How I Create a Spring Vignette

One of the easiest ways to freshen your home decor is to move things around and create new vignettes. It’s a lot less work than moving furniture or painting a room!  Plus, it takes a lot less time. The other day I was putzing around with potted plants in the kitchen and thought I’d share how I create a spring vignette.

How to Create a Spring Vignette with Potted PlantsTypically my vignettes have a simple color scheme. This one is pink and green.

And normally, I need an inspiration piece to get me started.


Pink Gerbera Daisy for Spring VignetteToday’s inspiration is this pink Gerbera daisy I found at the grocery store. I almost always change out the wrapping that the plant comes in … just so it doesn’t look like I got it at the grocery store.


Wrapping Potted Flower with Tissue Paper for Spring VignetteI wrapped the pot in a softer shade of pink tissue paper and tied it in place with a grosgrain ribbon.

Now the flower is no longer engulfed by over-sized wrapping!


Potted Pink Spring Flowers and a Wire Bird ClocheI thought it might be fun to place the inspirational pink Gerbera daisy inside my wire bird cloche.

Keeping with the color scheme, I added other flowering plants and a ball of pink twine.

A pink paper fan garland suspended from the shelf above adds a bit of whimsy.


How I create a spring vignette in my cottage style farmhouseTo balance the height of the cloche on the left, I placed the parsley plant atop a pink box.


Pink Flowers and Moss Ball Create Spring VignetteA blue bird tucked in the parsley pot and a moss ball in a white ironstone bowl start to round out the look of this spring vignette. A few small details can make a big difference.


Pink Cyclamens in White Washed PotsCan I just say how thrilled I am with these mini pink cyclamens? I’ve had them for over a month now and they’ve been blooming their little hearts out the entire time!


Wire Bird Cloche over Potted FlowerHmmm. How would it look if I free the Gerbera daisy and put the cloche over the cyclamen instead?


Moss Ball in White Ironstone BowlWhen I create my spring vignette, I keep tweaking things until I feel like it looks right.

I don’t really follow any rules … I just follow my heart.


How to Create a Spring Vignette with Potted PlantsEventually I’ll know when it looks just right.

Creating vignettes is such an easy way to give a new look to any room in your house!


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  1. So fresh and pretty! I love all the pink 🙂 thank you for sharing!


  2. Love that pop of pink in your kitchen, Jennifer! So fresh and happy! And I’ve got to tell you….you have one gorgeous head of hair, girl. Just beautiful on you!!!

    xoxo laurie

  3. I love how you work from your heart girl !!! What a beautiful vinyette. I work from my heart too. Everything it seems falls into place when I play til it tells me it’s right. Such fun trying new things. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. I’m not usually a pink person but for Spring your vignette is so gorgeous. Love all your plants, you make everything look so fresh and homey, love shelf above also.
    I love plants but tend to forget them so they croak, darn it. I won an Easter lily at a senior fest, it’s still alive and we bought a rosemary plant, think I’ll be doing something like you did with them. Don’t have wire cloche but do have big glass one and wire bird cages to experiment with. The gerbera daisy is pretty, the colors really catch the eye/
    We just finished painting our living room today so brought in an old trestle table to put some things on. Have all my “stuff” all over waiting to be put somewhere to look pretty. We have shelves in one corner of living room to put things on also. I’ll have lots of fun making vignettes. Your post really inspired me to get busy. Now all I have to do is remember where I stashed goodies all out of the way. I love idea of painting, just not the mess it causes but I waited almost 8 yrs. to get it done. Thanks for inspiration, happy week. Pinning