go to plant. Love how your worked with them.