Tour an A-Frame House and Other Friday Finds #93

Today I’m back from my trip to Northern California and feeling refreshed. I’ll share some of the beautiful Victorian homes of Ferndale soon, but for now let’s get right into this week’s Friday Finds.

A-Frame house in the woods

Let’s start with a unique South Carolina a-frame house in the woods. The home enjoys amazing views of the outdoors – it almost feels like you’re living outside.

Our weather seems to be turning toward consistent warmer days, which means this weekend it’s time to get out in the garden for some planting. For those of you interested in learning how to use less chemicals in your landscape, you’ll enjoy this article on how to be a greener gardener.

I have to admit it was quite sad to see this renovated Ukrainian home that has probably now been destroyed from the war. The space was remodeled in 2021. I will never understand the use of violence against other people, no matter what shape it appears.

On a brighter note, check out this list of most beautiful islands. You might find a spot you want to visit. And if you can’t travel right now, you can visit these islands virtually.

Last Friday I linked to a pink tile bathroom. This week I found a pink and white kitchen makeover that’s quite charming.

And finally, if your family is going to make you breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, give them this recipe for homemade chocolate chip pancakes. They look so good!

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  1. Love the A-frame kitchen and bath. I also had seen that lovely apartment in the Ukraine and thought the same as you…that it probably had been damaged in the war. Those pancakes look wonderful. I think I must try them.