Swedish Country House: Charming Home Tour

Today we’re heading across the pond to visit a beautiful Swedish country house. I have always loved the simple elegance of Scandinavian decorating. You’ll often find a generous use of white paired with rustic elements or bright colors. Homes also have large windows to let in as much sunlight as possible during short winter days. The result is a cozy space with timeless appeal. (All photos by www.adddesign.se as seen on Houzz.)

Paper type lanterns are often seen in Swedish houses. Note the white walls throughout the home.

Swedish Country House - Living and Dining Room


You’ll find elegant chandeliers, as well. Like this beauty found in the living room with a Victorian floor lamp. Gray always pairs beautifully with white, adding a bit of warmth to the light color scheme.

Scandinavian Living Room


Traditional Scandinavian fireplaces are distinct and columnar in form. One of my favorite painters is Carl Larsson and you’ll often spy a Swedish fireplace in his paintings.

Fireplace in Swedish Country House


The dining room in today’s Swedish Country House is simple and pretty. I can’t help but think that many people are fond of Scandinavian style since IKEA is such a popular store. This dining room looks like something straight out of their catalog.

Scandinavian Style Dining Room


The table is set for a simple Christmas meal. The red candelabra is a Scandinavian icon. We have a local store called The Gift Box that sells Swedish style home decor. I used to admire their Swedish Dala horses and always wanted one for Christmas. I never owned one; maybe I should add one to this year’s Christmas list.

Scandinavian Style Dining Room at Christmas


The neutral country kitchen is free of clutter, allowing the glass-front cabinets, wood counters, and painted paneled walls and ceiling to take center stage. Light wood floors and subway tiles finish the room with texture and style.

Scandinavian Kitchen - Swedish Country House


A colorful valance adorns the window above the sewing area.

Farmhouse Sewing Room


In the master bedroom, a pretty floral wallpaper creates a cozy atmosphere. A tufted headboard lends a touch of softness.

Farmhouse Bedroom - Swedish Country House


Bunk beds take residence in a cheery children’s bedroom. I love the paper lantern created from a map!

Girls Farmhouse Bedroom


The family cat ventures outside to explore the surroundings dotted with red barns. The exterior trim is accented with a touch of red.

Farmhouse Entry - Swedish Country House

Be sure to visit the rest of this charming Swedish Country House over at Houzz.


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And later this week …

Merry Christmas Graphic

Tomorrow I’m sharing a Scandinavian style Christmas mantel.

On Tuesday I’m sharing a Christmas table setting.

On Wednesday you’ll see my Christmas home tour!!  I’ve been working hard to get everything ready for you!


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  1. This house was a little too sparse for me, but probably would be easier to keep clean. 🙂 I live in Indianapolis and we are getting an IKEA store next year. They’ve already started on it and the anticipation is running high. I have a feeling that there will be a lot more homes looking like your post when the simple Swedish decor is easily found right in our backyard. I know I can’t wait to shop there (especially for accessories rather than furniture) but will need to up my stamina level for the long, long path through the store. I shopped at a store in TX and was amazed at the amount of time and energy it takes to see even a portion of the store. It will be an interesting and welcome change to have a little bit of Sweden close by.

  2. I like the clean lines and openness here, but all the white would wear on me very quickly.
    The bedroom with the brown floral wallpaper is awesome, and the floors in this house
    are gorgeous. Love the fireplaces, too!

  3. I love love that wallpaper in the bedroom. I need to find a way to hypnotize my husband to lIke wallpaper again. And, i know Swedish style is sparse, but none of my cousins houses look that way. I guess our family likes a little more comfy style.