10 Vintage Steamer Trunk Ideas

A few years back I scoured our local flea markets and antique shops for a vintage steamer trunk. My goal was to find the right one to use as a coffee table but I ended up with a new coffee table made of mango wood. I still dream of a vintage steamer trunk in my house some day and found 10 ideas to keep the inspiration going.

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Vintage Steamer Trunk in EntrywayPhoto by Wind and Willow Home

I love the idea of a dark steamer trunk in the bedroom for use as an end table. It’s just the right height.

Steamer Trunk Used as Bedside TablePhoto by Siemasko + Verbridge

Trunks are great at the foot of the bed for holding extra blankets and linens.

Steamer Trunk at Foot of Bed for StoragePhoto by Bulhon Design Associates

This is perhaps my favorite steamer trunk in this post. Although you can rest anything on the top due to its rounded lid, its simplicity makes it strikingly beautiful.

Steamer Trunk at Foot of Bed for StoragePhoto by Larson and Paul Architects LLP

This one shows its age with a little wear and tear. I love its rustic appeal.

Steamer Trunk Used as Coffee TablePhoto by Kate Jackson Design

Choose a new steamer trunk for a coffee table if you don’t like your furniture to show its age.

Steamer Trunk Used as Coffee TablePhoto by architecturaldigest.com

To be honest, I think I’m more enamored with this city loft space than the black trunk used as a table. 

Steamer Trunk Used as Coffee Table in Industrial Living Room LoftPhoto by Beyond Beige Interior Design Inc.

Steamer trunks are not only pretty to look at, but they serve great functional purpose. Here, a vintage steamer trunk serves as a place to keep shoes and boots out of sight.

Entryway with Steamer Trunk for Shoe StoragePhoto by My Leitmotiv

I’ve never seen a trunk quite like this one. It’s great for a narrow space.

Unique Vintage Steamer TrunkPhoto by The Suite Shoppe Interiors

This. This is the type of trunk I’d like to bring home with me some day. I’ve got a spot for it near my front door. I guess it’s back to the flea market for some more treasure hunting.

Unique Vintage Steamer TrunkPhoto by Andrea McLean Design Office



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Vintage Steamer Trunks

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  1. I actually have a steamer trunk. Very similar to your last picture. I used it as a coffee table at one time but now sits under a picture window in the living room. Hides my extra blanket and sheets. A friend of mine quilted me a small throw with the colors in my living room and it is folded and placed on top.

  2. I don’t have one, but my daughter has a beautiful vintage steamer trunk that was in her father’s family. She doesn’t use it for storage, but it’s a flat top trunk, so the decorating possibilities are endless in her eclectic home.

  3. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Steamer trunks are a wonderful piece of yesterday and so many different styles that i love but, don’t have. What i have is my father’s WWII foot locker, and i have used that as a coffee table or at the end of my bed for storage it is a very special piece for me.

  4. Barbara Brabson says:

    My very first antique buy (in 1972) was a steamer trunk just like the last picture. It has been my coffee table in PA, VA, and now in Wyoming. I love it. Good luck with your search!

  5. nancy turner says:

    i have one that was my great grandmothers it is in storage right now guess i should get it out and do something with it

  6. I have a steamer trunk that belonged to my mother. Her family had a vaudeville act and traveled all over the US and when one of their children were born, the trunk was used as a baby bed. It was in very poor condition and I had it “redone” as best as it could be and I have it in my office with my Santa collection stored there. My mother was the third oldest in the family, born in 1917, so I’m sure it’s a hundred years old.

  7. I love steamer trunks and was searching for one when we moved to our new house. The rooms are large and I needed some more pieces to fill the rooms. I found a beautiful large one,very similar to the last picture you showed. It is in mint shape, and has dark embossed leather mixed in with the wood, brass hardware and leather straps. And inside it has the prettiest peachy old wallpaper lining it. I love it. Guess what I paid for it? $40! It was a steal. They are pretty common in New England. So maybe if you ever come out here, you can make it an antique shopping trip! And you’d have the excuse of having to fill it up with other finds so you save space when traveling!
    Hope you find a great one!

    New Hampshire

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