Tiny Houses: Inside and Out

Do you think you could live in a tiny house?  I mean, really tiny, like a few hundred square feet or less?  I’m always amazed by people who choose to live in tiny houses. Yes, the homes are cute but I need a little bit of space. It might be fun to transport one of the smaller ones around America for a year’s adventure though. I thought it’d be fun to feature some of these tiny houses on Houzz that are growing in popularity.

Tiny House Exteriors

A cute little bungalow in Chicago has oodles of charm with plenty of detailing!

Tiny Houses are growing in popularity. See what makes them special.Photo by Northlight Architects LLC


An even tinier house is the Ynez model from Timbercraft. You can cart this one from spot to spot.

Tiny House PorchPhoto by Timbercraft Tiny Homes


I love this little brick house that I photographed in Galena, Illinois. The town was home to Ulysses S. Grant and its hills are dotted with historic homes. A charming town with lots of shopping and sight-seeing if you’re looking for a quaint place to visit!

Tiny Red Brick House in Galena, Illinois


This pretty home is called the tree house!

Tiny Houses, or in this case, a Tree House!Photo by David Matero Architecture


Not all tiny houses are transportable. The larger ones have a permanent residence. All this blue house needs is a white picket fence!

Tiny Blue House. See the floor plan! Photo by the Wee House Company


Here’s the floor plan for the house above. I think this would be great for a single person.Floor Plan for Tiny HousesBy The Wee House Company Drongan


Tiny House Interiors

Making great use of space is critical in tiny houses. Bedrooms are often found in lofts, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a stairway to the loft instead of a ladder. This tiny home interior makes perfect use of light with white walls and ceiling, along with skylights and windows.

Kitchen and Living Room in Tiny HousePhoto by Bret Franks Construction, Inc.


On the other hand, a small house gets a cozy cabin look with loads of natural wood.

Rustic Style Living RoomPhoto by David Matero Architecture


A mix of wall and ceiling finishes add interest to small space living.

Contemporary InteriorPhoto by Cape Associates, Inc.


To keep the loft area of tiny houses from becoming claustrophobic, paint the wall  and ceiling white.

Loft Bedroom in a Tiny HousePhoto by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Just because a house is tiny doesn’t mean it has to be plain. Custom cabinetry in the small kitchen lends a rich feel to the space.

Rustic Kitchen in Small HousePhoto by David Vandervort Architects


You have to learn to be creative when decorating small spaces. The owner of this bathroom exceeded expectations by using an old barrel as the base of the tiny home’s bathroom. So adorable!

Rustic bathroom in tiny housePhoto by The Tiny Tack House

I’ve seen people on television purchase tiny houses around 200 square feet in size. I’m claustrophobic and don’t think I could live in a house that small. Maybe 800 square feet is the smallest I could go. How about you?  Could you live in a teeny tiny house?


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  1. So could not do it. I do not want to do ladders day in and day out. Stairs I do all the time but ladders no thank you. I need space. I grew up in a large family so it is nice to have some space to yourself but then be able at times to be connected to others.
    I am fascinated by the Tiny home shows. I give them a lot of credit but then every one is different. I just know it is not for me or my family.

  2. Not for me!!! Climbing a ladder to a loft…..so not gonna happen!! How do you have the family over for dinner?? My hobbies would need 2 of those small homes……..content where I am!!!!

  3. 19 years ago we downsized from the big 2 story, 4 bedroom + family room house. We still had one child at home, but as a competitive and sponsored, surfer she wanted to be at the beach. There was no way we could afford a similar sized house at the beach so we went small and have never looked back. The house was 832 sq. ft. when we purchased it, but we have since added an art studio for my husband. We also had a little garden shed built to store my tchotchkes. I can barely keep up with this house today so I’m glad we downsized to a charming little cottage. I will say that I don’t think we could have done it in a cold climate. At least 10 months of the year we live outside in our “garden room”.

  4. I think tiny houses are fine for 1 person but I question if they’re enough for 2. I could live in one myself but I’m 74, so bedroom in a loft with a ladder is out for sure. I think they’re cute when they’re nestled on a lot and are a permanent fixture but sitting in a park ready to go on the back of a truck is not the idea of “home” to me. Each to their own.

  5. Absolutely no way. Why would anyone in their fifties or sixties want a loft bedroom and then climb down stairs to use the bathroom. I am relatively in good health but this is a disaster waiting to happen. I like room to roam. They are darling but way to small for this family of two.

  6. For the past 15 years, I owned a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home on a few acres in WA. It worked great for me as a single woman along with 5 Rottweilers at the time.. Prior to that I had a 5,800′ home. Then one day i decided i was sick of the $4,700 a yr for property taxes, the weather, the mortgage, the huge utility bills and the size of my home. I got online, bought a 570′ century plus old farmhouse sight unseen, in the Appalachian mtns I love it.. I tell my story over on my blog at http://www.ShabbyChicTinyRetreat.blogspot.com . I also own a tiny house 8×18 that is on wheels. I tried it on for size and while i could live in it, I would not really enjoy the limited space. I keep it for a guesthouse. Lots of pictures on my blog under the ‘Tiny house’ tag. A few local families owned or lived in my current 570 ft farmhouse. They were families. with 2-3 children when the home was just 500 sq feet. They did just fine and have fond memories of those days. I grew up in a 800 sq ft two bedroom home with 3 siblings and parents. That was the norm. Small homes have been exchanged for McMansions and all the stuff we fill them with.. I love not having a mortgage, having winter heating bills under 70.00 a month. easy to clean and plenty of space. I would maybe add about 10 more feet to my 43 sq foot bathroom but other than that – i love it and wish i had downsized YEARS ago.

  7. I’m moving into an 800 sf home in late summer and I cannot wait to get rid of a lot of my furniture! I have way too much “stuff”!

  8. We are building an 800 sf house behind our son’s house out in the country on 5 acres. I cannot wait to move into it. I’m 79 and my husband is 80 with health problems so I’m thrilled to be downsizing. It will have all the room we will ever need and we’re building a separate garage that will be handy. Not all my friends are on board with smaller house living but it will suit us just fine…..to each their own.