How I Create a Spring Vignette

One of the easiest ways to freshen your home decor is to move things around and create new vignettes. It's a lot less work than moving furniture or painting a room!  Plus, it takes a lot less time. The other day I was putzing around with potted plants in the kitchen and thought I'd share how I create a spring vignette. Typically my vignettes have a simple color scheme. This one is pink and green. And normally, I need an inspiration piece to get … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Successful Flower Gardening

My mother's yard and garden was meticulously kept at all times while I was growing up ... to say she's a neat freak is an understatement. Much to my dismay, I was employed to help with yard chores and although I didn't like it at the time, my mother's persnickety attention to detail ignited my appreciation for beautiful landscapes. And while my mother didn't like a rock or grass blade out of place, she didn't always follow proper directions for … [Read more...]

Live Creatively Inspired

It's funny how one day life is going along as it normally would, and then the next day the scenery of your world changes! I'm sure we've all experienced this in our life's journey ... giving birth to a child for example. One day life is peaceful and you go through your daily routine and then BAM ... you give birth to a baby and the whole world is turned upside down. Before any rumors get started, I'm not having a baby! Mother Nature has already … [Read more...]

My Blog is Featured on Hometalk this Week

This week my blog is being featured on Hometalk, which is a site where homeowners, renters, and professionals share and help with home and gardening. I've shared several projects on their website and now I have the wonderful honor of being featured by them! They've sent me some questions to help you get to know me better. While I'm chatting and answering the questions, I’ll share some flowery photos 'cause I can't blog without adding some photos … [Read more...]

Photos from My Daughter’s June Wedding at Hotel Baker

My oldest daughter Stephanie was married last June at the Hotel Baker in St. Charles and we're just now getting the digital files of the photos. I shared photos of the wedding ceremony a couple blog posts ago and now it's time to share a few photos from the reception. (All photos courtesy of Jolie Images) Both the wedding and reception were held at the historic Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Illinois. This is the same hotel where my parents spent … [Read more...]

Tips for Arranging Fresh Flowers

Valentine's Day is a time when everyone is thinking about flowers but having fresh flowers in your home doesn't have to be expensive. You can purchase cut flowers and arrange them yourself. It's easier than you think! The trick is to keep your arrangement simple and fuss-free. First, gather your supplies choosing ordinary objects such as white ironstone pitchers for vases. Cut your tallest flowers first for the center of your floral … [Read more...]

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